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Youtube's most deleted video reuploaded!

by AMERSIDD • 1,357,577 views

9/11 squibs laced all around the twin towers? is this the work of bush laden?

Just fuck off with your crazy conspiracy theories, please, it's not helping relations and friends to victims of 911 its just making them feel worse.
Actually a survey was done by the family members of the 911 victims and about 70% of them believe it was an inside job.  See when someone you love is murdered, you want answers and ask questions.  People don't believe the bullshit that's fed to them because it just doesn't add up.  I take an unbiased stance on the topic, because I just don't know for sure.  But the conspiracy theories do actually make a lot more since then what the main stream media is telling us. 
The 9/11 families want a new investigation more then anybody .. The government is the one fucking them over
Only idiots (or NWO brain slaves of the elites!) would have you believe this wasn't a Zionist/Izrahell demolition masked as a "terrorist attack". The funniest thing is that the MSM wants us to believe the "terrorists" used box cutters to overpower cabin crews etc. That story always made me laugh!
What's funny is why do these people that believe this was a "terrorist attack" so eager to relieve what the government says , and when a theory contrary to what the govt says pops up , these same sheep get so angry and resort immediately to name calling and belittling the conspiracy "theorist". What are they so afraid of ? Better yet, who are they working for ? My belief is that some , not all are actually planted and paid by the CIA or other government factions to discredit and defame anyone who questions the white houses "official statement" on what happened to the towers. Anyone with working eyeballs and common sense can clearly see that what happened to the towers was a PLANNED DEMOLITION. Buildings that catch fire DO NOT fall that fast after only burning for a few hours. NOR do they cave in on themselves , and building 7? It was BARELY ON FIRE ... Not enough to warrant a collapse , an yet it fell in on itself just the same as the others , yet NO ONE CAN EXPLAIN THAT. It DOESNT take an engineering degree to see the truth in broad fucking daylight people. 9/11 was a clear pretext for the ILLEGAL INVASION OF IRAQ. And Osama bin laden ? Puhleese .. Where's the body at ? There has been NO PROOF whatsoever he was killed . I mean if you came home one day and the paramedics where there and they said :" he kid your ( mom/dad/brother.....) died , wouldn't you ask to see the body? And if you were denied that right , would you believe that they were dead ? No you likely wouldn't , unless you were just a total brain dead fucktard , like every 9/11 denier on YouTube right now . Shit , do these people deny that the holocaust ever even happened ? Why not right ? Let's just believe everything te government tells us to , because they've never ever ever led to us before have they ? They are totally honest 100% percent right ? And George bush and dick Cheney , there the most truthfull , honest people in the whole USA right ? Why not ? Why would they lie to the American public in order to gain entry to a country that has lots and lots of oil and a acres of poppy fields ... Do you know that afghanistans opium production has actually increased since the US led illegal occupation ? Yeah that couldn't just be a huge coincidence now could it ? Geeez ya fucking SHEEP !
Kill yourself you piece of shit
guya dont be mad at him he who not created this video
Love the ending... Not convinced?  Then go fuck yourself!  Awesome
you sell your freedom for the fake security... pay the prise now at your corrupt goverment... the will make your life a living hell... if you still want to keep tour eyes close..... react now... life is sweet and it a shame to wasted like that... react ppl... dont let them to destroy everything.... live and let others to live too..... wake up from your  hypnotic worlp that they want you to live..... dont be their slaves any more.... its your choice.....
No ones even attempted to explain away the fact that NORAD was unable to scramble a single fighter jet to intercept the planes , how the "terrorists" could take down an armed sky Marshall with box cutters snuck thru X-ray body scanners/metal detectors , OR that there were "planned excercises" going on at that SAME EXACT MOMENT that the towers were brought down . Wow so mysterious , all these coinincedences huh ?
