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TFS DragonBall Z Abridged: Episode 20

by TeamFourStar • 3,815,263 views

Episode 20: Namekimania 2011 Cast: Takahata101 - Super Kami Guru, Dende Lanipator - Vegeta, Kuririn MasakoX - Gohan KaiserNeko - Burter, Commercial Announcer Little Kuriboh - Freeza Ganxingba -...

0:22 My reaction when feminists make death threats to men, especially when they do it for shits and giggles.
+MrMobiusfan Feminism might be defined as equality between genders, but how something is defined doesn't matter if that's not how it's practiced.
Oh god. No arguments about feminazism on TFS episodes. Keep that shit on BuzzFraudVideo.
I guess you could say Recoome is space gay...
+ShawnthenonBeliever I am not going to believe other people correct there typing over the internet.
+S.B.P Erubiel2 Vega Well he did, these kinds of people are referred to as "A Grammar Nazi."
Hey guys! Thanks for watching/subscribing! We have an ALL NEW WEBSITE for you to check out!
+Nikola Randjelovic its a special version of E1M1 from the doom games check the description its there
Was Recoome's music from Doom Guy, or is it just me?
yeah i think it was from the Phobos Anomaly
It's called "At Doom's Gate"
Vegeta = Rey Recoome = Batista 
+211Appolo You are damn right Brother!! Brother!!!  
is Recoome's music the music from DOOM?
Yeah! It's from DOOM. XD!
Not just any DOOM music. It's a DOOM remix, "Hangarmageddon" by EvilHorde, courtesy of OverClocked ReMix and their album project "Dark Side of Phobos"!! WOO!!
That Jeice voice actor is fucking amazing
+spiralpower1620 oh go to hell all of you! And if it means getting this damn thing over with then let's just do this already. Now hit MY music! funi GT theme plays OH TO F*CK WITH THIS! tries to blow up recoome SUCK IT JABRONI!
I do not doubt that Vegeta would be able to hide Krillin's body, but with Krillin I am sure he would show up at some point. Krillin is good at two things. Dying and being able to die again. That's why we love him.
So now I know how uneducated tropps see wrestling... Even if he's wrong Vegeta is still badass 😎
Also Ricoon could use a lesson or two from Dopph Ziggler so maybe he cwn actually sell XD
5:49 how di veegeta get goku's hair?
+Tyler Shewchuk that is a super saiyen goku right there
"Cuz the names Recoome, and it rhymes with doom anddddd you're gonna be hurtin" XD
What did Vegeta say at 2:56? did he say "SUCK IT YA..."
+JTAC Bluemansonic ow really intimidating shrugging your shoulders you know what you're just wasting my time I'm muting this post.
Hulk Hogan's theme song got fit perfectly.
I am a real American Fight for the rights of everyman I am a real American Fight for what's right, FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!
Might I suggest the dance of cheering you up? 11:26
To Daniel savala- jeice means cheese in Japanese. And to JATC- Vegeta called Recoome a brony -you're very welcome
This video has been out for over 3 years and I just got the "Vegeta's Theme Music" joke.
Lord guru: dende how does it feel to be the bronze medal ? Dende: like everyone i know and love is dead ! I lost it lmaooo
Wow, I didn't remember Gohan being taken down that badly. 9:31 Was all that blood always in this scene? With Gohan twitching his muscles unconsciously? 
Yep it was in it's original japanese version. I think it was censored/cleaned up when Funimation first translated it. No idea if they went back to the original footage later or have one version for TV and another for the DVDs nowadays
Vegeta's music is just... Grand?
I guess we shouldn't abuse what The fans love.
I still think vegeta should have killed recoome
Wow. I just got that raditz joke. Double Sunday
The guy's voice from that Spacey's commercial PERFECTLY fits it! xD
Wonder what planet Recoome is from
they would have came out and said pee 
10:15 Goku: Time to kick butt & eat muffins...& I'm all out of muffins!
Did Vegeta Just Call Recoom a Brony?
He said "jabrony", which is a term The Rock used often when talking smack to his opponents.
Took me forever to find out that Goku's music at the end is Hulk Hogan's theme. That's awesome.
This is the best episode if you're a wrestling fan.
It's funny how when Guldo died no one cared at all (just like Raditz)
When they did the "not it" game they sealed their fates XD
What was the song they used for the Spacey's commercial? I'm trying to remember where it came from and I can't seem to recall where it came from. Is it there in the description?
Achievement hunter videos I believe
this is my new favorite channel xD love you TeamFourStar 
So, it's been three years... What had happened with the flooding in Australia?
9:53,"I am a real Super Saiyan, fight for the rights of every man."
Did Freeza just wish to be immorta? XD
LMFAO at the GT part.
Wait...why can't Ginyu switch bodies with Freeza and become super powerful?
