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My transformation from massive to muscular

by Anthony S • 10,472,788 views

This is my transfromation, it goes back from 2 years ago to present day. i lost a total of 80 lbs of fat. i had motivation and i proved everyone who doubted me wrong. SO CAN YOU. I will be making...

Thanks everyone
you look sexy after that haha
haha he says those scars at the bottom of his stomach are from losing weight so fast, psh id say its liposuction
wow, well done 
i remember watching this when i was fat lol...
+lionel Mbala You win the award of The Most Hypocritical Douche-bag of 2014!
You're are being annoying you internet fat freak... im gonna mute you for ever ^^
ugh you’re such an inspiration! i weigh 160 but i really wanna be close to 100 because i wanna be skinny and pretty.
im not trolling. I want to be thin.
+tyronelldayquan Then get examined by your doctor so he will tell you what is an ideal weight for you. Then come back here and tell me. You'll be surprised.
well done kid, martial arts (muay thai) saves my life, i used to be fat, now i´m a beast,  NO PAIN NO GAIN.
+Gerardo Seren congrats on maintaining discipline and working hard :D
thank you, danke , gracias. brigado.
You looked so much "nicer" when you were big xD
Those breasts yum yum
I'm currently 240 pounds.. I diet, (heavy) lift daily, run as much as my skinny friends, but I barely make any progress. I barely eat, I workout pretty much every minute I have free time, but I am making very slow progress. Any tips?
good job :) Ignore all these horrible commenters 
From a Smelly Fat Shit to a 6 Pack thats called effort Son i am proud of u.
Well done i am actually coming from 215 myself im now down to 185 in just over a month keep it up :)
Good on you for making such a drastic, positive change in your life!
I'm well proud of you bro... GREAT EFFORT. well done!!!!
Nice job!  I lost 30 lbs. in high school and never went back.  It's amazing how the skin retracts in cases like yours.  If you really want to get lean, try running, it takes off fat quicker than a knife --
That a way, very impressive man
Title of the video should be "My transformation from fat to skinny as fuck" your not muscular by any means...
"skinny" ?!? bloody hell did you not see he's arms in the after picture because damn.
...but you're a douche.
Awesome job man, well deserved!
I'm changing myself too, and going pretty successful too! My motivation is Zyzz, although he's gaining muscle and I'm trying to lose weight.. Great job man!
zyzz died, so death is your motivation?
Everyone dies, Ipman is motivational to me, he died too and your point. It is the one's who died and left their legacy that truly made a difference and changed the world.
i have a question, how much weight did you do to lose weight, did you lifted as much as you could? (sorry for bad grammar, i'm from uruguay)
Did you just eat clean or was there a certain diet program you followed?
The breasts had surgery it is still commendable nonetheless but you should have mentioned the gyno surgery
Thank you for sharing this Anthony. I've taken a lot from it :-) 
That's to all the people that accept being fat and for some reason are proud of it. I wasn't proud when I had cellulite on my stomach, and the reason I am proud of my new body is due to the hard work I put on to fix myself. Not like everyone else, who is like "I am fat, deal with it, every body is beautiful" NO, IT IS NOT! It is our responsibility to keep it beautiful, if you choke on burgers everyday what does that mean to you? Shut tha fuck up and work out. I will respect someone busting their ass to fix their self rather than one who stays static at their failure. Disrespect to me would be to ignore all that work I keep seeing by former fat or very skinny people that today are strong and look like models because THEY EARNED IT and admit that being fat is just perfect because that's what God gave you, or whatever. God has nothing to do with this. Unless you want to be called fat all the time, do something about it! I applaud the guy up there. And yes, you can get in shape without PhotoShop you lazy lards.
I think I know what helped when you were fat you fished and now you don't coincidence I think not
Hey Anthony, That reminds me of my transformation, and still going on. I wish you all the best mate.
Well done lad!  Don't slip back, keep on going!
Fool you don't think he can go more than that? you're far from wrong!! There's not a certain point you hit and go, yep, now I'm done here.... Fitness is a lifestyle not something you do real quick for the summer...
personnely i dont have anything against him and also he go any more and he will be a stick with musucles -_-
Tony I was 330 pounds of august 2013 and im 285 right now I want to be 250 by the time school start and keep losing during my senior year do you have any tips? If you could get back to me ASAP I would really appreciate it thanks bro.
How to get rid of the fat chest !?
a lot of cardio and stay away from sugars and bad food like burgers...dumbells will make the go down too but if your are eating bad it could make them look be careful
Good job!!! But how you get rid your man boobs?? Mine is annoying me
How long did it take you?
You know it said 9 months, but I seriously doubt that.
Lmfao ikr ^ +Flawty John
Nice 50 cent nipples and stomach skin tubby.
gan you're fat, everyone knows because only fat people put other fat people in misery over the internet, no skinny person makes fun of a fat person. so you can go paralyze yourself and die in a ditch. thanks for being fat and breaking every part of your floor with your jelly stomach  
