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ESPN First Take - NBA Finals Game 5 LeBron 1st Ring - Part 1

by LeSean McCoy • 82,280 views

A great segment of discussion about LeBron James' First Nba championship.... Mark Cuban on the next part..... argues with skip bayless ... very entertaining.... Part 2 coming soon... NO COPYRIGHT...

Skip says that they don't do cheer leading journalism, but that muthafucka sure be cheer leading when it comes to Tim Tebow.
Wait, how long did it take Jordan to get his first ring?
it is about dam time 4 this dumb as to give king james his due.whe they fire his ass it'll be about dam time!
@Recardo Sumthin, I Been Watching Basketball Since I was 3And Now I'm 23 And I Kno Since 2006 The Miami Heat Deserved It And Lebron Did 2
Great championship GRATS BRON, and WADE! yeah keep it coming thanks for uploading skip and steph A smith............ its HEAT TIME!!! cya agian next year bois!!!!
Yeah, you need to get a life with your little conspiracy theories. None of those players would throw a game for another guy, especially Magic and Bird. You win some, and you lose some. That's life.
I play College Football (it ain't professional Football I know) but I can respect the opinion of a Sports Analyst who never played becuz Some of the greatest coaches never played the game but if you gave them my body an talent you wouldn't even call Jerry Rice the greatest WR becuz their IQ on the Sport is amazing NOT to Say Sports analyst IQ'S on a Sport are that high but it's not low either they just weren't gifted with the GOD given talent an that's not their fault
why are we still even talking about Tebow? He is a backup...
Lebron is better than Kobe! The only did Kobe does is shoots jump shots!!!
can you idiots stop comparing lbj to kobe and mj, mj missed his chance to get to bill russells's 11 rings, when you want to talk about mj don't forget to mention the greatest BILL RUSSELL.....
I don't respect Skip but Bill Belichick & Larry Brown are great sports minds that didn't play at a professional level, so you can't say that about everybody.. I respect Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon opinions
fuck u payleeessss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thunder inexperience Showed up an they converted back to One on One basketball but even worst James Harden didn't Show up this lost does not fall on the Shoulders of Kevin Durant an there's Some Slight blame on Westbrook but he wasn't the determining factor for why they lost
This isn't even that deep. LeBron just won his first ring doing what he should have been doing all along - attacking the rim, playing in the post, improving on his free throw shooting. This wasn't a different LBJ, he's the same guy, against Dallas he just refused to participate because he didn't want Wade winning the MVP. These two are both full of themselves and they actually believe what they do is important - it isn't. Entertaining but it's not vital in society.
He took Jordan 7 years too, but Skip would never say anything negative about that. He continually put his journalistic integrity in jeopardy with his hate on LeBron.
Bill Russell can only wish he had MJ's athleticism, speed, basketball IQ and complete mastery of how to defeat ANY kind of defense. Bill russell was a great basketball player in his own right but just because he won 11 titles doesn't make him better than MJ. The celtics had a plethora of all-time greats on their squad. It wasn't just bill russell. And Bill russell was not their best offensive player. MJ was the best at both ends during his prime.
Fuck lebron james kobe reigns over nba
Yeah because apparently basketball is sooo complex, that you must have experienced it to understand it,right? Give me a break. Sports analysts know the game better than the majority of the league.
He was a former preacher at some church in Harlem.
lebron is often compared to kobe. am i wrong?? didnt think so, so how about you get off mine
ok skip bayless and the rest of the "analyst" who has never played a game at a professional level.. STOP BRINGING UP MICHAEL JORDAN'S NAME TO COMPARE LEBRON.. that is an insult, its DISRESPECTFUL, BLASPHEMOUS
Durant purposely helped Miami win the title because James is his best friend and the two were working out together during the lockout pretending to play football. Durant was the one who remained passive and didn't do anything on the boards while just allowing things to occur; how can he not do anything vs. Miami but vs. Dallas, LA and SA he is aggressive? Please. He was helping his friend. OKC was in on it because that was their investment to win future titles. LeBron fixed 2011, Durant 2012.
Mike Miller is the man. He knew this might be his last game in the league. So he came with that A game( even though I know he could play better if he wasn't hurt)
no problem yea finally LBJ got it done... check out the next video mark cuban argues like a boss...
Props to James and the Heat but honestly whoever mentions LeBron James in the same sentence as Jordan knows absolutely nothing about the game of basketball. Kobe is the closest we have to Jordan and even he is not that close.
this guy skip has his finger in his ass, if i ever see him in the streets i will slap him like a bitch that he is...
skip is a fucking chode he needs to just shut up... all he does is complain.
