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How to get Taylor Swift curls

by Lena C • 1,376,668 views

A fast and easy tutorial on how to achieve those gorgeous Taylor Swift curls ;) Have fun with it! and make the look your own :) also, comment on how it turned out for you. I'd love to hear about...

Norma Figueroa Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
that haircolor is pretty
This Rly helped me, thankyouuuu :)
Nemo is staring at her butt XD
i have that same wand ! :D works amazing
1:00 Nemo- booty had me like
i have the sane exact curling iron and it is awesome but it was $35
Ok that was totally NOT 5 sec.! I counted and it was like 25 sec.
I love the cupping technique after curling the hair...pretty awesome!!! Great job...thanks for your help!!!
Just so you know... i just masturbated in this video
Love how long your hair is
Can you do it with a flat iron? 
damn, I have to hold my hair for 10-15 seconds at 210 degrees Celsius and it takes me 2 hours to do all my hair. I got it curled now and this one took me 2 hours 15 minutes.
Lol at the end she was like I hope I don't burn my ass wit this hope it works lol 😂😂
You used infamous wrong. It's means famous but in a negative way. Lol sorry if I came out rude :)
thank you i found this very very help ful
this was uploaded on my moms birthday
You remind me of Donna from the Carrie diaries :')
how do you keep your hair from sliding to the tip of the barrel? i have the same wand but my hair is always sliding toward the tip
1. ur soooo perty and 2. thx soo much its very useful!!
I was staring at NEMO this whole time xD sry
Beautiful you should curl your bangs too !
Your hair is gorgeous! Just like taylors. Im going to buy this curler now
looking like donna but you're so beautiful than her ! 
Thx can't wait to try it
You should do a tutorial on how to curl your hair with a straightner
is there anyway to burn your hair off? i bought it but im so scared to burn it off :(
You should do a tutorial on how to curl your hair with a straightner
Lol your funny 3:02 see pretttyyyy
Thanks is very pretty
ugh.... I want my hair like that so bad :( mine looks sloppy when I try to do it, my hair is too thick.
I miss the sound of birds tweeting
Why do you wanna look like taylor swift for ???..she like the DULLEST bitch EVER!
I did it, it took me like half an hour i have thin hair and its not that long so i think thats why it took less time
Please stop everybody dosent want to learn
Did anyone see girl on youtube burn her hair off!!
You both need to just relax. She has beautiful hair. Why bitch ? FYI , my hair is past my lower back I don't see how that is 'ew'.
I dont like it when the curls are so defined, but yeah :)
Well somebody does not know how to count to five.....
How long do you hold it in the iron for xx
can anyone else hear the dog barking outside
What kind of hair do you have? And what is the temperature that you use?
Love your review..helped me..:)
I first thought it was a april fools..:D
I love this! This is so beautiful!!!
I freaking love your Nero pillow!!
Am I the only one that doesnt use gloves ?!
Are people seriously this stupid? Just because Taylor Swift has naturally curly hair does NOT mean that she wakes up and goes out and that's how it looks. There are people constantly touching up her hair and curling it with irons to redefine it. If you want to see NATURAL curly hair, look at Keri Russell in her Felicity days. THAT was natural.
Does that iron work for thick hair do you think?
Youre straight hair beautiful! *-* i want so long hairs too!
I'm not trying to be I'm just telling you that you are supposed to wear the glove on the hand your are holding the hair in, that way you don't burn ur hand on the wand.
Your the only person who actually helped me to do this ! Thank you so much ! .<3
oh i mean how long do they last if you don't put hairspray thankx
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wow u kina look like taylor swift XD
no offense but stop saying ur hair is suuper long!! dude im in 9th grade and i have longer hair than u :/ stop braggin :)
I love your hair color! It's gorgeous! And you did a great job!
thank you so much my daughter has been trying to curl her hair all morning and has looked at a lot of videos and this one helped her.
always wanted taylor swift's curls
Now I see why everyone says nemo... BATMAN!
ok, i shall say that u're looks exactly like taylor's curls
I'd like to see you try this.. leave your thoughts to your self and please put a sock in it.
Lena you look nice i want to try but i am worry about my hair,that it is good to play yr healthy hairs pls reply me......neha
i don't have a curling iron like urs... How can i do the same curls you did with a straightener?
mrb ben eda bu saç maşasının markasını ögrenebilirmiyim lütfen
I don't know why... but when I see boobs... it makes me want to do boxing...
omg trying this right now :) working amazing!!! :) thanks so much<3
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