In think that there was bombs involved because the steal frame would of just been left ye the floors would of gone but the steal frame no mabey just the top of it but there would of been some of the bulding left
There's no possible way for fires to cut every core column for a uniform collapse to occur, physically impossible. Plus jet fuel isn't even close to hot enough to melt or weaken steel, even if it did (hypothetically) then the building would have came down unevenly, not perfect and uniform. Building 7 is the real obvious one though, it literally disappears right before you in ine of the most beautiful demolition jobs I've ever seen
+David Digi we are talking about a steal frame building with more than 70 stories
I Don't get why people get soo cought up in those theories, like how will bitching online bring back the nearly 3000 victoms of the event
So were just supposed to let them get away with killing 3000 people? There's no statue to limitation on murder .. You could investigate a murder from 50 years ago. This event caused the deaths of thousands of American soldiers and millions of middle easterns who had nothing to do with it, that's why people are pissed. No one is getting "caught up in a theory". How is this a theory? It's video proof ..
These conspiracy theories are so flawed and desperate.
+gusdahlehhater america is going down because of these stupid uneducated cunts who don`t want to believe or atleast do some research too many sheeples
all gobbily gook. It is you who needs to get an education
My response to everything in this video was "because, science!"
That the first thing I thought when I saw the buildings come down.  It was too perfect.  And how did such a huge structure that got hit so high up collapse like that?  Nearly 3/4 of the weight of the building were below the points of impact.  I understand that an aircraft is heavy but they're not THAT heavy!!!  And to fall so perfectly straight down, somethin' fishy goin' on here!!!?
Floors collapsing on top of each other does the same thing!!! Why is everyone thinking there are bombs planted in the buildings? Are people that stupid to belief that kind of crap or are they the terrorists trying to spread more lies? Figure it out people,if you believe this then your are the fool!!!
Umm, as the compressed air of the falling floors blows out windows, you conspiracy people see explosions. Fine.
+josh schnaithman Dude, I hate religious folk and brainless sheep as much as the next guy, but you are just an pafetic idiot man...
+josh schnaithman as aire is compressed from the building falling, it shoots out crating a cloud of debris. Magic huh?
Yup, Youtube's most deleted video. So deleted, it's only been here since 2008. Idiots.
Always funny to hear the 9/11 truth sheep calling other people names. Their the sheep, they just refuse to believe it. Used by snake oil salesman and liers trying to make a name for themselves. Like the liers of Loose Change, they have been debunked so much it's painful to watch people still supporting them.
Or....... It is because of the sheer downforce pressure being extracted from the falling top floors.
9/11 IS THE BIGGEST lie ever ! just a excuse of starting NEW WORLD ORDER! Muslim are the main victim!
Jewish/Muslims/Zionists/Satanists/Illuminati/Government,etc... you get the picture..glad you know this was a false flag though! we need to wake from this matrix all of us!
Hahahaha, muslims are the main victims??? You mean the extremist shariah law enforcing pieces of crap that treat their women and children like tools, and would kill any who don't adopt their doctrine? You are naive.
it's spec's not Specks.... What you don't see is the amount of downward pressure caused by the imploding building falling in on itself, pushing air, debris, dust downward with such force that it will easily blow out windows, brick etc... no squibs... sorry to burst your inaccurate bubble.
You obviously know nothing about basic physics ... There's no possible way for office fires to cut every single column simultaneously for a uniform collapse to occur.. If you believe that you're just dumb. But you still do since your government said so, god forbid the US could ever do something evil! When they've been slaughtering people in the Middle East for the last 13 years over nothing but money, America are the real terrorist.
How many people here have degrees in Physics? or Engineering? or is an experienced demolitionist? And yet everyone with no experience in either of these, is going to ignore the conclusion of Physicist, Engineers and Demolitionist alike that 9/11, and WTC 7 especially, was a controlled demolition. And what is even more stupid is you believe these experts are discredited because the government, who is accused of doing it says that these experts are discredited. Wow how stupid.       This guy and his entire organization and constituents disagree with what you just said...and as an engineer I disagree with what you said. Read that article and verify its sources. Of course...unless you have a high level of education you won't understand any of it. There were no damn explosives other than the planes themselves.
