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Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs - Teaser

by frictionalgames • 1,440,893 views

Thank you to all HIB 5 ( buyers! Initially we planned to do a teaser release if we reached a certain total payments goal... but before we had everything in place to do the...

The Dark Descent was gameplay oriented, Machine for Pigs was story oriented.  Both were awesome in their own ways.
Amnesia a machine for pigs didn't represented what has to be an amnesia sequel
yeah, if you enjoyed the story.
Maybe this was the first versione of AAMFP,the one done by frictional who everone wanted,they delayed it by one year giving the job to chinese room who gave us an awful sequel
Damn you, Chinese woom. (Like if you get it!) You turned an excellent horror into a piece of crap.
They choose the easy and lazy way like the most developments do<==3
chinese guys always turn it all into crap
I was a little disappointed by this game at first because it wasn't as interactive or scary as the first one, but man, the storyline was incredible.  Seriously, it was fantastic, and horrifying in the way that scares you even when you aren't playing the game.  Looking back, this was one of the best games I've played in years - I can see how it wouldn't be appreciated by everyone, but I think its important to play through it with an open mind.
Actually, amnesia a machine for pigs was a lot scarier than amnesia: the dark descent
This game doesn't have the Sanity mechanics, almost all the props in the game are just for display and cannot be grab or touch.... unlimited lantern and no tinderboxes. The puzzles are too freaking easy and not complex enough. The game overall sucks (to me) compared to the first game
The trailer was a huge lie, this part isnt even in the game
No invetnory? lol what mistake was that!..Onother nice game follow the EASY AND LAZY way!! 
They were just trying something new and everyone goes batshit crazy. Personally, yes its different, but in a good way. It is dumbed down in a way but in other ways its even better than the first games (Story specifically.)
+Réka Hegedűs Yeh the no sanity meter was the ONE thing that turned me off of the game, other than that it was amazing.
I think the lack of as complex puzzles was a good thing. Yes, the sanity thing leaving was undesirable, but I enjoy the puzzles leaving because I spent less time getting frustrated over some stupid puzzle and using every item on everything else and more time shitting enough bricks to make a sizable house.
The game had a good story and very good voice acting. But is it Amnesia? No, I wouldn't say so. When people hear "Amnesia" they expect something terrifying. I'm not saying this game was bad but it should have simply been called "A Machine For Pigs"
The part in the trailer where the pig is banging on the door is nowhere to be seen in the game. You can't blame people for being let down over little stealth mechanics when it is advertised to have just that.
Looking back, AaMFP was extremely lacking gameplay wise, and a bit on the short side, but the setting, themes and soundtrack were absolutely fantastic. Wish that The Chinese Room would make more PC games, instead of selling out to Sony and making PS4 exclusives. Yes, I am moderately mad. 
Even If AMFP had same gameplay as TDD(Sanity,inventory etc),we don't feel scary as TDD,Because we knew how to avoid monsters,when to use lantern for keep sanity,how to manage consumables etc. We don't scare things which we have experienced and already know how to handle them. In other word,Fear diminish If used same method.. So I think Chinese Room decision wasn't bad,they decide make different type game instead use same game system. Only thing I miss from TDD is good puzzles. So I like AMFP as much as TDD.
What happened, Frictional?   Or perhaps I should say, Why, Chinese Room?
These games are always so boring and never scary its just way too scripted
you know you are doing something wrong if the trailer of your game is more entertaining then the ACTUAL game
This game stuck with me. Even though it's a linear to all hell rollercoaster ride with barely any interactivity required on the gamer's behalf, the story and atmosphere was potent, ugly, frightening, but altogether memorable, especially on the first playthrough. One of my favourites of 2013. Would love to see another one! (if they can make it a game that is)
Very interesting. Why have I not heard of this game before?
This spot was left in the final game! To find it you will need to go to the puzzle where the stairs fall at the beginning of the map and you need to replace the batteries of the little power breakers. On the lower floor where you enter there is a blocked door which the pig in the trailer breaks down. Go up and around to the same door and there is a staircase that you can hide under. That is the area the trailer took place in.
I hope you are serious. Any notes there?
+MrGameFan Yes, but I don't remember what it said.
not so scary i aspected
This game is not as good as it's predecessor, but we all know that the game were made by TCR. Hopefully, SOMA will be a much better game with better story, gameplay etc. FG knows what they are doing, should be just fine!