For everybody who says lebron won before mj. No he didnt heres the fact. Lebron has 2 years ahead of Jordan when he won his ring. Jordan won when he was 28 but mj went to college for a year and got drafted when he was 19. 1 +1 is 2 years. Lebron got drated when he was 18 and came straight out of high school he didn't go to college. Jordan won at 28 with 1 year of College and 1 year older than lebron Lebron won at 27 but has 2 years ahead in the league of Jordan
yup.. key players didn't step up and thats perkins, ibaka, and harden, and even sefolosha. when other players stepped up in the series against the spurs, okc won 3 straight. at the finals, nobody stepped up, only westbrook and durant. the bench players need to show more consistency in getting involved in the offence. and as you mentioned, too many iso's. game 1 was spectacular, the last 4 were horrid.
Actually mj was in the league 9 years also
Do people really believe the "You don't know cuz you didn't play" bullshit? By that logic us average Joes shouldn't be critical of athletes since even the worst pro's are 100x better than us. Hell Lebron could score 200 points on any of us without even trying.
maybe compare wasn't the best word. i meant there has long been a debate about whos a better player. just quit while you are behind
What made MJ the best was his ability to take on all challenges and do what no one thought imaginable. And let me drop some knowledge here....MJ was the first player to lead the league in scoring year after year and win championships year after year. Wilt didn't do that, jerry west didn't do that and bill russell was an average offensive player his whole career. Before Jordan won his first ring the news was that the leading scorer in the league rarely win championships. MJ change all that.
Does skip always have to bring up tim tebow...give me a break!
Skip's an idiot but I disagree completely. You can't act like Skip without experience but there are definitely analysts who are tremendous at their job without playing.
At one point you haters said he wont ever get a ring. now u guys say he only has one ring ready to get shut down next year?
wow Skip, what a butt hurt.. get a life man
Skip Bayless is the most stubborn, dumb, ignorant motherfucker. Smith kills his meager "arguments" everytime. Every...fucking...time.
true bro, but its possible for Lebron to get there one day!! hes still pretty young
that's the problem though. People don't understand that a point isn't just caused by the guy who finally puts the ball in the basket. It's also the guy who sets the screen, the guy spotting up behind the arc drawing the defense, the guy getting the rebound, the guy making the extra pass, etc... Jordan is good at taking the final shot. Lebron is good at all facets of getting a point for his team.
Skip Bayless is not a sports "analyst", he's a sports commentator. A very annoying and bad one at it.
Michael's father was in his life birth to the first time he retired from the NBA. Lebron father has never been in his life. I known this from first hand experience because I have relatives that live in Akron.
skip said " lebron should of did this 9 yrs. ago" really skip .... lebron winning a ring in his rookie with the 03' cavs C'MON MAN
r won fair and square. Maybe u shud consider following cricket maybe the you'll have an edge in talking shit.
Skip: I'm happy for Lebron HAHAHAHAHA oh skip almost 100% of the stuff you say is is complete Bullshit
Jordan spent 3 years in college......
Although you may have a point now that statement is so speculative. We don't know whats going to happen when LeBron gets older. The more we make these "predictions" and "proclamations" about what can,may,or will happen the more we may have to eat those words. Just let the man play his game, and unless you have footage of LeBron saying he's the next Jordan stop comparing them and just let him play out his career and see where things may fall
Some of the worst analysts are former players. I like it when coaches become analysts.
he was on yesterdays show... its already uploaded...
I swear Skip Bayless is the dumbest person allowed to speak about sports, someone should cut his tongue out of his ass, like for real im looking at this and im like does he believe the words that comes out of his mouth?????? what great player whom came outta high school or college went to the NBA and just straight dominated as far as winning championships, you can tell this guy knows nothing about sports
I hate to say it but Steven A. is a LOSER.
lmao can i watch espn without tebow being mentioned? god damn
im glad you put this up. im at work and i wanted to see this
The records exist, but there is a reason they are universally thought to have an asterisk next to them. Stats pre 1980 just can't be trusted.
Lets remember Lebron and Jordan paths of life are totally different. Lebron didn't attend college but came right out of school. His family and social life was a total mess. His father never around and his mother on drugs and issues with the law. He moved around family to family a bit. Jordan went to college for 3yrs. He had both his mother and father. Its never been reported that they had issue with drugs.
i cant take Stephen A and skip ass serious tho ever since they agreed that melo was better lebron FOH wit dat shit melo shouldnt be mentioned in the same sentence wit kingjames yea they both was in the same draft class but thats it melo better scorer lebron better at everything else lebron has played and guarded all 5 positions this season alone 9yrs in melo still hasnt played defense bron 3mvp's 3finals appearances scoring title finals mvp and a ring and thats not even half of it....
That's MJ being modest. Jerry west lost 9 straight nba finals. MJ won 6 NBA finals mvp. And people forget Mj retired, came back and won 3 scoring titles, 3 rings, 2 all-star games mvp awards, 2 regular season mvp awards and 3 finals mvp all afte 33 years of age. Jordan is the greatest ball player ever.