So what im getting from the theories is that the building itself has more to think about than the 3,000+ deaths!?
That is so fucked up no planes hit the twin Towers
omg yes they did watch videos smart ass
+kiu fazlali Cox  what hit the towers if it wasn't planes? Missiles like at the conspiracies believe.
my uncle and pops did lots of demolition projects around Cincinnati, Oh and after the towers fell my Uncle was one of the 1st responders called up to NYC/Manhattan... he told me he and his crew could still hear explosive going off, thats why they constantly had to evacuate the site...... think about it... just body parts or fragments of bodies were found.. NOT FULL BODIES... thats the work of very potent explosives... no doubt this was an inside job, WAKE UP!!!
At least someone here has a fucking clue ... I've watched several YouTube videos where countless firemen with lots of experience even claim that this WAS NOT the result of a fire . FFS ... Why are people so willing to believe whatever the government tells them WITHOUT QUESTION ? I mean are they scared there gonna come get em if they disagree or something ? Haha fucking cowards . They don't deserve call themselves AMERICANS ... Fucking traitors !
It could be the pressure of the collapse or JUST THE SMOKE THAT WAS ALREADY ON THOSE FLOORS or the smoke that was rushing downward from the collapse bursting out the windows.
Jesus Christ people are dumb. There may be many reasons those squibs are there, stop hopping to conclusions to quickly, and stop ranting its the the gov., you uncivilized pigs!
Nice way to end your video, despite your spelling error, unless you were actually telling us all to get glasses, I think you meant to say specs, "get some specs".
too low quality to prove anything
I don't need to be a doctor to know when a person is crazy on the street. And I don't need to be an engineer or a demolition expert to know those buildings were blown out from the inside. If you want to continue to be Pollyanna, then be Pollyanna.
It's called the pentag(ram)on. OPPOSE it or get USED to it.
This really isn't as interesting as all the screaming people on this thread want it to be. Hell, I'm pretty sure the U.S. gov't. had something to do with the incident, but finding videos with bursts of air shooting from windows below 50 stories of pancaking steel and concrete... you just proved that there is a pressure increase inside of a building when materials are forced by gravity downwards and that that pressure must be released somehow. Again, I'm no 'denier'... but this is specious reasoning.
Alan Baca Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
This is an extremely convoluted explanation, it is beginning to really stretch this pancaking airy theory. But let's run with it, lets look at the physics. Theory of least resistance would state Compressed air would escape between pancaking floors out the four sides of the building, not through air & elevator shafts. Each level has shaft steel doors. To believe compressed air would go down the lift shaft,blow out shaft doors below.Travel 75 feet across the room & blow out a window is pushing it.
inside job or not, no-one ever stopped to think if say maybe terrorist had planted bombs? or suicide bombers in the buildings? i dont know but there should of been tests anyway, they had the theory down pat then spent how long coming up with the science to prove the official story? i do see how the towers could collapes (the sheer size) but i wouldnt of thought the whole bloody thing and massive parts of the building in tact that fell off? and yea 'twoofers lie' is a troller hes everywhere
No one here is insane. Listen girl, 9/11 was an inside job. Get that through your head. There are many reasons why this is true. There are photographs proving the CIA and FBI placed plane parts near the WTC to make it seem like a real crash. On top of that WTC tower 7 fell for no reason. Countless whistleblowers have spoken on this subject and are quickly hushed by the mass media and the government. Some experts have noted that when talking about 9/11, they could tell officials were lying.
I am very reassured to have a civil engineer like yourself with expertise in building demolition give your expert opinion. I would not call thousands of architects, engineers, scientists, demolition experts, and Doctors stupid, the fact you have, indicates your level of education. You are very clearly out of your depth here. Run along now, back to your latest video game, but please come back when you have something intelligent to add.
