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Ultimate Skate Girl 2008

by ambrinh • 189,650 views

Well basically i got really bored the other day so i decided to take up skateboarding, obviously, i have a natural talent, peace ;)

que estúpido jajaja
I have been watching youtube videos for about 10 years now...this is by far the WORST video i have ever seen! Congrats
why are all you girls dissing her... we should stick together ... you guys are a fail! :(
she doesnt even look that good, and she sucks
Another World Industry wasted, I bet she doesn't even know what that is.
This girl and and skate hhhmmm not good !!!!!!
At least you can push right and not fall down!! lol
Well... at least she doesn't push mongo.
I can tell you rubbed ur griptape all over your snatch
Hahahahha, as stupid as it looks, Its as funny as fuck.. an it looked like ya had fun. Funny as !
and emily garcia fuck u u cant spell shit its skateboard bitch learn your vocabulary
thats y im a pro and i went to the couch tour for skateboarders so yeah
Obviously it's a damn joke. Ppl calm the fuck down
OH LEAVE HER ALONE u cant even ride a skateboard if u can do a video to prove thats right u cant
and 1 more thing shes just doing a trick dont take it so serious
my deck does not bend when i jump on it!
you shouldn't be ridding that kind of wood
You can't skate. But I'd still bone you anyways.
She is bad but at least she's hot skater in the world.. are you sponsored?
maybe if you try practicing outside the house?
watch?v=3EnMp5PDCQI&feature=related .. this girl has natural talent
You got that board from agros? as in agro joes?!
@MrTxFEAR ye exaclty ! what a debby downer that other person is x
How Much Does A Kitchen Skate Park Cost?
where did you got your skateboard?
dam your so sexy! love this vid. keep sk8ing girl lol :)
argos sk8boards suck -_- this video sucks
at least you put effort in,,most lasses wouldnt dare :D
shes not an attention whore you pathetic little dirtbag. Its called sarcasm. this whole entire video was made with sarcasm and was intened to make people. show some respect and get smarter
I hate fake skater girls so much. It pisses me off. I can't tell if this was a joke or not but yeah you suck at skating and don't eveer skate again. :) Haha. I'm a girl skater btw.
esteeeeeeeee.... echale ganas hahaha
$6.99 skateboard? damn ur cheap i got a 145$ skateboard
I think a lack of respect for people who are passionate about the sk8, do not understand why a video so sarcastic, mocking the sk8 if you spent doing silly and a half and lost time doing it, please stop being so stupid a person and go to school to at least learn something .......
wtf? this is so pointless and shit, grow up
lol, this is a joke right? xDDDDD
If you want to board just wear some good shoes that grip the board :-)
@ambrinh haha looks like you were having loads of fun :D But the plywood on that boaard is thick and weak
I wish I could drop in on stairs.
I should kick you in the mouth for being so stupid -_-
hey noobface1000 leave my brother hes a pro unlike so yeah plzz we dont wanna start trouble hes just backing her up ppl need to b nice sometimes..... thnx :)
OMG cant u guys take a funny video! shes just having fun!!
thumbs up if your'e watching in 2011
this is such a useless, stupid, out-of-boredom video that somehow i kind of enjoyed it.
So your mom does not love you .D
yehaa yehaa jajajajajaja eso es perder para aprender jajajaa..!!
i was gonna say thats a fucken $20 supermarket deck, then i see its only 7 pounds. they shouldnt even make such a thing. man get a proper deck n u'll be like woah this is soooo much easier to ride. man i threw my deck as hard as i could yesterday n im still ridin.
I don't know what's worse the song or the video.
and i know that you are not a proffesional because all proffesionals have a skate profile, big or small. and you do not, it gets updated every day. and IF you were a pro you would know that this is not skateboarding its some girl thinking shes the shit cause she can stand on a skateboard.
que pena de chica..... ni darse pata sabe....
Where did you buy those gray sweats?
i am not loser bat you lloooooooosssssseerrr
if im a loser how come im better then u in sk8ng even my 6 yr old lil cuzin can ollie and manual while ridding for 20 seconds. EAT IT!!!!
Sponsored by sketchers shape ups...skill age in the village :O ooooh
Bitch i will soon post a video to u of me skatin better than u and then honey i am a lot looot younger than you so see ya later (; :midfing:
Que? yo se mas que tu :p (igualeschevereelskate)
I like your shoes, they're fresh!
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