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Monster High Cake Decorating Pink Skull

by Audra S • 183,238 views

This is a cake that is made with a Monster High theme. Monster High is a new cartoon that is based off of classic monsters like Frakenstine. It is a cartoon that hits the tween demographic. The...

is it cheaper to make it or buy it? i really wish you would have showed us the steps.... its a great looking cake
i loved the video,but could you do a video of how you made it for mt mom,so she could make it for my bday but vanilla for my 10th birthday that on may 24 2004...PLEASE!<3
Why didn't you sow us how youmade it
@xXVanillaBlueXx :) Thanks for the correction :) It can all start to look the same
@misslfriel Yay glad you found the video! :) Also check out marshmallow fondant (MMF) I really like MMF. It tastes just like marshmallows. Yumm :)
How did you make the girl skull?
im #1 fan of monster high i <3 monster high ^-^ MH rox!!!!!
OMG is there a place i could by this cake at
@bloomgregigloo are you looking for something specific? I cannot go into specifics for the whole cake or it would be a ten page paper :)
Wow cool you garage send me the recipe
@PanderflyLUV Rolled buttercream is like fondant but it is really shiny and tastes like buttercream icing. Fondant taste is really a personal opnion. You said you heard it tastes bad? If you can, try and taste all three. I don't love the taste of regular fondant but it is ok. Marshmallow fondant is really good in my opinion and in the opinion of many of my clients. Rolled buttercream is good as well. You would use the fondant that the client prefers. If you need more info email me :)
@ketourougatre I did not use a Cricut. I want to get one but hvae not been able to do so yet. I used the wilton ribbon cutter to cule the diamonds. :)
Can you plz plz tell me how to make rolled butter cream or at least where I can buy it I want to make my soon a cake !! This is beautiful :°)
Duff makes a rolled buttercream that I know is sold at Michaels craft store. If you want to make it, you can google rolled buttercream recipe and I'm sure you can find one that you can do. :)
Looks so good!! You did a fantastic job.
That is sooo pretty!!!! Its the best cake i have ever seen!!!!!!
My mother's bag and will make me a monster just as high but yours is great pity that I love that you are in USA because I'm from Spain
where did you find the rolled buttercream? the cake looks soo cute!!!
@MzDJTyde From me if you are in the Los Angeles area :) I created it :)
This cake look Awesome! great job!
You have got some skills!! That looks amazing!
@marisajackson8829 I made the rolled buttercream. I found a recipe online. The recipies are basically all the same so you can choose one you like. A little note though that I had to discover the hard way, you will need 2x the powdered sugar it asks for. You mix in the amount on the recipe and then you will have to hand kneed in approx another pound. You keep adding powdered sugar until you can roll it out and no cracks appear.
What is your phone number because I might buy your monster high cake
Argyle, not plaid ^_^ Cake looks pretty awesome though! I love it.
love how you didnt use the fondit because i dont like it ether!
i would like the details on how to make this cake plz im trying to make it for my daughter =]
OMG CUTE! You did the skull so well it looks exacly like it :) but in frosting xD
@niecycash13 I can only do local deliveries. :( You can message me in a personal email with your address to see if you are in my area. Thanks for asking :)
@HoyconNaiara Yay! So glad your mom can do it! And so cool you are from Spain! Thanks for looking at my video!
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Check our Fondant here on YouTube. I'm sure you will find a ton of videos on the subject :)
wow !I also love monster high and Im sure that little will be so pleased with that cake. You did a great job on all the details!
HEY can you tell me what you used to make the monster high cake i want one so bad because i love monster high by
@87madelaine Take the picture from online and print it out. Cut it out right at the edges. Place the cut out on top of a piece of fondant you have rolled out and trace around the edge onto the fondant. Cut out the traced piece with a knife or exacto blade. Then take your buttercream or royal icing and decorate it to look like the picture . Does that make sense?
@audg714 you might hear from my next year since my dad lives in cali ps my name is dani or preferably Dj
It's ok I did it my self n I have to say it was fun making it I made the cake n 80 cupcakes it was interesting thanks anyway hunn
love it! also thank you so much for noting about it being rolled buttercream, i hate fondant icing & never knew there was an alternative so thanks for letting me know now i can finally enjoy decorated cakes
@DuckTheAlmighty are you looking for something specific? I cannot go into specifics for the whole cake or it would be a ten page paper :)
Right now I can only do cakes for local friends. Sorry :(
It is wonderful you did a great job hun
omg!!!! my birthday party is in 5 months and thats the theme im going to do!!!!! and im going to have a monster high cake!!!!! and im turning 10!!!!!
@MrChoppermans ?? Did you mean to say "show off"?? Or are you asking the about the show of Monster High?
@SuperMom1024 Did you get the email I sent you?
I love your cake , how much would you charge for a cake like that but bigger n added another color to out please call me 3235009539 thank you
Crazyhead2002 yes it is monster high is a cartoon
Thes cake iz so awsem im gona ask my mom to bake it 4 me at my 13th b-day
@KRabbit21 are you looking for something specific? I cannot go into specifics for the whole cake or it would be a ten page paper :)
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