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The Bike Phone Charger

by HouseholdHacker • 1,191,442 views

Welcome Shay Carl fans, this is how we modded Shay's Bike! You can harness your heavy pedaling and generate some juice for your cell phone. With this nifty bike mod you can ride around all day and...

Awesome project, I made a purse/ backpack insert that  uses inductive charging
Do any one know best Bike Mobile Charger available online. One of my friend suggested to buy Bike Mobipower from The Charger quality looks good however I want to hear from someone else about Bike Mobipower. Can any one suggest me which one will be best and available online.
couldn't you leave the solar panel in for a two way charge? (crank generate and solar power)
what the point of these ads shitty man
Oh, he must have forgotten that he doesn't need money to eat, pay for his house/apartment, etc.
and then crash while busy using your phone while pedaling.
Dude's got great ideas, but good lord the build quality has my OCD going haywire.
lmao, kinda feel the same way on this one
2:10 you just lost your screwdriver XD
Why dont you use the whole thing for the light of night and the radio for listening to and for charging your phone all at the same time
This radio is nice where do you get it from
this is so stupid :( just buy a 12v car charger socket for 99 cents an a chip DB107 and you have 5 volts and 2100 mah Then your done ... 
And how would you use that on a bike? Dumbass
+UraniuProductions ? i use it now For 2 YEARS DUMBASS .... Yes 2 Years ... if you dont know shit about electronics then dont reply 
I wipe my ass with fine
How do you do this it's cool
i got my dick stuck in the chain
... Add a holder, or it would fall off if you left it on it
This would be the best for people who live in an aerie a that has a lot of blackouts or something because you could take the wheels off the bike and charge you phone so you can ring people.
What if the tires roll on a poop
U should off used every thing in the hand crank radio and create a super bike with radio and everything that would of been awesome!
+jaremy jonsons and why the hell u remove that solar pannal , if u were tired or u in a traffic jam , that solar pannel will just do its work
True, true. He should make another video using every thing; that would be cool!!! :)
Hit poop and boom done!
Wouldn't it just break if you hit a jump from the suspension flex
YO!  ломать брехунец  бред  ,проше прицепить генератор  с диодным мостом на вельман и спаять  стабилизатор на микросхеме  и радио целое и генератор  работает эфективней..
I don't have a USB port what do I do
Buy one, they're pretty chepa
Cargador portatil, USB 3.0, Bluetooth localizador, Control remoto celular y GPS - En tu llavero! Portable charger, USB, Locator Bluetooth, Phone remote and GPS - On you KeyRing
i tried it yesterday and it literally works like a charm! (My tip: if you have a phone stand for your bike, then USE IT!)  Thank you very much!!!
Why get rid of the battery?
The little gears on the generator are used to make the generator spin faster.
The generator is pretty much a DC motor
I see some problems: - You need to be pedaling in your bicycle because you haven´t got an alternative battery - The brake cable is next to the circuit... Wtf?
buy power bank and problem solved
This is clever, but you generated a lot of trash by throwing out the rest of the parts.  Maybe find something with less parts to start with, like an old Prius motorcar.  Just throw away a few parts and WHAMMO! You got a phone charger!
Or use my advise. Take it apart and remove the speaker and anything having to do with sound, but DON'T remove the battery and solar panel. Put the radio back together and decorate it. Bam! A solar power phone charger!
It is called a dynamo and linear regulator or any other stabilizing DC step down converter... buy a bycicle dynamo (typically they have 6V and you can get them from ebay) and a linear regulator for 5V (from digikey/farnell/radioshack) and a usb cradle for your phone. Each component costs roughly 1$. So you get the same setup for 3$. ...and you don't have a broken radio at home ;)
I just noticed but you copy some of crazyrussianhacker and kipkays experi mm ents
Then somebody snatches the phone off his bike.
Have fun cycling with one hand :)
Riding bike footage filmed with a Gopro, or a headstrap camera.
i gave a bit more hacking and im using 4 of those same radios attached in wiring and now it charges as good as an outlet if ur going fast :) thanks
Pretty cool project and all but, how you know this is sure for your phone... I mean, the millions of components inside of it are really sensitive to anormal inputs of voltage and courent. Maybe you don't see any damage, however, it may be the cause of some problems later?? (Anyone who know about alectronics might understand my concern).... Any answers from anyone?
