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How a Hard Drive works in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

by The Slow Mo Guys • 6,331,781 views

Here is a previously unreleased video which was shot almost 2 years ago for our original trailer. Inside a hard drive. Plus a bit of unnecessary destruction. Shot at 1000fps

I admit... I think I died a little on the inside after seeing that perfectly made hard drive go through the "water-proof" test.
I think I died a little seeing the caption saying that all hard drives are "waterproof".
Merely opening the hard drive and exposing it to dust ruined it already. The water was merely a mercy killing.
So, a factoid for anyone one's that's into that kind of thing. Electronics are water proof. It's the minerals and other impurities in the water that allow it to conduct current. H2O won't.
+50flamingbottles old hard drives used motors on the actual heads, but how they just use neodymium magnets to move the heads
+qwertyerthanyou Talking about the device that produces the rotory movement for the read arm. Not clear as to what you're referring to.
I say its not 500 GB! at all if you pause before he takes the cover off its a Quantum drive! that brand got bought out by Maxtor in 2001 and by then 120 GB were the very top of the line for large busniesses back then! even 80 GB was very very large! 40 GB was large and 20/30 GB was average also I've never seen a 500GB HDD use IDE connectors...
+canadianman000 How do you know that HDD is an 80GB drive? you can't see the model or anything you can tell its a quantum drive and you can barely see "Quantum" but nothing else any smaller
+canadianman000 According to the label it is a 30GB drive. (QTLA LM30A011-01-A)
Don't believe the people that say HDDs aren't waterproof, it actually makes them read/write faster. The people that say otherwise want to keep the speedy goodness for themselves.
Guys, I put my HDD in the sand at a beach and I found it helped the platter spin faster. I recommend you people to do so, you'll almost have double the read and write speeds. I found running it on a SATA 1 port worked best!
you wont believe this! Once I dipped my HDD into the toilet bowl my HDD now can function without any cables!
Techncially it didn't move "back and forth" 22 times what happened was it Moved 22 Times it moved "back and forth" 11 Times, because 22 / 2 =11 that aside This is still highly impressive, i have pulled a lot of these apart by the way THE PLATTERS ARE WATER PROOF,   I pull them out and use them as coffee cup coasters it saves me from getting ring marks in wooden coffee table but it never seems to stop amazing me that the magnetic can be controlled so finely to produce this result
They also have higher intelligence than human beings... mainly because they would not try proving that humans are water proof by holding a human under water. Worst slo-mo guys video ever.
To whoever says hard drives are in h2o proof is wrong. The water increases friction, casing the drives to slow down, rendering them unreadable to the heads.
+The Slow Mo Guys that hdd is NOT a 500gb hdd. it's probebly a 2-10gb hdd from the 90's
Makes me want to switch to SSD for some reason :D
Nice perspective on that! haha waterproof. ROTFL IF you guys need data recovery for that drive give us a call, although I doubt that will help our successful ratio. lol
That was only 11 times, not 22. Or am i missing something??
I think a HDD is waterproof if the cover is on not off and it also hit the adapter and the power cables so it will really die.
U could get an old CRT monitor and break that in slow motion
start the video at 0:44 and it seems like any ordinary drive running IE
Not all hard drives are waterproof it will affect its moving componentes
you cant tell their sarcasm....
I should have finished watching the video before pouring water on my hard drive...
Only the circuit board isn't waterproof.
it actually is it just needs drying out and its fine again well usually water on it while on does a short circuit and screws up the IC's on the board otherwise its not damaged at all
actually the case is waterproof as long as there are no parts inside.
Hard drives are only waterproofed when the case is closed ...
still not water proof....
Hard drives are water proof if u don't take the casing off
Thank u for doing that. I wish u could do more computer shit. But the hard drive is the only thing u should do.
So THAT is the weird sound old PCs do!!!! :O
+soundslave RAM Disks are relatively cheap, it just at they're volatile, and all the information would be deleted after the computer is powered off.
+soundslave RAM disks are also free if you want, just make sure you have enough spare RAM in your PC and get one of the programs on this handy dandy list:
I'm too high to watch this stuff Kappa
not 500gb. thats a quantum fireball they stopped at 80gb. and thats IDE.
i atil got a 10 gig inside my pentium 1 pc
Now that's what I call liquid cooling!
Jman Judkins Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
I first thought my eys had fooled me, but your description is unprecise: It doesn't move forth and back 22times, but it moves forth and back 11times. That's 11times forth and 11times back. (No, I didn't count it precisely in real speed, but made a rough estimation of about 10..)
That depends on your deffinition of water proof. The discs containing the information is water proof.
If you don't watch this video to the end, you might be under the false impression that hard drives really are waterproof!
Hard Drives are not water proof! >:(
I think it's only waterproof if you don't open it. We had been affected by flash flood last 2011 and our external hard drive was completely submerged. I just cleaned the hard drive's board with clean running water without opening the cover where the spinning discs are. I just let it dry and the drive works perfectly.
But will it blend?
Why not try this with a 15,000 RPM server HDD (I can supply this)
do a fire proof test  
that 25x move reminded me of Dragon ball :DD
if you use google chrome you can slow down the video to 0.25 and see it move a little better
A quantum hard drive especially using an ide map to transfer data cannot be 500gb.
1,570 people poured water on their hard drive.