freeza knows about that attack, and Ginyu wouldn't have a chance to try it, Freeza would have destroyed him before the attack was even attempted. also, the Ginyu force, and freezas army is scared shitless of him.
It wouldn't matter because when he switched bodies with Goku, it wasn't the same power level. So it would make no sense to switch bodies with Freeza + he would've just dodge
RKO outta nowhere!! Surprised nobody did that with Recoome
Can somebody direct me to the nearest Spacey's?
+Just Bruce Are you gonna try the new Raddits.
I want raditz mullet sounds tasty
What did Jeice mean in the beginning ?
2:41 I JUST noticed they used the Dragonball GT theme song for Vegeta's theme song hahaha. Genius
I don't get the "Ja Brody" thing...
Jabroni is a wrestling term. Typically with less popular/known wrestlers are used to make their opponents look better. They get their asses kicked all the time and lose every match. So it was a very clever insult.   Sorry this is 3 Months late. Have a good day everyone. 
As soon as hogan's music hit I freaking lost it.
No he's a Recoome. I swear I'm not joking I looked it up that's his race
Lol hulk hogans theme song gokumaina is going wild lol
Brother! Brother! Brother! Goku has 24 inch pythons and he's running wild!!! What's ya gonna do?!!!!!
3:30 sounds like the ending credits from Rooster Teeth.
Hello Gohan, have you done your homework, cause if you don't Chichi will KIICK MY Ass
what's that song when goku appeares
And if you aren't down with TeamFourStar, WE GOT TWO WORDS FOR YA: SUCK IT!!!
Completely. Unnecessary.
Lol xxxx gold. Good light beer
How does it feel to be the bronze medal
Like every I know and love are dead...
Every party needs a pooper that's why they invited you. PARTY POOPER...PARTY POOPER 
Like a vegetable, yes.
tfs is awesome, but I feel like this joke needs to be said. freeza you kinda enjoying rubbing those giant balls there 4 something on
Recoome represent how dam stupid and cocky people in wwe are cause wwe wrestling is fake and really it mostly talking shit them slam them on a table and it over if this was real they would shit on
So... who's your fav Ginyu force member?
Try to guess MAAAAATE !
This voice fits reaccon
By far the best episode of dbz ever.
Goku= Hulk Hogan Gohan= Bret Hart Vegeta= Triple H Krillin= Ric Flair Racomme= Randy Savage Jeice= Jim Ross Burter= Jerry Lawler
XD oh boy I love Recoome he is amazing
So is recoome a saying too? Cuz he could pretty much do all the same stuff vegeta is doing
He's a Recoome that's his race, they're a bunch of super buff humanoid looking people and can be lots of colors
Oh there's the krillin owned counter
Woohoo Hulk Hogan music
Is it me or does raccoom sound lik the rock back in his day... Or may just be the third person talk eh.
I love how they barely had to exaggerate the Ginyu Force.
This, along with Krillin's girlfriend and 'fake Namek' really are (to me) the most cleverly created episodes. Absolutely genius writing throughout!
I want Jeice to voice all PSAs relating to Australia.
This is my favourite episode :)
That's funny because krill ins been owned 13 times because last time he was owned was number 12
Its all so clear to me now, Racoome is Doom guy!
I think there referencing wwe
3:34 Spaceys... Like Kevin Spacey?
Recoom's ass is showing
What was Goku's theme music when he made his entrance?
It was hulk hogan from wwf
I really want to like this, but I keep comparing it to yugioh abridged and think this sucks.
Yeah, I'm not thrilled with Yugioh Abridged's constant use of meta jokes. I prefer Hellsing Abridged, by Taka.
I love this beacuse it is more or less realistic and yugioh abridged isn't.
James Belt Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Check out this playlist on YouTube: Ll
Don't they make a big deal about not using the original music from DBZ? 'Cause 9:25 is definitely from the show. Or is it just for the Cell Saga?
They meant the US Bruce Faulconer soundtrack. If you hear closely, ever since the start of this season, they use Japanese DBZ and original Kai music more often than not. I recognize a lot of the songs from both soundtracks of Kai though :p
I bet Nappa could take him
+Austin Rattanavongsa Kami is. After all, Popo shows him a certain level of respect and helps Kami out.
I think he respects his stool more though
Hogan's Theme for Goku was perfect in every way imaginable. 
As a wrestling fan, I just got the joke at 3:13. Toke me 2 years to realize it.
looks like a suped up side show bob sounds like the rock.
Is the ginyu force theme from power rangers? BTW The ginyus are now known as the skittle squad!
A vibrater with recoomes head as the tip
This is becoming more and more awesome.
Vegeta: now hit MY music. Music plays Oh da f**k with this lol
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