Move on droid, you only know what your programmed too, how very appropriate. Why don't you go and watch Star Wars or American Idol. Come back when you have something to add, your comment shows you have no idea, what your talking about it. The hole was seventy five feet? You got me there, Good One! impressed you can spell truther though.....
What,do powerful corporate interests & corrupt politicians in Government,gain from 9/11?War,supplying arms through the Industrial Military Complex,supreme military dominance world wide,total control of the worlds oil reserves & trading currency,lucrative infrastructure & building contracts,insurance payouts,pharmaceuticals,surgical supplies,massive Government debt,control of citizens under false pretences & the complete enslavement of citizens worldwide? What do Truthers gain,freedom & liberty?
Ok let's look at your logic after the plane performs the 270' top gun turn descending thousands of feet at hundreds of miles an hour strikes five lamp posts, knocking them over with out sharing wings or puncturing the fuel tanks,continues inches above the lawn,& strikes the pentagon exactly where the navy intelligence team is investigating the missing 1.7 trillion $ enters the pentagon making a hole smaller than the plane,takes out over 100 columns & over 8 feet of steel reinforced concrete..OK?
We were also pretty nutty when we warned everyone that the government was spying on all us, more then you'd expect. But then the NSA leaks came along and suddenly we weren't so 'nutty' after all. Same goes for 9/11. We aren't the 'strangers to reality' here. It's everyone else.
Motive is everything and if this was a real tragedy then who did it benefit? Certainly not the accused! Research the petro dollar and you will find all your motivation for the military industrial complex ( nwo ) it was all to protect the corrupt American economy
What do people seeking the truth gain from 9/11.Truth, peace, freedom, liberty.... What do Corporates & corrupt Politicians gain? An endless war or Terrorism that strips everybody's rights to privacy & conditions them to Fear & control, which protects the perpetrators of the very act they created, endless lucrative wars on Arab nations that kill hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, total control of resources worldwide through theft & terror. Conspiracy? Who is the kook Twoofers Lies,YOU
Hipster. Just too hipster it's hurting my eyes!!!! UUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHH He wasn't hinting that middle easterners are too dumb to learn how to operate a jet liner. I do believe if there were only 19 terrorists spread over the 4 planes, I'm pretty sure that people would've fought back. He even said that Emirates is a great Air Line and they employ middle eastern pilots. That's not racist.
Rodney everything you have said is correct. Dr Graham McQueen assessed the New Yorks Fire Departments records from that day, over 10,000 pages of eye witness material. Over 100 firefighters reported hearing and feeling explosions. Truth seeker 9/11 operation gladio (youtube) RT Television Network
Personally, I like the last line the best. " ...go f... yourself" Good job pointing this out. Have you ever noticed that no debunkers have ever tries to explain this? hmmm...
HARD QUESTIONS FOR 911 TWOOFERS If a missile hit the Pentagon, please explain the 5 knocked over light poles? If a missile hit the Pentagon, please explain 130+ witnesses who saw the plane? Why would the almighty gov’t resort to using a missile to hit the Pentagon and taking unprecedented risks to stage a plane impact instead of just using a plane to begin with? 911 WAS AN OUTSIDE JOB
yea ive seen so many reports but ive been told thats usual in a building fire and ive seen explosions when a cars on fire so theres an argument for it and i hate choosing sides but your other point in one of the best so far, so many people going on bout how buildingd fell and planes and so on but what about the van full of explosives and the so called (i dont know) mossad agents, i havnt seen 911 debunkers bring up a good solid argument for that and the van with the unusual picture on it!
I've seen similar videos that weren't deleted. Maybe the producer telling the viewer to fuck off in the closing titles had something to do with it.
