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by MysteriousGamerz • 793,858 views

hahah this is funny but so cruel.. oh soo cruel =]

Probably the only media attention RuneScape has ever had.
they just got more attention with that guy that got swatted
To be fair, you bought gp, which is also against the rules
Obvious troll, wont be responding anymore
i know is late to say  but 1+ to u :) 
Well live and learn. He was young enough where that was probably his first experience with phishing.  Better that his Runescape account be hacked when he's 12 and not his debit card when he's 18.
dude it my country if you have 5k in the credit card you can pay a bit "more" if you accept for it to be discounted or that you MUST pay it later here its much worse cos with the debit card that doesnt happen also in my debit card i only carry 70 dollars to buy games the real shit is on my credit card
that's right goldkitsunebrony, your right on that one.
LOL The story should have ended: "then he got banned for real world trading.."
''timmy's so good at it they ask him for help'' omg i laughed so hard!
innit this happens so often lol
2:40 "Prosecuted two teens" (In juvie....Cellmate-What are you in for?....One of them- Theft of a few items on runescape.....) Thats how you get shanked boys and girls 
Ok im going to say it and say it good, if this was me in this position. My dad would believe it would of been my fault getting the money token away from Christmas. i would of got in trouble. Only reason my result would be different, and similar situation was different was because I have a dad in my family. im a male, which means he would be more hard on me. instead of a single mom with a only child that's a little 11 year old boy.
Seriously that. Kid has scurvy go out and play!
Im sorrry for Timmy, he wasted more than 140 dollars in a game. almost happens the same in steam.
So he was 11 not even the legal age to be playing runescape and also RWT? So he deserved it in a way for breaking rules but the fact that it was Christmas gifts is a little sad
+Captinprocat No, it was 13+ with or WITHOUT parents consent LOL pre quick chat it was always like that, after that it was -13 with quick chat. It was NEVER with parent's consent EVER.
This is nothing I got perm banned for botting for 1 hour gf 7 years
you can play 2 (even 4 if you have good connection and a good multi tasker) at once just by not logging in your accounts in the same world.
Well...He just admitted to real world trading...which is against the HA
das what happens wen u play runescape boi
Real world trading :P
It/s not pay to win when you're an 11 year old innocent kid.. Feel sad for this kid, there a lot of assholes out there, little did they know that they really really hurt this kid. Heartless assholes..
Deserved it for breaking the rules and even admitting it on the news imo
I don't think people running around saying "Can I have 100k?" is asking him for help...
That kids is why you don't real world trade. He kind of deserved it for cheating.
They aren't imaginary:c
should of listened to the age restriction.
we moved on in life..
I've watched this several times, and fail to understand exactly how he was "real world trading." Nothing directly, or indirectly, stated leads me to believe he was doing anything of the such. You can actually buy equipment and levels via RuneScape's site (keys/spins for treasure hunter/squeal of fortune). By no means is $140 a stretch - gold premier membership alone is about $80.00 and comes out around Christmas. The reporter mentions the illegal sites, but there's nothing mentioned about him using those sites - the fact the reporter mentioned the sites is more likely a case of him doing research and learning of the sites.
+DuckyPuppyMC  Thank you for pointing that out, as I didn't realize this was broadcast that long ago. That said, there's still nothing conclusive, from what I can tell, that would suggest the lad was involved with "real world trading."
+Douglas Wilson Okay i suppose someone has already tried to explain this to you the first available in game items sold officially for real world money are from the squeal of fortune a feature added in 2012 all ingame items aquired from real currency before this date are in violation of the real world trading rule And his mother said he spent 140 dollars for sword n such
I started a Runescape file in 2001 and on the first day after maybe 4 hours I got 10 mil, my secret?Selling amulets of strength.
just a hunch, but i think white legions is a white supremacist organization.
shit serious is happening in the world and the news is covering this??? 
Lol there should be a special team to kill hackers.
clearly stated in runescape rules that buying gp with real money is an instant ban and with the kid clearly stating he did it jagex shouldn't do shit about it dumb ass kid got lured for his bank whats new? happens every damn day be smarter than the scammer its fine that young kids play RS but this bothers me that people bitch about them getting abused and lured or what ever its the fucking internet there are malicious people on the internet have a little common sense 
To bad spending 140$ for items is against the rules of conduct and he should have been banned instead of hacked... lmfao 
LOL "Every shark is worth a thousand coins." Check my channel for 5B+ Wildy Lure vids in 2007 ;)
What they revealed without understanding it is that this boy did something illegal which lead him to such consequences. He spent $140 of Xmas money to fund gold farmers.  I wonder if his relatives ever figured that out......
this kid is a fucking nerd and retard even when they interview him hes playing "MUST REBUILD MY BANK"43ESDRER
buying gp is against the rules lol
its not hacking if your a dumb fuck
That kid is doing RWT Banned.