still look ugly sorry but true
ugly fat kid to a decent looking person
jejejej que video mas pailas hasta el tatto se le borro con la adelgazada! XD
Great job man. Dedication is awesome. Keep it up. You must feel like a new person, w so much energy. I'm looking forward to your vids.
My god dude amazing job keep up the great work. I need a little motivation to start working out. I weigh 153 and i am 5'4. I know i'm not even really much over weight i just have to put my mind to it.
wow, so much hatred.  Is o.k. Anthony S, you're going to out live those assholes now.  He who laughs last, laughs best.  
Awesome!!  You truly rock.  It is extremely difficult to put weight loss plans into motion and succeed!  You look amazing.  Don't listen to anybody who is negative.  They are losers and hate to see somebody hit their goal and share with people.  Just make sure you stay HUMBLE.  That is key!  :)
dude ur awesome......... i hope i have tha same determination and self confidence to get thru my transformation. thnx man BIG INSPIRATION
Thats why gril shoud love fat guys..... I ve got 90 kg when i was 12 And now im 65 kg....all this done in 2 mounths....
+Cesare Borgia Its possible but pretty hard.
hey guys ever heard of photo shop you can freaken make a sumo guy look skinny
+Erik S Don't come at me with sarcasm,I wanna argue with the other guy showing how self centered of a kid I am. :)
First, you weren't massive. You were pudgy. Massive would have been 300 or more pounds. Second, You are young. I congratulate you on your weight loss and I hope you keep yourself healthy and achieve all you set your mind to do. Good for you.
very impressive I've gone through the same thing and am happy for you
Buddy did you ever do anything about the excess skin? Thinking of getting abdo plasty myself
Young man   you are to be congratulated.  Well done. Hope your inspired to keep it that way.  Amazing transformation indeed.
Wow we have the same nipples but mine is smaller than yours .. So it could really become small thanks man :D
Congratulation but you were'nt massive and not even fat you used to have fat not you were fat
i might need to start cutting
Man I have the same experiences too, when I was 8 yrs old, I was told by my doctor diabetic, but I decided to lose some weight.i decided to not gain that much of muscle because im growing that time and im afraid that I would interfere with it. So when it was my 9th b day, I lost like 70% of my body fat. Now, im 12, you dont even know!(if you people think its all bullshit, think again:))
That's you at 200 pounds ? What are you a midget ? That looked like 230 or 240. 200 is average
I agree - how tall is this guy? I'm 5'10" and I was 205 and not nearly as fat as this guy, but definitely overweight. I've lost 35 lbs since september 2013.
It's average in the fucking south.  
Parabéns garoto, pela vontade e disciplina! Felicidades!
good for you bro takes a lot of motivation and determination to do what you did
All that in just 2 minutes and 30 seconds lol XD
how did he lose his tits serious question
great job...stay healthy and stay inspired
Well done bro! Ignore all the haters on here. Haters are people who are not as high a you on the ladder of success. I've never met a hater that is better than me. And most people who encourage me are always better than me. Keep it up!
Nice job...whatever you do,don't be a douche and start bullying other fat people.
I dont know why I guess its because im tall but im almost 16 and i weigh 250+ pounds and he weighed 215 and he looks fatter than i do
Very Good i like it bro
I was born in March 4th. But I'm 25 and I have the same weight issue that you use to have. Thanks for inspiring me
Now you look anorexic with muscles
good job you'll get laid a lot more being ripped too
I have 15 years old, i weight 220 lb, i llike go to run, play basketball but not underweight
If you watch this video backwords, it's a story about World of Warcraft.
i'm I a retard for actually playing this backwords 
Have you kept it off?
it is fake the fat boy had a tatoo at his right hand.....the other boy hadn't
that is awesome ,you are ready for ultra marathon, peace
What a happy looking guy. Before and after.
Good work losing the bitch tits!
Shane dawson is also a great example
1:53 looks like surgery to me
+Karo Talvio yeah thats true.... in certain cases, your skin takes 2 years to shrink back a little , if you were so huge and heavy its never gonna happen in time before u die. Drink alot of water will help to tighten it faster.
yeah, also laser, derma roller... anything that regenerates may help
Dang, all your muscles are in your biceps.
GREAT JOB! You are such an inspiration!
dam wish I was that fat and then hit cut phase.. 
I use to be fat in middle school but the marines changed my life
Good for you! Great job.
That's awesome! Good for you man!
great  i want to lose weight but i never had courage i never belived i could do it so i never tried . but i think i should 
Mit Reichem Elternhaus ist alles möglich durch Schönheits-Chirurgie.... Denn er zeigte nicht, wie er Stück für Stück für Stück abgenommen hat, sorry. Also diesem Video ist nicht zu trauen
Props for losing weight and sticking with it but you got skiny not muscular, thats why you have those skinfolds. Not hating on you at all. I got muscular weighted 240 at 5 8, now i am stuck at 200 with 10% fat. Eather way good job.
Cheers to you and keep the focus.
do you only do arms and chest at the gym lol????
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