Nice one frictionalgames, you sure showed us how to ruin a franchise, a dumbed down casualized game that has nothing to offer besides some squeels. Good story, not as good as the first game, terrible gameplay, I'm trying to play a survival horror game, not a movie. Please stop trying to immitate the new piece of shit standard the industry has set with their pathetic cinematic experiences. 2/10
+IsaacA192 Oh, excuse me, but apparently, 'FRICTIONAL GAMES' made the first game. Of course they'd make a sequel. Even if they published it, they still 'MAKE' it.
+Hannah Davies Ew, a brony.  Anyway, thanks for digging up an old argument to make a completely uninformed rebuttal. They had no hand in the game's design; they did nothing more than publish the game. 
Where is the sanity meter from the game?! In this trailer we can see that THERE IS! This game would be amazing with sanity meter etc! Why have you removed it?! why?! :(( Please make a version with it! a patch or I don't know...:( I buyd the game for my sister's birthday because she is a big fan all of your games...but she was dissapointed because of the sanity meter, the infinity lamp and regenerating health and that the pigs can't see in the dark/shadow. The story and the graphics are awesome. But whitout these things it's not the same :( and NOT scary! 
the campaign is also short
0:30 PIG MONSTER explode Dooor lol?!?
So for all of you out there that have played this game would you recommend it or am  I better off with a different title(I've already played the first Amnesia).
No game what contained Horror in space , had succes (except dead space and doom)
I hope Amnesia 3 will be better. It shall be called 'Amnesia: The Penumbra'.
there won't be amnesia 3 
I was joking. (yeah, it's hard to translate a joke into text)
Yeah if you don't put the sanity meter, just rename :D Look at Thief, it's NOTHING like Thief1, sad days for gaming
"It is cradled in his sweating hands, it sucks the fever loose from his body. He dreams of birds far above in the jungle canopy, a jaguar coughing at the dawn."
The trailer made this look SOOOO GOOD. I wish I could say I loved it, but it was no amnesia.
Chinese Room did a terrible Job with this game, the first game was so much better.
this teaser is scarier than the actual game LOL
After playing OutLast. this looks like a colorful comedy type of game to me 
That looks very cool :D May i ask something? Is this game for PC only or for X-Box360 as well? I would like to play it, but i am not a person who likes to play games on the PC ^^;
+davids8765  I am sorry but i haven't time to be in the internet all day long _. It was just a simple question!
this game was so dissapointing compared to the dark descent where was sanity were was oil where were enemies that were actualy scary and dangerous oh well its still a far better than cod ghosts
Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs
Finally! Amnesia:A Machine For Pigs!!! Here's the official site(i think)
Sergio A. Molina Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Lights off, volume maxed out, and 1hr left until: #Amnesia #amachineforpigs
Rafael Ueda Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Aff...Parece que esta pior que o primeiro mesmo...
+Gaizka ib este si que lo jugaras, you coward!! ¬_¬
Descargado xD A sufrir de nuevo #FuckYeah  
"Amnesia: The Dark Descent" and "Amnesia: Justine" are much better. And much more forbidding.
They must do a flim on this game. Is so cool and pretty
Well... sad, but I understand your feelings. It wasn't what everyone expected. It was a cool game, but not really a horror game, just a Great horror story telling game with some nice things. Disappointing. I hope the same. It was too Dear Estheresque (an other TCR created game), and not like Amnesia. Anyway, The Chinese Room is good in their own way, but they failed to make a real horror game. :(
I was wondering, did someone see in the game itself monsters destroying doors ?
The sanity was what made the game so scary. Now you can just look at the monsters and nothing happens. You had to not look at them in the previous one, or you'd get seen, but in this one you can keep a close eye on them until they walk away.
Well that's about equal to the length of the previous game.
I flocked to the trailer video because the game was set to release last Halloween and when it didn't, this, the Halloween trailer, and about five different images of concept art was all we were left. So for the past year I've been eagerly waiting in anticipation to play a game that Dan Pinchback (the lead of The Chinese Room and director of this game) said was going to be the most terrifying game ever, and when I didn't even get a glimpse of terror of what this trailer showed, I was disappointed
this scene wasnt even in the damn game. I never went through flaps like that
First he was in shock, and the absence of 'character' is where you put yourself into, think Gordon Freeman.
