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Chinese airport closed after fiery UFO is spotted flying over city

by Ten Vin • 186,392 views

A Chinese airport was closed after this mysterious object was spotted in the sky. Arcing over Zhejiang's provincial capital Hangzhou, the UFO appeared to glow with an eerie white light and left a...

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yea that MUSIC is crazy.. anyone knows the name of it?
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I have heard that they're testing a new kind of airplane, and that that's the reason they've closed the airport
they are comming.. in two years theyr'e going to show us the right way to live before we kill mother earth..We live in a magical time...
@TheTaylenaLover What alien did you ask to know that UFO does not leave trails?
its Brollys ship looking for Kakarot
Mark my words, one very much like this will appear in a place where it can be seen from Jerusalem very soon. I'm not a religious nut or anything like that. But I do know that this phenomenon will soon be seen in the mid East. No, not end of days or anything so silly as that. But wait and see.
it was just a gundam fight in space
@Galaxygamestorm Like I said send me your email and I will explain in detail enough that even a dimwit like yourself can understand why aliens cannot be visiting earth as you and so many others believe. Either send me your email or drop the subject. There isn't room here to explain it in as much detail as you would obviously need to understand it.
i dont want 2 believe it but its showing up in the news people i know said they have seen ufo in texas i wish someone can prove dat aliens are real!!!!!!!!!!!!
@Mustang1204 In this video, because this is just a military aircraft that was forced to deviate it's flight path, and that's why they shut down the airport until it was clear.
Cool. I wish it would come here. Welcome Star People. My home is your home. Make yourselves comfortable.
First and third pic is a helicopter, second one is a rocket.
Check out 2012 UFOs Connections and Revelations on you tube. This is a compilation of evidence revealed by former and present American presidents, astronauts, military personnel, politicians along with credible aired UFO footage. This compilation also contains planned revelations regarding knowledge of life beyond Earth along with it's current and ever ongoing presence which is being hidden from the public. This knowledge has been hidden from the public for over 50 years.
@ericm814 same thoughts mate, in the still shots where it has been a longer exposure you can see the beam coming from the ground! same with the spiral in Norway. now the question is, is this an american gov op or are many countries involved in this mass scam?
It's Jimmy neutron ship cross the border of china.
@shippo47 you guys need mental help. its most likely a comet or asteroid.
I can tell you what that is right now. If you science lovers have been paying attention, I think it's that new plasma fueled rocket they've been working on. Could be.
oh man im so sorry i feel so bad this was caused by myself and i feel so bad ---i had some indegestion and took a whole box of super fast turbo laxitive and well lets say push came B L A M O!!!!!! I PROMISE TO NEVER DO IT AGAIN
its a rocket! i mean come on....go look up the minotaur rocket launch and tell me its not the same thing! lol
@SkyIGR100 Meteors have been record by HF/VHF Radar systems, plus once it enters the atmoshpere and it is solid it has a reflection, like all things is. I mean even the F-117 Nighthawk shows up on Radar, small sig but still shows up.
Wow, North Korea really can build spaceships and rockets and send them over China...
Ufo are magical mysteries and do not come from earth. They are making symbollic gestures.
@52yanksrule REAL, i don't think the chinese airport would close over a fake UFO dumbass!
Where is the fucking chinese airforce when you need it?
It must be Gamera looking for the Gyaos birds lol. :)
A rocket high in the atmosphere. Nothing new.
@kinglrd we dont need an essay from you man its not hard to figure out what the possibilities are.
@terjoden1980 by the way happy christmas motherfucker and a fucking happy newyear!!!
It's a rocket flying over . The trail is the burning fuel . UFO's don't leave trails ... The rocket left on JUNE 30, 2010 or 2009 ..I forgot ..Just look it up (:
@klunk64 amend as in ufo trails some might some might not who's to know
these are 2 different photos of two different things. 1 is a satelitte capsule coming back to earth and the othe is the "WTF" ufo. not the same objects. One is explained the other is not.
@oscarhollywood if they can make ships like this doesnt it piss u off that the goverment would rather make things like this and keep em secret instead of helping its people? if anything u should be pissed if thats true!
@themarkhopkinsshow woops, put the Ws back together in the begining
