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[HD Quality] Carrie Underwood - Good Girl - ACM's 2012

by I.T. Channel • 111,241 views

Carrie Underwood - Good Girl - ACM's 2012....As Seen On CBS, All Rights Reserved.

such a hard song to sing and shes soo good! aagh gorgeouss!! I am so jealous of Carrie. She has a great voice, and she's insanely pretty. It should be illegal for someone to have legs that look that nice!
Fastestgirl88 - Carrie Underwood's songs are stupid? Heard of Temporary Home or See You Again? What about Jesus, Take the Wheel? Oh wait no, you're ignorant and too busy listening to that weight watchers advocate. Lamberts voice is pitchy and awful and only thing she knows how to do is buy her awards. Miranda is anything but a TALENTED SINGER.
nice moves :)) getting better at dancing huh :)
i think its funny how everyone thinks she lip syncs, ive been to her concerts, when she fucks up the lyrics in the middle of a song and its quite obvious, you can tell she dont lip sync, and really, how many times a day does youtube videos have sound that doesnt line up with the mouth of the singer or whoever is talking?
are ya an asshole, Carrie and Taylor sound great. i guess ya need ya redneck ears checked kid
Oh and those shoes are adorable.. your either a guy or a very unfashionable girl.
Sounded amazing! She's a great vocalist ^^ And she's so pretty ><
Looks like she was short of breath. wtf
for people saying this wasnt carrie's best. she even said that she didn't realize how hard this song is to sing on stage. so shut up.
how is this lip synced... it is obviously live
Miranda Lambert is an artist. Her songs are amazing and it speaks to people. Carrie's songs are stupid. How many versions of cowboy Casanova must we hear. Miranda Lambert's voice is beautiful. It's so soothing I can listen to it all day and not get bored. Her songs lyrics speak from the heart and she puts on a damn good show. How can you say she doesn't show who she is in her songs? Which is being a strong woman.
Great job by Carrie overall, this is a very quick temp song with no breaks. I thought none of the performers did their very best and there were so many sound problems. I think the very dry and windy weather in Las Vegas is also bad for vocals -- you really have to adapt to their weather.
what is that type of microphone stand called
Martina has some serious pipes. I love Carrie. Very Much. But i think you should not compare her and Taylor. They're different in every possible way. Taylor Swift may not have Carrie's range. But she is an amazing songwriter and a hell of entertainer. So dunno. My opinion. X.
suprised carrie just did not sound like herself, not her best at all, miss the old carrie, the one who sand more country like songs and dressed respectful, now her songs sound a lot like pop...disappointed
Worst Performance...Where's that girl we met on the American Idol? I miss her...
Point blank period end of discussion she is not lip synching for all you haters out there. Carrie happens be very talented and can sing her ass off on CD and LIVE so all u dick riding Taylor Swift fans sthu cause Taylor does a lot of that...and even if she did lip sync she damn well good at it!! #PeopleWhoHaveNoLife but try to live the celebs!! Smdh
She didn't forget how to sing live, she just hasn't done it in awhile and she was probably really nervous. She had to perform in front of all of her country peers, and she has to get the people at home to like the song since she had (well, has now) a new album coming out.
It's a great performance, shit sound at the ACM's like always.
If I was Carrie I would not have sang first even if I am sure that it all she was asked to sing as she is too rusty at Live prefomances not having done them for a year now!
such a hard song to sing and shes soo good! aagh gorgeouss!!
I am so jealous of Carrie. She has a great voice, and she's insanely pretty. It should be illegal for someone to have legs that look that nice!
Lip singing? u guys should try and watch it again...Ur missing some legit singing from a hot lady. She is definitely NOT lip singing. Ur ignorance just makes her look better because U think she's lipping the song and that's her really singing.
Either she sings terribly or she is lip syncing.. But if some of you says this sounded terrible how can it then sound like the studio version???? Those of you who criticize Carrie regardless PLEASE choose and agree on whatever theme you wanna go with instead of contradicting yourself..!!
she did not lip sync! not her best performance but we all know that this girl can SING!!
This is considered country music? Disappointing.
She got to where she is by singing live on stage (American Idol). Why would she lip-sync? Yes, people, she's that good and that hot!
