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Let's Play Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Part 1 - INTRO (Toby Sucks at Gaming)

by TobyGames • 2,448,650 views

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This was the toby that I loved ;3, I still love his videos but this was my favorite!
Is it just me, or is the game so loud that it's hard to hear him? He's gotten more skilled at the audio since then.
Ah the good old days.... Still possibly my favorite Toby playthrough. I miss these days on youtube... I swear, 2010-2011 was awesome :x
Holy shit what a blast to the past this is... hard to believe it was only three years ago.
lol. I wish I was there when this came out.
Toby used to be so funny, he's changed now. I guess that's what six million subscribers does to you :(.
call the chairs mr.chair
when i watch toby's scarygames i run for the popcorn and other snacks
he has not changed at all overheadjumper -_-
Could try replying to his comment so he can respond ;)
Toby if you Rilly want to play a scary game then play cellar😇
I skiped at the begining and he said i need more nightmares-for 50% off!
when playing amnesia for the first time, my reaction at the beginning was that i already have a headache and my heart pumping very fast. not to mention i was going insane the first time, but now i got over it.
After playing amnesia nothing scares me but outlast
Except for the damn water monster part.
You were funny but know you are not what happened to you
Hey, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think he's great now, whereas before, he was just kind of awkward.
i have a amnesia to its fun
I'm not gonna say come subscribe to me but at least try my channel and watch ONE of my videos in sure you will love it Thx its a big help 😄
Ugh. Unwatchable. You joke like a 13-year-old girl desperate for attention.
Says the one with 13 subscribers conpared to tobygames who has nearly 7 million. Your pathetic.
Hi guys, I just recently started putting gameplay videos of this game up on my channel. Come hear how scared this game ACTUALLY makes me lmfao!
7:30 pepto bismol or is it danganronpa? DUN DUN DUUUUN
does toby meet stephano in this series?
+Hunter Hobbs i know im just wondering if he makes a cameo
+cool2001 Yes, but Toby will not acknowledge him. Even if he does, he will most likely not call him Stephano because that is Pewdiepie's thing.
Dude you really shouldn't go in random rooms..... The game wouldn't tell you to follow the trail straight to your death, and there are probably some monsters in those rooms
Finally I get to see this game
Toby is really good at finding the evil meaning behind the intro...
why isent you face in the cornor
I want to be Toby's niece!!! That'd be like the best thing EVER
I also got this game when it went on sale, I'm still not sure if it was best decision of life or the worst decision..
Toby can you play Goldeneye007(on any device) please
HI!!!! What?? He said at the beginning to say hi! xD
Toby should try the game Cry of Fear, it would be another great horror series!
you are the first person i ever see who doesn't just go for the "pepto bisal" XD
I was laughing throughout this whole video lol
toby: couse I need to have more nightmares in my life me: story of my lifeXD
I keep getting so paranoid when he opens doors
Me and my little brother play this all the time cx
Sorry but your beautiful nit trying to seem weird or pervy but its the truth 😁😁😁
This sounds like I'm begging, It might seem that way, but I've been starting a serious like Amnesia on my channel right now, and I'm enjoying the game a lot! I've been watching Toby for so long now and I've decided I might start to upload some gaming content, If you would kindly check the video out, that'll be absolutely fab, again I want to apologise for spam and stuff, but It'll be truly appreciated! thanks!
Hey guys! I recently started a gaming channel. I play Amnesia too! Do drop by my channel. Thank you and have a nice day! (:
This was 3 years.....holy crow! I still remember this xD
Pewds play roblox they have new games
Your on worst you tubers least but ill watch you
After playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R i eat games like this for breakfast
In amnesia i dont have "that"  feeling..ez
I have no idea what you just said delete that comment and speak proper English because I have no idea what you meant to say.
I love how people are commenting like Toby will read it This series ended 3 years ago and this is the first episode of said series. Uploaded Dec. 11, 2010 Of all his videos and all his comments and probably personal messages, hes not going to go through these comments... like at all
Toby is super annoying
Then why are you watching his video?
+Ella DeLacey Well I've never seen Toby's videos before so like any first time viewer I watched the video with an open mind but unfortunately after a few minutes I found his repertoire very annoying. How would you expect me to come to this conclusion without actually viewing the video? Unless you think I have psychic abilities then it would be impossible otherwise.
Strawberry sauce lol but i love when the lights turned off he immediately started panicking
To people cluelessly commenting on how he should be playing this: <Uploaded on Dec 11, 2010>. You missed the boat people. Close to 3 and a half years ago too.
You really, really need to play SCP, especially with the new updates...  in the dark, and with the volume turned up.  I wonder if you are up to the challenge.  You can read the SCP foundation files if you want to get a gist of the story before you play.  >:D
I just bought this game today, it's not scary unless you're being chased by a jawless demon from hell
Hey everyone! Im playing Amnesia on my channel if you would like to help me check it out! Thanks! :)
No no no no no no no no no no no no i like birds
"is that jeezus?" lmao
Dont be a fagget he is pretending to be scared
7:30 is that dangan ronpa
holy hickety heck i think someone died [ CHIHIROOOOO ]
Rofl dude dude dude!!! xD did anyone else hear that entity breathing no?
hey you need to play fatal frame its awesome and its scary. There is fatal 1,2, and 3 you choice. play if you dare.......
How to spin stuff around?!?
Please forgive me and forgive us all. 
This is the first episode I ever watched you play and I have been a fan ever since.
lol right away "im dead im dead im dead im dead im dead"
Are you a boy or girl
Watch out for the monster with the fallen jaw!!!! You will know what I mean when you see it. You have been warned!!!!!
my name is cierra too............
it dose look like daggerfall
Don't worry I took the liberty of turning off my lights too! :)
My apologies, everyone. I take back my word. There should NOT be a Daniel's Mind version of Amnesia: The Dark Descent (See a comment I made 1 year ago when this comment right now was being typed) 
toby your soooo cool could we play a game together please?
I played this and it's freaky
You should have hid in the closets.....
This kind of reminds me of slender and I should play this some time. I might film it. Oh by the watch my other video -joebuscus
'Don't mess with me, man, I play Diablo!' Yeah, that'll show 'em, Toby.
U nned tat face cam back ev3n tho u cant see thiw comment probly becauee tjis was 3 years ago
When Smosh did it it was so funny. ):))
I could see the right square very clearly...
i think that you can take out you headset and searria can here
It seems throwing things around the place is all the rage these days...maybe that's why the whole place is shaking. A throwing contest is going on upstairs, possibly?
Wow cool Toby your awsome
dont follow the pepto bismal!!!!!
gasps "Can I smack him? Oh I ripped his head off" carries it around and throws it at door XD first amnesia vid I've seen
This game seems fun. I wish I had the money to buy it
my tip #1: find Stephano! ( hes a little golden statue with a sword in his hand stabbing the ground)
I like how in one of the scariest games ever Toby just runs around pulling off helmets and trying to burn chairs
or u could have got it here size = 969MB .rar file for me taking 12 hrs speed helps to improve this time 
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