Skip tells Stephen A we don't do cheerleader journalism but he cheers for Tim Tebow all the time. Fuck Skip Bayless you ain't bout shit.
Why can't Steven A. be happy for LeBron and the fact that he won. Instead, he is so PITIFUL that he dwells on the fact that some white guy in a suit won't give LeBron "credit," whatever that's worth.
1984, Magic runs out the clock vs. Boston; throws the ball to Parish in game 4 and chokes in game 7 to elevate Bird. 1985, 2-3-2 format instituted, Magic wins the title for his payoff to helping Bird; Bird's was in on the 85 fix. 1986, Bird wins another title because he helped Magic in '85; no Magic and Celtics dominate; Hakeem loses in the Finals. 1987, Bird/Magic ends with Magic hitting the shot in game 4 closing out an old Boston team. Conf. Finals, Isiah purposely throws the ball to Bird...
lol kinda hard 2 win a championship dude.. 9 years is no excuse for 1 ring ? lol ok... how many u won ? rings arent just given to u.. great players try and try and sumtimes cum up short
@Ricardo Maestre wow! u are pathetic! so lets talk.. james harden not showing up at all in the finals? thst was fixed too? kd not having the ball enough? that was fixed too? the bench freezing up like little bitches? that was fixed too? okc not playing NO defense? that was fixed? its not there fault okc players cant play smart without getting fouled! your a loser just face the fact that miami are champions!! oh yea & name the starting 5 for okc for the past 3 years u idiot!
Back Then they didn't have Zone Defense. Michael wouldn't have been able to Break that defense. Also What you just said does not prove Michael was Better than Bill.. Keep in-mind Michael HIMSELF said " I do not consider myself the Best because i didn't get to play against the greats before me.. like Bill Russell Jerry West and all them " ..
I used to watch this show all the time and look foward to it, but Skip says the same thing over and over regardless of topic and the question related to topic. "Westbrook shoots to much, Bynum is better than Howard, Lebron is princejames. I watch the show for Stephen A, but Skip is so annoying now its crazy. I dont watch it anymore or listen to the podcast. So to all the people who hate Skip, stop watching. He says stuff for ratings, its TV. No viewers, bad ratings, no more Skip. Thumbs up! :)
Bc people compare him to MJ, Peyton was out shadowed by Farve and Brady and Bledsoe. Thats like if Melo wins next year, he would be a Peyton Manning of B-Ball. He wouldn't take any heat.
Skip Bayless - "Stephen A. Crawford" LMAO!
In order for all things to move on, your opponent has to help you win: Here's the breakdown: 1980, Dr. J. allowed Magic to win to get his future title because Magic was the prime investment for the NBA future along with Bird. 1981, Moses Malone had to allow Bird to win his first title to create the Magic/Bird credibility for the 80's. 1982, Dr. J did the same. 1983, Sixers sweep Lakers with Moses Malone but never make it back - the payoff....
But it's harder for athletes to come straight out of high school that 1 yr of college helped Jordan refine his game
Michael Jordan was like 28 years when he got his first ring, aint Lebron 27? Just sayin..
Why does Skip keep throwing out the "about damn time" comment and then referencing Michael Jordan? He was the same age as LeBron when he won his first title. Why does LeBron not have a chance to match what MJ did?
Lebron at 27 has more league mvps, final mvps and championships then MJ had at 27
"You can't teach tall." That's why I'll pick Shaq over koby bryant ten times out of ten.
typical unknowledgable media influenced attitude cuban was talking about....all about narratives, conspiracies and soap opera storylines...yet don't know a thing about actual basketball...about things like how the heat's league-best pnr defense neutralized James Harden (a player whose entire game is predicated on exploiting the p'n'r), and forced okc to run a 2 man iso game with westbrook and durant (who is a mediciore ballhandler and iso player) affected the game
1987 Conf. Finals - Isiah purposely throws the ball to Bird to help the Magic/Bird final showdown. Magic wins. 1988 - Lakers win back-to-back, Isiah fakes ankle injury, refs call foul on Laimbeer and Kareem makes freethrows. 1989/1990 - Isiah wins back2back because of what he did for Bird in1987 and for Magic in 1988. 1991-93 Jordan threw 3 straight series vs. Detroit, wins 3 straight rings.
Jordan drafted in 84, first won in 1991, 7 years. LeBron drafted in 03, first won in 2012, 9 years.
I'll take your word for it lol. I'm pretty sure you were part of the group of haters that said he wouldn't win one.
When Jordan was LeBrons age he had 2 mvps and no rings...
Mrcredibility: no matter how much player haters despise lebron he is still rich he is still lebron he still has 3 MVPs he still is a champ who has been to 3 NBA finals and ur still a player hater
lol would u rather have a bunch of retired pro ball players riding each others jock straps instead? Thats pretty much what u wud get if we said analysts can only be analysts if they played the game. U need perspectives from both the inside and outside.
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