@Orion13622 I have video of lightening that lasts for about 45 minutes that lighted up sky I would say a flash every three seconds,and it wasn't reflective lightening.It seems to be between two clouds.Strange part there was no thunder at all.It was very eerie.
@Murat123aydin456 dude its been filmed moving cant be photoshopped.It was even in the news...
You people that believe these things are actually alien craft have got your head up your ass.
May you tell me about the name of this song?
Chariots of Fire. The Olympians. I hear it is the Return of the ancient Greek Space prophesied. Spectacular display of geometric cosmic consciousness and power, warping earthly atmosphere space. Certainly makes the pleiadians and zeta look rather puny, doesn't it? Impressive.
@shippo47 yea its real life goku becoming super saiyan 3 and flying
@NathanVernon what what in the butt butt (Butters - South Park)
This is the way I see it, if advanced Aliens do exist, them I'm positive they know were here. There could be thousands or even millions of civilizations traversing the stars. I think they would have some sort of system set up to protect the primitive civilizations that can't yet defend themselves against the more advanced races. There might even be massive police ships stationed near our planet right now for all we know, keeping an eye on our corner of the galaxy until we can do the job.
well, it is a russian robot that is really really big, the bomb, not the explosion, and that is doing these wierd clouds and so on, it could be one of those. norway got one flying over for a few months ago when the robot was out of control. but I dont belive that russian bomb was this, this is something else. I guess were not alone...
@eevanromanoff Thousands? Do you know how many unidentified, unexplained, objects governments have documented? Thousands.
This is a rocket from the Russia. Probably the one that flew to the ISS as you can see in several Russian videos. But China has much censorship and so people do not know such things.
so many "alien sightings" but I see no aliens yet?
@terjoden1980 What the heck is all this about????? And do you eat with that mouth???? You are really showing your inmatureity with your comments. Are you sure you clicked on the right one to reply to? why are you so upset? I've done or said nothing to you.And who are you going to report me to and for what? Your not making any sense whatsoever.
@dock6024 dock you think that was a military aircraft? If you knew jack shit about air traffic control like I do you would know that they wouldn't shut down an airport because of a deviation. This thing wasn't a regular plane.
russian spy plains using that as a decoy
its calnus from star ocean 4......
@themarkhopkinsshow yes there is actually. ww its slow moving
@MrUr3rdEye your an idiot. its not real. do you have any idea how many of these get proven to be fake every year.....thousands. what proof is there that this is anything other than a comet, asteroid or space junk. use your brain and stop believing everything just because. wuestion the source
it wasnt a UFO, it was actually an anabolistic rocket flying over China. Although it may look like a UFO it wasnt thats why so many flights were delayed, they didnt want any casualties happening, such as the missile blowing up next to an airplane or some shit like that.
This is a large chunk of space debris ploughing its way though our atmosphere at an angle that's too shallow to allow it to strike the Earth. The point where you see the burst spreading out from it is the point where it skips off of the atmosphere.
As everybody knows by now, the second photo (and simialr video) is from a missile launch in Kazahkstan and the other photos are time-lapse pictures of ordinary airplanes.
@zoeyogurt911 why would they attack us? are you dumb?
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I hate how people hear the acronym UFO and quickly assume that are talking about aliens. FYI UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. Witch can be any thing Yes one of them including Aliens but also Missiles, Comet, Meteors, & etc. Coz That "Spaceship" looks too thin to actually travel millions of light years here. I think it was a missile.
Another vid SAME AS ALL THE OTHERS, DIFFERENT MUSIC. Trying to find some real info here
fake too blurry we got 1080 HD these days people come on now dumbass
Don't worry people its just a Mogel Ballon, Swamp Gas, or light reflected from Venus!
@TheTaylenaLover ufo trails think again? and as to a rocket over a city think even harder
it is of human origin vjerovatmo some part of rockets or satellites, this white is the same ufo in russia and it is a part of the rocket dropped, while the other part moved to the next level
So why wasn't it on the news? If it was a Ufo ? , Probably a meteor . Damn cool still
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I just loved the music of this video! Please tell me the name of the song and the artist! Thank you in advance!
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