I thought this was great. Why the hate?
Adults do not go around and call people fat. They know what respect is. Clearly you don't. I was talking about Carries music and you brought up miranda's weight. Who sounds more like the child. DIPSHIT.
she did not lip sync. ur just haters or another artist's fan if u say she did not sing live. i think she danced too much and had a problem with breathtaking. but i love that she had a mic just like Freddie Mercury=))))))))))))))))))))))))) anyone recognize it???
Carrie OWNED that stage!! Great performance proving that she is the real ETOY - too bad most of the awards now seem rigged - how could anyone think Lambert is a better vocalist than Carrie three years in a row now - that is a sad joke on the industry - Miranda even felt so guilty for taking Carrie's deserved award that she held a press conference begging ACM to stop giving her all these undeserved awards - heck Jason also got robbed of us Best Album award too this year - another travesty that n
This is a difficult song to sing live and the fact that she's holding that mic thing. The dress is gorgeous. She could've worn shoes she could walk in because it's obvious she wanted to do much more than just stand there. I think this was her first time ever performing this song live. I still love her though
you forgot that you shouldn't be messing with the carrie army dumb bitch!
this wasn't her best performance at the beginning but from 1:49 to the end it was amazing like usual. :)
If anyone anywhere has ever thought Carrie Underwood was a bad singer....please search how great thou art on youtube and listen to the perfection that is Carrie Underwood.
She's clearly NOT lip syncing. Why would Carrie Underwood need to lip sync? If you actually listen to the studio version, you would know she added something to this LIVE performance.
well, it's not her best vocal performance, but still very good! she's so sexy, but she's not too confident like she always was. she needs to work on that for this era be perfect
She sounds out of breath at times, but that's okay. She'll definitely improve. She looks amazing and I can't wait for her album.
ppl who said carrie is lip syncing just because they are too jealous...
WHY THE F*CK ARE ALL THE TOP COMMENTS NEGATIVE? seriously people can kis taylors ass and give her standing ovations without singing that good but they expect perfectness from carrie? losers carrie is the MODERN QUEEN
how can someone whose never won Female Vocalist win Entertainer of the Year twice like Carrie (coughcough taylor swift fans)
Still needs a bit training on breath control, notes a bit pitchy, but she did fine. Belts were full and choreography was definitely a bonus. She's still the awesome singer I know. I don't like the new image she's portraying though. My opinion anyway.
I wouldn't call Carrie Underwood the Queen of Country Music. Her songs aren't THAT country. Loretta is the Queen of Country Music.
So you better get to gettin on your goodbye shoes <3
QUOTE BY LORETTA LYNN: "As long as Miranda Lambert is singing, Country music is going to be okay. She is a spitfire who reminds me of myself when I was younger." QUOTE BY DOLLY PARTON: "I really relate to Miranda. She reminds me a lot of myself when I first got to town somehow. She's raw and natural, and she's got a lot of gut and heart and soul. I really admire that."
And yet she gets encores? Her performances are amazing thank you very much. And that's also why she got Best Country Solo Performances?
Umm... Carrie won the ACM for Album of the Year for "Some Hearts." And she doesn't starve herself, she's eats healthy and exercises.
Okay She defiantly said at the beginning of the awards that she just got over a big cold so did you ever think that might be why she was short of breath or why she didnt move around much Hmmmmm. DUH I think she sounded GREAT I love her and all her songs! <3
She's a talented singer, but her being in the ACMs just goes to show how much of a joke the whole show is.
WOW She did not sound like herself. She was completly out of breath. She sounded bad to be honest with you. She did look beautiful.
I thought this was a very bad Lip sync?
i think she did better than most of the "in" singers like nicki minaj when they sing live :p and it looks like she is pregnant :s don't know if anyone else noticed that.
Her songs are not country. How can she be the queen. This song is terrible.Miranda Lambert is the QUEEN of todays country music. Loretta said it herself.
Her voice is amazing, one of the best female singer right now.