Meh? Well, It wasn't the beat ever, but i still really liked it!
Actually everything except for 0:31 happened. You should play the game again and pay more attention.
I totally agree. I've always been waiting for the scene from the trailer, but it never came... In fact this game is not slightly as scary as amnesia the dark descent. Thumbs up for sound/music/synchronizing and story though..
Scared of what?? An actual pig farm is a thousand times scarier than this game. All you do is walk around an empty house and then a slaughterhouse, and in rare occasions find a pig that's both dumber and less threatening than a real one. And, even if those encounters were scary, the game tells you every time there's an enemy in the area by making the light of your lamp flicker, so you know there's no threat at all the rest of the time.
I just LOVE reading the really old comments and seeing everyone's excitement for this "soon to be a complete disappointment"
You will never eat bacon again after playing this game.
i saw one stairs but couldn't get under those and there was no pig smashing door like that. it clearly looked like there was a sanity system too but oh hell no there wasnt
Then don't comapre it. It's a completely differrent game from differrent developers.
Would of been awesome if they kept that bit in the game
Ahh. I'm excited to play it. A little sad that people are disappointed, honestly. The first Amnesia wasn't perfect, but it was fantastic.
i've just finished it, it is pretty short, 4 hours approx to finish the game or less than 4 hours! I'm pretty disappointed, they delayed the release date and made us wait for nothing, such a big disappointment!
where the FUCK was this scene !?!?
Amen. Good effort, but... Lacking in any real anxiety/fear inducing elements. No being hunted, no hiding... And is it just me, or was this game so well lit there was hardly even a practical reason to have a lamp?
At least AMFP had an amazing story. That's the most important thing in a video game.
It seemed long enough and the maps seemed way more detailed than i would expect from a game that was only 20 dollars.
No it's not, it's gameplay. If the gameplay can't keep me entertained then I won't even bother with the story.
Yeah, I felt the same. There was only one little bit scary moment around the middle of the game, but I realised there is nothing to be afraid, so I completed the game with easy and made fun of those manpigs. What a shame, I really wanted to enjoy it. Well, I enjoyed it a little, the story was nice, the atmosphere too. Just I missed the most important elements from it.
Yes. A tell-tale sign of an intelligent person is that they use unnecessary commas in their sentences, criticize competing games by calling them childish (especially given the context of the competing game) and make up their own words such as "joob."
User scors can be taken with a massive grain of salt to be honest. 72/100 isn't a bad score either.
Really? I guess we were playing different amesias :D I have to agree that this one was waaay to casual compared to the original one.
they never existed in machine for pigs.. i'm sad for that! the most important factor is out
Is the monster at the end of the trailer even in the game?
From what I can tell of a diferrence is that this was the original amnesia, look you can even see the insanity thingy, also the pig was more agresive and more scary, but well I guess they didn't want to make the game that scary for the story, btw I loved the story and the atmosphere, just wanted a lil bit more of fear :c 9/10 and still consider this a masterpiece.
Yeah I really wish this was in this game as well, it was a really big bummer that it wasn't.
Agreed. This was not true to the original at all.
Everything that was included in teasers and trailers was a complete lie. They even removed the player sounds of panting and crying. Why?
Well not everyone feels the same way you do, so you need to get over yourself.
I totally agree. A disappointment beyond measure. If they actually had what they had in the trailer, that particular scare, it would have been so much better.
The single gameplay part at the end, of the pig bashing the door and looking for the player, is not in the game.
This game ha a very interesting story in my opinion. It touches on very mature topics. The thing is, that this trailer, right here was VERY VERY misleading. AAMFP lacks the sense of tension, impending dread and pure terror we loved in TDD. Plus if the game was published without the amnesia tittle in and (hence without the legacy it carries with it), we would have regard it as a nice experiment borrowing from the Amnesia universe. kudos to TCR anyway :)
These guys published the game you poopface (not real insult)
You can tell the Chinese Room made it THEIR game. It's so story based it feels more like an interactive novel then it does a survival horror game. It's like Dear Ester 2
I don't understand why would you hate the game. I really loved it.
look at 0:32, if you look closely you can see a sanity blur when he is hiding in the darkness. :(
Good game so far, haven't finished it yet. Exciting plot, frightening atmosphere and all that...there are just way too many things that made Amnesia an overall horrifying game, that are missing. Like the ability to be able to see blue outlines when it's completely dark...
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