1. he was only 11 and you should of been actually 18 back then. 2. He bought money online 3. haha 4. "timmy's so good at it they ask him for help" ahahahahahahahaahaha 
real world trading faggot
report timmy for RWT
not even old enough to play lol
the kid should of been permo banned for real world trading anyways haha 140 dollar to buy items on other sites.. fuck him been hacked hahahahhaha little brat.
his account should be banned for real life trading the fucking dumbass
Timmy is a dumbass lol.
lol. i can't believe this made the news. Yeah it sucks kid but if you are so good you should've known not to go to that site.
and boom, it took only a few minutes to get from this to "its just like kiddy fiddling". Bottom line, you don't need to pass an IQ test to be on the internet but you wouldn't catch me wondering around the Bronx late at night in my Halloween ghost outfit. It helps if you research the dangers before diving into something
attorney general lmao
whats funny is the same thing happend to me but...! i lost over 200mil... and i got that by smithing cannonballs! that kid spent money... the fuck he complaining about! it wasnt even his money he spent...!
Lul Such Real world trader In 2009 that was not even allowed  (now it is by bonds)  GET YOUR KEYBOARD ENCRYPTED TODAY -THEY CAN'T BREAK IT.
i guess u couldnt call it 'hacking' but its still STEALING, which is equally as bad. i hope someome murders the thief irl personally, but that kid WAS pretty stupid to fall for that shit nonetheless...
  lol i just used this and this works for sure. it says its a virus but its not. just try or just dont. ur choice.. cya 
Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Morons
wow LOLOL. is this fake or what. .. -_- like yes it's sad, but really. on the damn news. LOL
Sad but easily preventable with a dose of common sense
lol ok lets get real here... have to be 13 to play runescape 2.its (was) against game rules to buy money from real world traders 3. its a game for gods sake... why the hell is that in the news??!! oooh an 11 year old lost his full fune, who gives a sh!t??
W.T.F :D HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHQAHHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHJHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHH§§§§§§§§§§§§!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lmfao, okai im done. X[)
As if the grandmother actually tells live television that he RWTed hahahahahahahahaha
Best. Profile picture. EVER!
Immocemt piece of shit, crappy noob
Rofl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is 100% fake and how the hell he even got the site
60$ to play? maby members
itd be funny if Jagex saw this and banned him for RWT
.......runescape sucks.......
Bad parents= spoiled brat... Why the fu would you let your kid spend 140 dollars on a game ???
Atleast he learned not to spend so much money on a virtual game.
lolololololollololllolol holy hell runescape?!   omg
So when they pump in massive amounts of money and they lost it due to stupidity they turn to the media? 
RWT, got what he deserved.
Jagex is like " Nigga we made it!"
damn kid, your stupid for giving away your password. Darwin Award!
It was a phishing site. Boo fucking hoo. 1) He's too young to play 2) He bought in-game items with real life money. Boo fucking fucking hoo. Grow up, Timmy. You're 11 years old. You're a little shit and your family are dumbshits. That hacker is fucking awesome. Stupid fucking people.
He's not too young to play, he's only too young for free-chat.
It takes more then just hours lol talk about days to wks for a lvl up.
LMFAO I saw this LIVE back then.
I gonna report this app!!!!!
My GOD his name is Timmy! HIS NAME IS TIMMY! NOT POOR LITTLE TIMMY! WHY! WHY OH WHY WOULD SOMEONE DO SUCH A THING! Sorry about making light of a bad situation. It is terrible what they did.
i just got banned and lost everything so i know how he feels. difference is, getting banned was my fault, this kid did nothing wrong. sucks
this is kinda funny that it went this far
yes this kid cheating buy goold
ohhh my gaaard, these people are so stupid... just because they got hacked (probably just because he gave some informations out) they end up on tv..
real world trading.... nice you got hacked, idiot
lol real world trading, he would of got banned anyway LOL GG
Wow and to think i was searching for private servers i was so close to doing exactly what he just did :P would have sucked. That was actually like a month ago but still i have put alot of time into that game.
It takes more then just hours lol talk about days to wks for a lvl up.
YOLO = You Obviously Lack Originality
Talk about it. I agree with you completely.
little shit got what he deserved
reported for real world trading
"so good at it........"
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