Terrorists did plant bombs.The terrorists were Mossad agents.Mossad agents with explosives were apprehended by police that morning.Another group were arrested after filming the first plane, Explosion from a nearby park.It was reported by witnesses,the Israeli agents were celebrating the destruction of the twin towers.The van contained no explosives, but was full of explosive residue.Huge explosions were reported in both tower basements,these were set to disable fire water systems & disable lifts
There is no evidence backing up your deluded filthy bullshit. Zero. You have no engineering papers. No documents. No mathematical refutations of NIST's empirically agreed upon reports. Just the distorted facts and outright lies you pull off of 911 Kook sites in accordance with your confirmation bias after you cherry pick anomalies that have been explained and debunked for over a decade. Anyone with any ability to objectively research can spot your bullshit from a mile away.
AND THE DAY THAT PUSHED FULL STEAM AHEAD ???? TAKE YOUR TIME In every aspect of your life ask yourself who has the motive primarily in today's world the MONETARY MOTIVE !!! GB the victims families for they're loved ones were executed to pave the road for a few.
JUST CURIOUS ANYBODY STILL ASLEEP OR IS IT DENIAL? Feel Safer? Feel we're still a Democracy :definition MAJORITY of citizens establish laws , elect officials etc.etc ? Simple questions to ask yourself if you feel the laws Primarily THE BILL OF RIGHTS are skewed or just blatantly altered or ignored if you feel that our "Politicians"&i use that word loosely are put in power through millions given by the few . YOUR ALARM CLOCK WENT OFF... WE'RE LIVING IN NOT A DEMOCRACY ANYMORE BUT IMPERIALISM
These people are poor idiots, they dont have a clue
Gas lines blew due to the Collapse stupid bitch
Are you familiar with the phenomenon known in psychology as Cognitive Dissonance? I am not making fun of you, I am serious, this is a very heavy topic. It took me a bit of time to come around to realizing I was not being told the truth. You will understand, someday, I am sure. You do care, and you will someday realize the truth as many around the planet have, at various times, over the course of the last 12 years
'...PRIMARY sources'? You clearly have no idea what a primary source is, because if you did, you would have known what fire fighters, have been saying all along. It is very clear where you get your information from. Your, Corporate media and Government, do you have any idea of what independent research is? Of course not. They are Conspiracy Theories. How can you intelligently Question anything if you haven't read it?
Oh dear someone cant handle the truth, get over it, I know its hard to accept the fact that your Gov. is responsible for Murder, but deal with it, like the rest of us have too.
Uhm.. no it doesn't have you even looked into both sides? Obviously you haven't because any educated critical thinker would know this is an inside job. You really think they didn't think of a scenario of a 747 ramming the world trade center? Of course they did! They think of everything!! I don't have time to talk to close minded people who don't want to hear the truth though. Just go along what fox and Cnn tell you okay.. Don't have a mind of your own.
Thank you for your child like, take on politics, I am amused by your simple understanding & lack of insight in general, on the most contentious issue to face humanity. You should get a political commentators roll with FOX news. I challenge you to answer this, what is Economic Corporate Politics? What you are told by Corporate Media you will learn is not reality. Q.What did 160 000 U.S. citizens keep secret during WW2?. Santa is real, I saw him, in the malls, now run away & scurry down your hole.
I sincerely hope the trolls haven't frightened people away, its our right to discuss what we believe is right or wrong- without being shouted at or ridiculed,- I will NOT be bullied by these trolls, and I hope you all agree.
since when do you put charges 3/4s of the way up a controlled demolition?
No the tower pancaked the windows where bursting from the pressure of all those tons of concrete falling into the building Thank you
Terrywilder. How does air alone, blow out a single window? Often 10 to 20 levels below the crush zone at speeds of 200 miles an hour. Would compressed air take the path of least resistance & escape out the exterior areas of the collapsing floors? Or would it travel down sealed lift shafts, blow out the steel doors, travel 70 feet across an office floor, then blow out one window? Or as building demolition engineers have said, those ejections are caused by explosives. They are definitely hot air.
thumbs up if you read up unto Center ... Then got lost !!