Amr Mohamed Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
How a Hard Drive works in Slow Motion - The Slow …:
Fuck u smart water ad it is just normal water
I clean bad sectors with water too, and i don't need to be concerned for getting them again.
Try the SSD Harddisk
Benjamin Humphrey Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
If you've never seen a hard drive in action you should watch this!
Brent Thomas Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
How a Hard Drive works in Slow Motion - The Slow …:
This is certainly not 500Go hard drive lol I used to mess with those drives in 2001, that was 10 or 15Gb or something... They were quick at this time, but Amperes hungry and noisy as hell
it was a 40 gb hdd it says on the cover :)
now i see what happens with my harddrive... or not with the harddrive of my own laptop, cause it broke for the second time 3months after the new one got installed...
+Billy O'Reilly Nooo, there must be something wrong with the water! P.S.Lol, man you didn't read all of the comments, this is only sarcasm :D
+h4ck573r I did figure that it was sarcasm. I just decided to respond with an answer to that anyways.
The Machine God won't be pleased by this
I'm curious as to how many people tried the water thing.
a bad sector hard drive
Solid state drives dont have any moving parts.. What would be the point?
Do read/write operation instead????
Why did the handless man cross the rode? To get to the second hand shop!
I did recently try to reuse the head as a galvo but learned that the position of the head is based on feedback read from the plates. However even when using quite sensitive analog controls it was impossible to stabilize the head at all (without the plates at a unknown but stable location). It would act as a bistable switch. So my questions is this, is the data that the harddrive in this video tries to read located in between the extreme position of that small moment back and forth or is it located  at the extremes where the head is stable for a fraction of a second. Not knowing the answer I guess the most likely from what I know A LOT of redundant data is read along this centimeter wide track and then the actual information is sorted of by firmware, is that the case?
Poor hard drive... What has it done wrong to you?
why would i want to watch a video about hard drives why why just........WHY!
What the fock did i just see xD
I wonder how many people are going to pour water on their hard drives before completing the video
Obviously hard drives aren't waterproof when you open them
Damit i poured water on mine now it doesn't work
What the hell youtube is taking a 4 bit shit.  Everything is 144!!!  :-/
Pour water on an elephant ear leaf it looks super cool
My class got to watch this in school today :)
quickly after  0:20 i do believe is writing 
he guys try water spiting
I think that Hard Drives are waterproof but not the boards with it!
what RPM HDD was that?
+realgroovy24 tech that looked older than 2001, the dont make cases like that anymore. it's definitely 500
+illusion466 5400 RPM hard drives aren't necessarily any slower than 7200s but okay.
Water...Proof...WOW It's amazing! I will give you a like!
Obviously if you expose the innards from its protective case what do yo expect?!
ну и зачем это было делать? ничего особенного нет.просто  стадо издиваеться над хардом(
Ouch that last part hurt
I put my harddrive in Mercury, and it actually works..  you guys should try it!!  (NO FUCKING LIE)
Idk..  i bought it off Ebay..
+Plank Hill Already have one setup... Dont worry XD
he isn't mad to destroy a working hard  disk and that 500gb
For some reason I have a newfound respect for my hard drive o.o
The water erases the track on the disk and ruins the electronic circuit. That is why the head moved up.
Water doesn't alter magnetic fields.
+Keith Jackson The circuit thing was not wrong tho.
The writing speed depends and on the memory type like DDR3 or this is only for RAM?
ok ok  dont shout! We arent all pc genious you know
+XgamerGR DDR3 is type of random access memory, which has nothing to do with the writing speed of hard drive.
It looks a little bit dead :(
What is the RPM on that?
Dude you fucked my hard drive!!! Without watching the entire video, I dropped water and it is not working now! Pay it!!
+SomcallmejameS anything to accelerate natural selection is worth my tax coins
+eXPerience94 Yeah, the water washed microscopic pieces of dust, who knows... it could work :D
+h4ck573r I didn't think of that. The water also provides better cooling. We should try it on the CPU, too. I'm sure it's gonna work better afterwards.
I'm not usually the guy to make these kind of complaints, but wasn't throwing water over an opened electrical device stupid and dangerous? What if some teenage kid sees this and for whatever reason tries to recreate this experiment or do something similar? Again I don't want to be that guy, but this jumped out at me.
SSD drives are great and all but are still extremely expensive. A 500GB SSD will run you at about 300 dollars and up. For that amount, I can get about 4-5 HDDs with 1 Terrabyte capacity each which I can configure for RAID and have backups if needed. (please don't respond to me that you have some better deal in price, I don't give a rats ass).
not anymore they are getting cheaper by the day and month! i bought a hybrid drive 6 months ago well once the price comes down more ill buy a full SSD but thats when i need one well i only got a old computer 8 years old so ill get a 40 gb SSD which was about $50 it does have SATA support! so no problem
Congratulations. You made it onto the front page of /r/techsupportgore
Nabil Kazi Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
500 GB under water??? 500 GB HDD ki kimat tum kya jano #slomotion  babu... Jinke pas itne sare movies, games, sws hote hai unso pucho iski kimat
hahaha.. ekdum sahi :D
1 SPECK OF DUST is enough to wreck a hard drive, most hard drives after opening the case and exposing them to the normal air will die within 60 minutes.
fuck 500 gb hard drive? next time use something like 80 gb.
im using a 40 GB drive as my main drive :)
That is not the right way to clean a hard drive.
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