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Red vs. Blue Recreation 15

by Rooster Teeth • 1,284,141 views for more. Church is having a little trouble with the "out of the box" experience. Originally aired at in Summer 2009.

Caboose is such a sweetheart :) Unfortunately, I feel like we're being set up for some big sad sacrifice moment...
3:59 Well Caboose was the only one who understood the time travel thing immediately in Season 3 when one of the like twenty Churches tried to explain it but failed because of everyone asking questions.
suddenly lopez is kinda badass cool
Question... Do the DVDs play EVERYTHING thats on YouTube? And if they do WHERE CAN I GET THE WHOLE SET SO THAT I CAN RE-WATCH EVERYTHING OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND CRACK UP ON FULL ON CABOOSE LOVE because caboose makes me feel like me every time theirs a perfect moment to be random
On the first few seasons they played through all the episodes like a movie, without each individual intro, but yea it's just like Youtube.
Is it me or is Caboose getting a little bit smarter every episode
Pretty smart cinematography, never showing Church (in oracle form) on screen with characters like Tucker because you are restricted to team colors in forge :)
The have a moded version of halo the got from bungie
I know a gametype does exist that allows you to do that that was floating around in the end times of Halo 3 but I am not sure that existed when they were filming this season. It seems to make sense that they were clever with camera positioning for a reason.
I love it when lopez is scared. You cant tell it from his voice, but the text says everything xD
Sarge: "That actually seems like..." Tucker: "Give him one more second." Church-bot: "...which also makes him the captain of their pirate ship." Tucker: "There it is." XD
4:07 church did Travel back in time and fuck everything up though
I find it funny that Caboose was right about the whole sub-plot where Church went back in time, and nobody believes him.
I'm glad Church is back. I mean Alpha. I mean...Epsilon? ok I'm still confused..
Church is the name of the Director, Alpha, and Epsilon. Epsilon is the Alpha's memorys and the Alpha was an AI based off the Director's mind. Alpha was the 'Church' we knew for seasons 1-6 and died along with all the other AI fragments in the blast from the EMP at the end of season 6. So the new 'Church' in the floating sphere body is Epsilon. I hope this explains everything! :)
caboose didnt kill church
+ThatSpecialPony Actually, even Church turns around and says "I'M THE TEAMKILLING FUCKTARD!" insinuating he no longer blames Caboose for something he fucked up himself. Just so you know.
+eptonsi Yeah, we're both saying the same thing.
Wait, how did Caboose tell the memory thing about Captain Flowers if he never knew him. Well, at least he didn't know him when he had that armor.
I also thought Griff was yellow as first too
"You had sex with a rock!" "Your sister's name is rock?"
Grif: "You had sex whit a rock." Tucker: "Your sister's name is Rock?" I almost died lol.
I wish church were actually alive instead of being the memory
"You had sex with a rock" "Your sister's name is rock?"
Grif does look yellow if he's is in the light
1:32 Lopez: (Seriously, we could just bury him out back.) I'm with Lopez on that Idea, and we could use his body as a distraction
Grif: "Why does everyone think I'm yellow? Seriously? Did anybody have a box of Crayons when they were a kid?" Uh, hello? You look kinda yellow, man. LOL! XD
Its church and wheatly combined. It's Wearch
In Donuts defense knowing Sarge seeing throwing grenades as a way of ‘catching up’ seems reasonable.
"What if church went back in time using Wyoming's special ability power...?" "Shut up, that's fucking retarded" Does Tucker have the long term memory of a rock or something? Church TOLD them about that ordeal immediately after it happened.
Caboose sounds smart .....abit
At 4:38 Grif: You had sex with a rock! Tucker: Your sister's name is rock?
Yeah, see ya later, Winston Churchill! I died.
Lopez is the most misunderstood individual everr
I'm color blind and I can't tell what color Griff is RIp
Lopez sounds like the Spanish version of Church
Well that's appropriate since they're both voiced by Burnie
How do they know now about Project Freelancer? I haven't watched season 1-6, First time watching 7, I clearly am missing the back story, Time for a marathon.
Man I wish the old Church came back instead
oooh and sister was color blind that explains grif and orange.
I really hope this isn't how they plan  on bringing church back... At this point Epsilon shouldn't even HAVE a personality. Its just raw memories. At best it would be similar to Delta (Logic) but just not as smart. RT is brilliant, sure, but I wasn't a fan of this route they took.
+Andy Chen the alpha experienced everything from season 1-6 right, till it died, yes? Okay. Epsilon is the memory of the ALPHA, not the director, the director didn't experience seasons 1-6 the same as the alpha did. So the Epsilon remembers everything that happened to the Church we all know and love. Staying with me? I do agree with you on the personality thing though, but Lopez developed a personality, and he was just a robot (no personality, like with Epsilon) and then he got a personality. I hope that explains things.