Looking forward for your AI finale performance :)) GG .. bring it to AI STAGE :) and of course . that mic :)
hope she does better in her next performance :D
You mean you didn't notice the mistakes, her out-of-breath lines, etc.? :P
I agree with you, she has one not so great performance and everyone says she's lip syncing or she forgot how to sing.. with a voice like hers you never forget how to sing
Even when she doesnt sing flawlessly. she stil better then any country singer. No singer in country music has her pipes and range and thats not opinion its perfectly documented. No one sings 100% every time, If taylor swift could just do this once and while she would be something to talk about. Carrie is freakin hot and sexxiest women in music right now.
Well mate...I never said this was an HD video....Ii's titled HD Quality...that's to differentiate from the 360 piece of crap that got all the views on it before I got mine uploaded...Uploading in actual HD invites Blockage & Copyright all means upload an HD one yourself & see what happens!
This song has a great guitar solo...I like it...Carrie's guitar player is really good...too bad the sound guy had things screwed sounded about as good as a high school auditorium...The mix is awful.
Do you mean people saying Taylor is better, or people criticizing Taylor? Either way, you're right. Same thing on Taylor's videos. As a fan of both of them, it infuriates me to no end. People seem to think they're only allowed to listen to one singer or something.
Why are there always comparisons! Just love music...doesn't matter if its too rockish or popish...if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it!!!!
Not her best performance, but let's face me another girl who could sing this song live better. Still the best female vocalist in country music (IMO). Go Carrie!
You wouldn't be out of breath too? running around the stage singing this song?
carrie said in an interview before the show that singing "good girl" takes a lot out of her, given the nature of the song, so she can't really move around a lot, or else she runs out of breath. she said she hoped it would be cool with the background effects regardless. personally, it's one of my favorite carrie underwood songs, and i loved it!
I never said anything against Carrie Underwood. The show is a joke because there is not a shred of country in this song or performance. It does not belong in the ACMs, yet it was there. Just because a song is good doesn't make it country and the sooner people realize that, the sooner our country stations will play actual country!
I think this song is really difficult to sing live. No time for breath!! And if this is Carrie's worst performance, that just proves how amazing she really is.
I love this song! Yes, maybe it's not really a 100% country song, but it's strong! I have not a country culture,I'm italian... so I can't appreciate the country style in its whole meaning. Carrie this time didn't sing so well.... but she have a magnificent voice, and it's a fact!
This was the first time she sang Good Girl live, and it's a difficult song to sing. She's gotten so much better at singing this song live since then, go check out her performances on Jimmy Kimmel, David Letterman or CMT Awards.
How is this lip synced? If it was lip sung, it would of sounded a whole lot better.
Awesome song but is she English??????!!!
come on Carrie. I love you cause you DON'T dress like this... :(
She's not lip syncing, that's easy to hear. But not everyone who lip syncs does that because they want to, sometimes setting everything up for a live performance (or live performances) isn't possible (takes too much time, money, effort).
To all of you dissing her, do you realize how hard this song would be to sing live? Not a single person could do it perfectly.
really, I agree. how critical. How many of us could do that. Lighten up
sorry man but can u show us the evidence? Carrie always sounds good live so even if they create a lip sync version, Im sure they wouldnt try to make many flaws like this one just to make it sounds natural. You can hear her out of breath many times, has many flaws (this performance is simply not her best, but it is acceptable).
Miranda Lambert already set a spot for herself in the country music hall of fame. All four of her albums have debuted at number 1. And she has won Album of the Year for 3 of her albums. The first female to ever do that. Carrie is going in the wrong direction. She's singing terrible songs, shes starting to dance and dressing all whorish which is not going to go well. She needs to stay true to herself and start writing a good country song or else people are going to forget who she is. Sorry girl
Taylor Swift has kids as her audience they are the most marketable because they buy more. Taylor sings about lil boys and kiddy stuff that just dont comply to older audience... Older audience goes to see a REAL singer, no offense. get amd all you want but Carrie is the number 1 female artist for country. and I HATE COUNTRY MUSIC
No. She wasn't. you can tell if was. but she didnt.
The people that are judging her obviously don't know what real talent is. Her performance was amazing and her vocals are flawless.
Amazing Carrie!! Wow! She just will not settle for easy songs. She pushes herself for bigger and harder songs constantly! Incredible.
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