Why do you believe 11 Al Qaeda strongmen (the 4 pilots did not have weapons) could not kill at least 4 people and probably more and then used tear gas to keep passengers at the back of the plane and claims of having bombs CAN NOT carry this off. I do NOT listen to "mainstream" media if that term requires corporate ownership. All conspiracy theorist are no more than contrarians stuck in early childhood who automatically do not believe what everyone else does believe. Just because.
PLEASE realise people that all of these harsh comments on here are to put us truth seeking people down and to convince you that your Gov. had nothing to do with the murder of thousands of people, these people are being PAID to discredit us and the information given, Please don't be fooled! The evidence is out there! Peace to all.
"The CIA is behind most if not all terrorist attacks in America"Ted Gunderson former chief of the Los Angeles FBI
Jerem, people seeking the truth & government paid debunkers, could argue how the towers collapsed for another fifty years & public would still be none the wiser because of the massive amount of disinformation. I have always believed explosives were used prefering that theory over the jet fuel kerosene official story. I found this recently. I think it may interest you for an alternative but plausible probability. Google 9/11-truth. net/11th_of_September-the_Third_Truth_NEXUS_magazine_English.pdf
Daniel, sorry to question your belief system.OK let's look at your logic. Destruction of a nations infrastructure to procure trillions of dollars of tax payer money, seems like enough motivation, especially once you gain an understanding of Corporate politics. Where did you hear that rubbish, people who follow Islam want to kill all Americans. Let me guess CNNBCMSMFOX,Hollywood, George or Donald? I feel like I am in a time warp watching Donald on Fox. Come back when you have something to offer.
Jeff are dead on correct. There were no explosives in those buildings. Structural integrity gave way and gravity took over.
Where did you find this rot? if you can't see this is Government propaganda, your too far gone! Your dirty little list smells of desperateness, it is exactly what I would expect from a shill peddling lies, attempting to lure weak minded people in, let me guess where you got it, on your favourite Corporate Government debunking site. Everyone knows the Boston Bombings were done by the CIA. Come back when you have something relevant and genuine to bring to the table. Twoofers Lies Again!
I would not call 10.000 pages of transcripts from the New York fire Department anecdotal remarks, however when combined with what fire fighters have been saying since 9/11, we can safely say there were in fact bombs from one end of the world trade centre to the other. Why don't you run along and watch American Idol.
This video is completly trivial.. watch that video and learn how buildings are collapsed one by one. There were no explosives inside the buildings. /watch?v=jVnwPml9Lt4
Are you insane. This happens because floors from above are falling down which pushes the air pressure to the windows, braking the windows and then the dust and debree shoots out the window. do you really think if the government wanted the buildings taken down (which is highly unlikely) they would have put notices up and they wouldnt allow people in the building or surrounding areas, honestly how fucking retarded can you people get.
Let's have a look at the epitome of ignorance. What we are told.19 Muslims, armed with box cutters, took control of 4 planes, flying 2 into the World Trade Center, which commercial airline pilots have expressed doubt, they could do.1 into the pentagon & the fourth crash landed in a field,after passengers & crew attempted to over power the four terrorists. I know you are not a Flaming Idiot & wouldn't fall for this nonsense.Emirates Airline is great & I hear they employ Middle Eastern pilots too.
Thanks for your professional detailed analysis, I am very reassured to hear from a civil engineer like your self obviously active in the building demolition industry too, that its just air bowing out the windows? So you would have me & everyone else believe that compressed air can blow out a single window & form a jet of smoke & debris travelling at one hundred miles an hour traveling up to 80 feet, often five to ten story's below the collapsing floors? 1000's of engineers don't buy your theory.