I know I'm 2 months late but, epsilon doesn't have Church's memories, he wasn't apart of church when he had them he was either with Washington or in the little database thingy, also if he was church's memories go back earlier when caboose was inside of red base's underground facility and epsilon came out he was nothing like church caboose was still giving him memories, and if it did have the memories of church why would it need caboose to tell it stories, the only way he gets memories back later is because of stuff idk about.... ^ I'm no genius kay? And epsilon would have emotion because emotions comes with memories he still won't be exactly the same as church but he'd be damn close
Caboose is right though. Church did go back in time with Wyoming's gear. Therefore, Church killed himself and it was not Caboose's fault.
I love Lopez, but if he lays a finger on Donut, I'll kill him.
Wait so Alpha is dead? From that Emp blast? And from this day onwards, the Church we originally know is no more? I'm been emotionally murdered.
The wikia-page says that Epsilon is active. It also says Alpha was destroyed.
Yes he is but the other or new one is most like him but as i said he is more emotional then the old one regret most tbad things he does and cares about his friends :P
What the hell happened to church? I know about project freelancer and that he's the alpha ai and that his body was left behind
They looked so boss together like that.
FLYYING BOWLING BALL SYNDROM something fucked happens
I don't care what form Church is in, in a robot or another solider, this is perfectly fine... But now he's a fucking sphere... O_O
Did grif say his sisters name was rock????
Caboose could be a freelancer sleeper agent since he can get away and people wouldn't notice just like wash and tex
Actually church just told tucker that he didnt mess with anything so he wouldnt mess up the time line
If sarge didn't believe a puma is a real animal, then how would he know who Winston Churchill is?
The robot is talking in Spanish
Yes. This was established in the beginnings of the earliest episodes. Please go back and watch because that is old news.
so your sister is a rock?
see ya later Winston Churchill. HOW THE FUCK DO THEY EVEN KNOW THAT WAR??????
They most likely studied past wars like students do now in school.
But this is like half a millineum later.
2:30... This is probably the saddest thing about Caboose in the all of Red vs Blue
"You had sex with a rock!" XD
Am yelling about things!! ok..... Gotta love caboose
he did but hes like Tex
Church: do that makes him the leader of their pirate ship
I want the tiny white chruch back!!!
So we're doin the core thing XD I enjoy the Portal parallels going on here
Its a bit of cabooses fault he was not supposed to go in the tank
The only episode where caboose is 100% right… Ok 90%… 65%
Caboose is the smartest person on the bule team
What si the music at the begining?
Trocadero - When your middle name is danger. Meta's theme.
I knew Church is not dead!:)
...So, basically Church is reborn as Guilty Spark? I'm okay with that.
MRE's are good though
Captain flowers known as agent Florida he not dead I think
I love how Caboose knows that Church went back in time and messed up the tank and everything
Church Looks Like C.I.D From Saints Row 4
that's because C.I.D looks like guilty spark from halo combat evolved
+jedi1117 Which looks like a bowling ball..without the thumb hole.
i am still curious what tucker does between the 2 girls :/
. . . . which would make him captain of the pirate ship. There is is !
Why are there six pedals if there are only four directions-Caboose Why are there four levers if there are six directions-Griff
I love how Caboose was going to tell the story of how Church actually died.
wait, so this is church or epsilon in the monitor shell? is church (the alpha) dead?
Who else realized that Church is bound to go insane Epsilon held Alpha's Memories AND Insanity
I type with my heels when I'm lazy. And I still make less errors than that. I make sure that there are no errors. XD
1: Flowers came back from the dead at some point. 2: Tucker talks about how he stole Flower's armor. 3: Church might've said that. 4: Caboose is God.
So that's not really church but its just a memory of church. But technically Eplison is church since church is the alpha and all the AIs is just alpha but in fragments. My brain just gave out now.
Lopez logic: understands English but cannot speak a single word of it.
3:59 " you had sex with a rock!" ...what!
It is kinda sad that Caboose went through all the trouble to bring Church back to life (kinda) and for Church to hate him.
Caboose wasn't the first one blue infact he was the rookie, at first it was Church, Tucker and flowers.
5:20 "Yeah see ya later, Winston Church-ill" LMAO
epsilon- well if he's not simmons then i guess he's sarge, that would make him the gruff and regimented leader of the red team sarge- that actually seems pretty... tuker- just, give him one more second epsilon- which would make him also the captain of there pirate ship tuker- there it is caboose- i am a good story teller please tell me im not the only one that nearly pissed my pants
"See ya later, Winston Churchill." One of the best, but least known Sargeisms.
but church being alpha doesn't explain how sarge saw church when he died and became a ghost before he was brought back to life.
4:00 caboose was right that's scary O.O
Your sisters name is a rock !!???
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