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Yella Boy - 500 Rack$ feat. Baby Blue

by Spectacular Smith • 561,236 views

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It's pretty dope. How do I join the bsf family ?
Check out my channel, i subed u.
+1 Subscription and like...great video
i never usually comment videos, but i just want to say THANK YOU!? (it took about 2 mins to? download but it WORKS!)
You have such an amazing video :-D
I didn't know diamond could sing. Spec can sing too, he singed in the song say a command. If like you listen to it.
cant tell in words how good this video is :)
It never ceases to amaze with your videos, keep it up!
That Was awesome you talk very clearly
Great video! I really enjoyed it. How do I get started?
You are hot spec tac! love your voice
LOVE THIS SONG, but y the name change?Sexy Spec suits u to a T!! Call urself whatever u wish, just keep putting out great music like this and showing off your incredibly beautiful, extremely sexy, most desireable, well-built body.
now that how you make a video! wonderful subscribed
wow hast ja ein top teil gemacht super!
I guess Im gonna Like this. And subscribe too...
@2dariusg7 learn proper english and grammar, then you can talk shit.. and dude there's no need to ride his dick.. he doesn't "got stacks" and I'm not "hatin on him", he really just sucks... And before you give me that "lonely troll sitting behind a computer" bullshit, just ask your mother how hard i fucked her behind the computer screen.
o yeah,this is what im talking about,great job!!!
thanks so much this helped? a lot
This video needs more views! What gives?
thank for the video very help full
How the HELL did you do that! Crazy good!
That was pretty awesome! Subbed :)
Awesome video!!! Thumbs up and added to my favourites!
Im looking foreword to your next works!
1Audible chocolate that was amazing
i love this video... like fore real. LOVE.
I got 500 Rack Tell Me what you wanna do AYYYYYYYEEEEEE! Shout to my Baby YellaBoy and My big Bro BabyBlue On the Track Bitches
Good to see they still making music.
Unbelievably amazing!!! like n faved!
So relaxing :) I will subscribe it :)
oh cool! thanks for uploading this was looking for it!
This video really brings out from the rest, it is absolutely fascinating!
cant tell in words how good this video is :)
Nice vid! :D Halo Reach is awesome :)
Really nice video, want to check out any of mine? :)
Quanto tempo ci messo a fare questo video?
Hard song keep them spec and nice work on the video. Now all you need is a music video to do make it happen nice work :)
Fantastico lavoro,con cosa lhai montato?
Love the song, video needs more action. Great job Diamond
yesss i love that video! please upload more like this!
looking forward to more videos from you :D.
Teach me your ways, master...
wow im gonna send this to all my friends for sure
Never even heard of this soft nigga
it is FANTASTIC !!! More More More +1 and subscribe!
can I post this video on my blog?
I need to find more of your stuff I love your videos.
just better then me fucking awsome
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