well you guys should stop egging them on, best way to piss them off is simply ignore them cause they want the attention and they want to piss you off, why else would they be so dedicated in abusively debunking you guys - just spam their comments and never never never never reply, oh yes theyl come back and assume your silence is your shame and youve ben debunked....but let them think that!! - good luck mate :)
No, its compressed air escaping the building . Compressed by the material from above
Are you saying the U.S. could have simply invaded Iraq, controlled its oil reserves & set up military bases with out public support back in the U.S. I don't think so. The Government official line for invading Iraq as you stated was WMD's, which at the time was a plausible reason, given the attacks on U.S. soil. I am very surprised that you can't see the connection between the 9/11 attacks & the invasion of Iraq. The Afghanistan & Iraq wars are a result of 9/11 as it created the U.S.war on terror
Of course I have. I came into this thinking that the government did exactly what you people are claiming, and found the arguments had no merit, and most of your propaganda to be lies. Feeble excuses of "Fox news" just highlights your desperation. Your arguments fail on their lack of merit, and evidence. No "official story" required. As does the claim of "not having a mind of your own". That's you, parroting CT blogs uncritically. I didn't. I used mine and found no substance to them.
Twoofer lies is a paid traitor by the same immoral people in Government that want to destroy the U.S.A. Interesting how you won't challenge anyone on facts? Twoofers Lies Period for Cash Twoofer Lies
Especially given th U.S history of propaganda, invented attack on an American ship that triggered the unjustified genocide of the Vietnamese. The U.S have always been a step above the rest when it came to propaganda and unjustified wars. Given the number of undebunked secrecy and controversy around these attacks, the obvious underlying motives and the history of the U.S. it would be a crime not to question the fairytale the U.S government uses to see to its interests.
How is that TWOOFER INVESTIGATION coming along paranoid loser? It's only been 12 YEARS! The only thing you have to do to get rid of you filthy creeps is SIGN OUT OF YOUTUBE. It's been 12 YEARS and you haven't brought any of your claims to court and only 0.001% of engineers and scientists agree with you. And those 0.001% are charlatans making a quick buck off of you. Nobody in the REAL WORLD gives a fuck about a fringe movement of nutjob potheads who failed out of high school!
another thing you might wanna look at jan into these so called air pressure spouts is,,go have a look at multiple angles and man those spouts are coming out way way down the building, way too far to have anything to do with air pressure, seriously go have a hard look, i aint no truther or debunker (hence im not abusive) im a skeptic and ive seen disinformation on both sides - so you know where im coming from, also watch wtc1 when the second plane hits and wtc2 collapses, look very carefully :)
No argument from me debilee39! what people fail to get is the purpose of DISINFORMATION! I only know one person who I can talk to about this sort of stuff because he's seen the light the rest think i'm nuts :)
If you'd actually check into what the conspiracy blogs are shilling, it all falls apart. But, you won't, because you're paranoid of anything that isn't on a conspiracy blog. Catch 22, you're stuck.
i pointed that out as well and got told its a normal thing in building fires, but then im sure these veteran professionals would be able to tell the difference between a gas line explosion and a bomb explosion, they were dead certain and had pin pointed where they went off and the destruction they had caused, if there was a controlled demolition id think itd be fair to say that the perpetrators would of controlled it to look like a natural collapse....would be a fair statement?
You don't need 6000 people to rig some buildings, demolish, fly 2 aircraft into it and make a fake report. You simply send orders out to your pawns and they make sure everyone stays in formation.That's how wars are fought. That's how the NSDAP and SS got away with a great deal of nasty shit. You can't deny the severe level of so called coincidences that came with these attacks. I am very sceptical of any story but you can't possibly defend the hero to bad guy story the U.S government puts up.
yea thats the problem, throw in energy beams, no planes mini nukes etc it all starts getting a bit whacked out, but another thing ive always contemplated a bit is how is it that when the plane exploded - there was enough fuel and energy to...make a massive fireball + travel all the way to the lobby with a shit of force to crack marble and shatter windows + start a big enough fire to burn and weaken steel in an hour that causes collapse of the building, hey thanks il check it out
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