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MW3: Dissecting OpTic Predator

by WoodysGamertag • 257,454 views

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Dissect iReapzz!!! Much better quickscoper
I love when people get mad that I "Drag Scope" and not quickscope...
Playing against this guy would be frustrating. Bloop aim assist
he plays inverted, how the fuck is he that good?
I don't really give a shit if I die or not, I am not that crazy "uhh uh h I ahe to get the kill no matter what" I never switch to the pistol I just keep on using the sniper
Message me on xbox: Evzoni we can 1v1 if you really think I suck Mr. "nikkefani1"
thats what i do all the time!!! and my friends tell me im not doing i properly so now i can say that optic predator does it. thanks woody
everyone uses aim assist. it helps the crosshairs stick to the opponent
it is aim assist that help u to do that, try snipe on PC its harder because it is not aim assist.
umm... actually, KD is important in every game type. if you keep dying a lot, who do you think will be getting kill streaks to kill you and your team even easier with? how can you accomplish anything if your dropping like flies? OBJ games aren't about not caring if you die, it's about willing to die if needed of you.
KD is worthless, except in FFA and TDM. Good players take on the role best suited for the situation: Mostly, that is objective based.
Oh... I didn't know it. Hence I didn't create this.
you keep talking about corrections but you could just put a dot on the exact center of your screen with a marker or sticker... it makes it A LOT easier and it's 100% undetectable.
the new youtube layout showes not only new vids, it shows gives also suggestions of vids (sorry if I made mistakes, im not englich) xD
Sprattyyy! he is sick, aka spratt
lol "see that red dot on the minimap? so does he" xD
Yes bitch...Why don't you just mind your own fucking business?
3:03 that wasnt a quick scope he didn't zoom in enough it was a no scope
Damn Optic Pred is a beast. That guy has some sick sniper gameplay. I like a couple youtubers but man Optic Nation goes crazy with their competition and with the tournament money on the line.
Dissect silencedxbl aka iTemp or Fearcrads! :D
God bo2 better fuck with snipers again its stupidly easy
@supermanfeb4 tactical tuesday -.- nuff said
kirk hammet is not a sniper, he is metallica`s solo guitarist
all day , all night - quiqscoping , when i get killed - whaaat the fuuuck ?
Add me on xbox: l Moabs l if you think im bad
The enemy team getting killstreaks is not part of your KD. Neither theirs. You can die 20 times in a row, and get an 11 killstreak afterwards. All I'm saying is, good players play whatever role suited for the situation. Mostly objective based. You can't win a game of Domination by just killing. You need flags for that.
Who's the best cod player in the world statistically?
No correcting afterwards makes it a drag scope which is different to quick scoping no hate nice vid
Vids not kids stupid auto spell.
Woody what you are missing is the most important reason why most people cannot grasp quickscoping. Everytime Pred shoots, he stops moving. Most people are so used to strafing or any kind of feverish movement when firing a regular gun that when sniping, the shot will move and not be on target. Also, we spot the enemy then scope and fire..not scope in then adjust and fire. We only see through the scope at the last millisecond if we had to drag the scope farther than expected
At 3:46 on the left it looks like a ghillie sniper doesn't it?
optic scump (scumperjumper) (YT) he is an optiic pro team member voted # cod player.
He should dissect Optic Scumper. His youtube is ScumperJumper and he is one of the best CoD players out there.
It's simple, he got used to it just as we got used to how we play... no skill involved.
Dissecting KYR SP33DY lol like for Woody to see
Disect someone good.... I'm finding tht who ur "disecting" aren't tht good lol they do common sense things and I think to my self are people bad enough to think these guys are good?
make a series, dissect weaker gameplays and suggest ways to improve
ive never been good at sniping close range like that. never really got down the timing for cqc corrections but i can do it at longer ranges most of the time
"Press and hold LS to steady". Ugh another consoler.... ggnextvid.
i don't think u understand. i'm saying u can't completely ignore ur KD, u have 2 watch ur deaths b/c if u don't the chances of the enemy getting kill steaks increases and if the enemy gets kill streaks and starts raping every1 u can't do anything but press x. i'm not saying 2 kill whore, no, i hate kill whores, i'm saying that watching ur deaths is just as important as playing the OBJ and it's not opinion, it's fact, so please, let's stop here, i really don't want 2 get in2 a "youtube" argument.
Yes considering optic pred is better than you
And how does that help? why not just use the crosshairs.....
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