Put your bike upside down. Padel ( with hand ) as fast as posible. At that time measure the voltage and current coming out of the USB port using a multimeter. Then compare with the output voltage~current specification of your original cellphone charger ( it will be usually written on the adapter ). If the generated voltage and current from your setup is higher, use a voltage regulator IC7805 to ramp down the voltage and a resistor in series to ramp down the curent ( use formula V=IR to calculate the resistor value ). Build a small circuit to do all these ( You may have to modify the existing circuitry there ). But as this circuit was already being used as a cellphone charger in the radio, I think all these values will be proper. SO no need to worry. But If you choose to use a bike dynamo, you must need to take care of all these.
I think this bike charger needs a phone stand as well :) that way both hands on the wheels and phone charging way easier! : ) nice invention though 
cool, but you make a bracket for he phone to sit in.
Easy piecey, just model the geometry in Solid Works and 3D printed :D for about $10 depends what type of material they use. 
oh well i like the peg turned into a gun thing better anyway
Would you not keep the solar panel and battery so it would store power to charge the phone when plugged in?
bouncing off of this idea, would it be possible to get a bunch of these, attach it to an electric cars tires, and feed the combined power back to the charge port to make it (almost) never need a recharge? (i know it takes a moment to kick in so it will slowly deplete over time)
well you'd be taking energy that the car was making and truing it back into energy that the car will use to.... and so on. when energy change state it is NEVER 100% efficient, like turning kinetic (movement) energy to electrical (as it produces heat, noise etc). u may not think that the car would use much more energy to turn the radio thing to make electricity, but the radio doesn't generate much energy anyway. also the aerodynamics of the car would be worsened (especially at high speeds). so basically it would technically run the electric car's battery out quicker if i did put a bunch of them on an electric car's tires :)
I ride a bike everyday to school. I think this is a great idea
how about useing a bike generator  
Omg i had this idea a long time ago!
hay HH is it possible you could make a video showing how to make a phone holder for the charger so you con steer with both hands
Just buy a dynamo and mod it. -_-
pretty awesome 
to make that mod better add a phone holder and you will be more safe then when one hand one your phone and one hand on your handle bares  
this idea sucks i tried 4 times with two other science fair partners and we could not get it to work...... ugh 
But would it ruin your tires? thats my only question. I have a road  bike and I average about 18- 24 depending on the weather. 
You could attach it to your rear axle some how
What happens if you run over dog crap?
Mohammed Alzaeem Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Free electricity
what us can i get that genrater from
This is actually a fantastic idea. Well done!
how did you hold the camera and the phone, and still drive the bike?
just keep the original radio case and put it back together at the end, drill a hole to get the generator out
Why not keep radio how it is nd plug phone now spin the shit out it plus it has solar panel "geez" even more powweer lol
What if you kept the speaker and you used it as a speaker to blast tunes off to passers by?
How did you charge your phone when you had to ride at a consistent speed?
duct tape can conduct electricity
so would it not be easier to use a bike dynamo for the head lights and couple a 5 volt adapter (llike the ones that come with your iphone to plug to the wall) witch already has a female usb end?
could we keep the parts that we dont use for other projects
fucking going to make this and sell to hipsters they need them for there fixies lol
why not keep the light and the battery.. that way you can charge the phone even when you're not pedaling, plus you have a headlight..
That's cool but do you have to hold forever while its charging
Why does your light need a speaker and a USB port?
I dont think that theres enough voltage to make even 1 phone call
It's probably not strong enough to efficiently charge your phone.
Household hacker and kipkay copy each other a lot
You. Are. My. Savior. thank you so much for spreading your knowledge
Or you could attach the generator to a simple USB cable.
Well with faggot iphones the usb device may not be authorized"
Does anyone know what he's using? I'm looking for something not too expensive, (I'll be taking it apart), and preferably with a solar panel
I know a really good site for unlocking AT&T devices, it's attiphoneunlocking, also the best unlocking site I have ever use
May I ask, what brand/model/cost was the weather radio?
This is the first legitimately useful video put out in a while, that can be easily modified. Nice job
and battery , when u have not connected phone battery is charging and when u stop its still charging your phone.
From the looks of your more recent videos, it seems you have neglected your sweet bike.
Destroy a Usb-radio-light, that u can charge with ur hand? Isnt it easier to buy a dynamo from the bike-shop and some electro-parts?
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