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Making of BELIEVE - Beauty and the Beat

by kidrauhl • 1,233,948 views

gonna drop a webisode everyday on the making of BELIEVE until the album drops next week on JUNE 19th! Here is when we made BEAUTY AND THE BEAT with features Nicki Minaj and produced by Max Martin....

Is that justin Bieber? Or the heavens calling my name??
If you think that Justin can't sing just watch this video.
+Carter Atwell stop stalking my channel and leave me alone you thot
+Boy Belieber  Not until you take down those horrible comments.
I just LOVE Justin's voice. When he sings, his voice just calms me:)
max martin the god
i have to say that's the his best song. Max Martin even agrees.
It's alllllllllllllllll i need wow this guy can sing :)
A Parte do 'ooooooooo i need'' is perfect, omg, como pode, ele brincou com a voz! é muito perfeito!
He's got a really great voice, it's too bad the fame seems to have gone to his head so much.
zedd produced this track, martin wrote it
Beauty and the beat hahaha lol.
you dont know how recording works.... his voice goes through all the effects and thats what your hearing
He sounds so good. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
Justin's like:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAl I need. The're like:what the fucking hell are u? ^--^
Justin Bieber has "no talent"😂😂😍
Put your autotone on your ass haters
I can sing like Justin
i am so dead omfg <3 i love you justin <3
You have the best voice ever. Trust me, I'm hard to be please too ;)
belieber forever obrigado por salvar a minha vida eu prometo sempre te amar +JustinBieberVEVO  
Zedd actually wrote the music. Martin sorta just added beibers vocals.
0:50 THE BEST VOICE! omg.
Great voice. He can totally sing
How dare haters say he can't sing!? That was amazing! Te amo Justin♥
A lot of the comments on this post show how little people know about production. Most people would notice but his vocals are being processed. That is not his real voice. Every tkme he talks or sings his voice goes through that mic and is put through numerous effects like auto tune. You he's not close enough to the note when you hear the audio shift or break. There's almost no latency on these effects so you have to listen very carefully. They would never use his raw vocals on a track that they would show as an example.
What studio is this? I really wanna know, especially because of that SSL console 
Put your autotone on your ass haters
I habe Seen believe movie it is so wow amazing i love him and love this uff omfb :*
so funny song amazing  te amo mexxico beliebers 
luv u justeeeeen!!!!!!<££££333333<333333
When i lissen to your songs they make me cry reaaal :c I never was on your concer :( loveee you soo much 3 my Kidrauhl c:
Guys check out my inly singing video leave conments cuz I want to see if I'm good
I love the way he did the voices .. I swear I can believe they took them out !!!
Justin you are amazing!! :)
Your voice is incredible, Justin. So proud of you. Believe is an amazing album.
 Is pefect I LOVE U Biebs <3
I need you.I love you Justin
That was too good ♡♡♡
Oriana Safi Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
For those who say that Justin Bieber can't sing, here's a proof that he CAN sing, very good btw.
00:48 gave me the chills
haha beiber didnt do any of his songs, just composers wrote all the shit! LOL
For your information, he fucking writes all his amazing songs. So I suggest you fuck off, we Beliebers are gonna take you down bro
But why u acting like you actually know what he does??? Lmao sit the fuck down. He's declined so many amazing collaborations with people because he doesn't write the music. Before becoming a singer, he always knew he wanted to be song writer for other artists, majority of the songs on his first album (released when he was 15) we're written by himself previously when he was only about 11 years old! He's known to be not only a singer but also a song WRITER. He plays: guitar,drums,piano,trumpet, and taught himself how to do all that with no lessons. He couldn't afford any of that before. So next time, don't think you can run ur mouth off and think ur right. Get ur facts straight.
he's voice omg im dying!- <33
I love his voice when he sings
Jasmine jessy Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Making of BELIEVE - Beauty and the Beat
Justin I love this song and love u so much
Justin You're voice are so cute!!! :** love you ;*
Amazing voice. BoyBeliebers indonesia. Support jb
when he say aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall at 0:50 waw I think I'm gonna cry ! ajfcvhoeiuhudsdkvks
adjkkalsoaplekqieuwjs YOUR VOICE <3 is perfect ! 0:48
49 seriously freaking killed me.
Beautiful . Perfect. Omg !! <3
My brother can sing that high as well.
I'm actually dead rn bc his voice, ahhhhhhhhhhh
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