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WTF Is... - Sanctum ? ft. Special Guests 2GD & Sanctum Devs ! (Hyper Edition)

by TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit • 251,062 views Will be 75% off on the 7th of July for 24 hours only on Steam! TotalBiscuit is joined by famous Quake player and commentator James "2GD" Harding and 2...

When I heard the devs I could tell they were swedish. Looked it up on wikipedia, feels good to be right...
I'm guessing the OP isn't reading a word of this.
love the intro music
Just decided to pick this up, for 70p, who could say no? :P
will this be coming out for xbox live marketplace?
"cant hear you. my guns really loud"
How about a "WTF is X-Com ufo defense"? Cmon bud, introduce a whole new group of fans to xcom.
WTF is Age of War or maybe even Age of War 2
All I would need are friends who actually own it. -.-
well i said nasty things about james
I just played this for a secound time and got to wave 28 in survival bounty. Max DPS was around 12.000 :DDD
@AlienMagi Can still be immersed in a game while playing a woman
@EjvindDark I believe he doesn't do WTF's on free flash games. Mostly because he wants to support indie developers that try to actually make a living through selling the game.
I'm not sure if he gave this review the bad side, considering that the dev was with him.
TP... you suck at this game... PLEASE PLAY MORE! ;)
is the block icon the minecraft grass block, or am I retarded? o_O
if you have friends to play it with, it's hardly a lot of money to just spend on them. I would suggest buying a 4 pack, and give em a copy.
This on the consoles would be sick! until then i will gladly play this on my PC! Like what Portal 2 had with PS3 and PC aswell,
Hahaha BBW Big beautiful women
The mortar can hit flying units. IT HAS. Seriously. No, really, it can, they just need to be reaterded so as to fly too low
"You look just like Day9" TB: "You're the scourge of eSports bro." What's your beef with Day9? He seems like a nice enough guy
@lounahtic You cant just block it off. It doesn't let you therefore you should make a long path of turrets to do more damage and a make a longer path so it takes longer for them to reach the destination (In this case the power core)
@Nyuugen You say you can hear when Swedes try to speak English. I'm saying "no shit", as they aren't speaking their own language when they do try to speak English. (I know what you actually meant, but let's be honest here; you put that in an awkward way.)
@AlienMagi It's more how much it means for you that the character you have no interaction with (except voice) means so much to you. How can that possibly ruin the gameplay?
TotalBiscuit's intro is second to none.
I lol every time: "7k dps, what the christ 2gd?" "I AM A FURY WARRIOR!!!"
Go to his hard drive and delete the Sanctum folder in the Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common folder. Done!
love how 2GD has like double the dps of the 2nd @ around 23:00
coffee stains sounds like dopefish
I picked up the 4-pack for me and some friends based off of this video. The little I've played so far has been a lot of fun, so thanks for the upload.
one of them sound like proffesor snape
TB you should play with 2GD more
i agree we need a totalbiscuit mode final and the las wave should be a million banelings
Who's here because of the sale?!
Does anyone want to trade this game? I have it as a steam gift for way too long :(
Crap. I missed out when this game was $4.00!
Game on sale at Steam encore. Get it while its cheap. You won't regret it. Try the demo if you not sure.
Haha. "English isn't my native language" "What!?" :3
As funny as this WTF was, I must say I am clueless about the game, all I know is mechanics. What I love about your WTF videoes is your explaining on how to do certain things. This video I felt was a real mess, and bought the game based on your gameplay. Else, love your videoes TB, you're my hero!
the televator or the helelavator
bah... misssed this one in the sale as well.
I bought the sanctum collection pack, only 5$ now :D!
I love these Devs. They sound awesome as hell! :D
if possible 1-2 games from my wishlist (and not ones that are above €10 ofc). or just some money (like € 7-8)
It's not spelled turrent!!!!!!! turret not turrent!
number one question why all female?
@AlienMagi Why is that such a big deal? In a lot of games you're either forced to be a man or a woman. Do you never buy games that force you to be a man or woman?
@PheonixGamingHD The creators of sanctum is swedish...
oh my god that dev sounds exactly just like anton chigur from no country for old men. so creepy.
"That's the horriblest introduction I've ever had", why not just say worst?
@AlienMagi what's wrong with being a woman for a little while? you get to bitch and complain about everything, and no one can get mad at you, you get to constantly stare at boobs and play with a vagina, and you can get whatever you want just by talking in a sexy voice. men can't do that.
I like it a lot when you get a chance to play a game with the devs and basically do an in-game interview with them. Very few game reviewer types get to do that, and it sets your channel even further apart from the usual chaff. I do think it kind of takes away from the "first impressions, for better or worse" feel of your regular "WTF is?" videos, though. It seems you're likely to pull some punches about any gripes if the devs are right there in skype with you. Still love these, though!
Which is what brought me to this video. After watching this I picked it up with all DLC, can't wait to try it out.
22k Damage on the soakers with A sniper :P
@Humming111 ''SWE GUYS'' made MineCraft too :]
You should have talked about the mini-gun-shotgun weapon that's in the encyclopedia in the game.
James hates us D: *cries in corner*
i'll take my three guesses, ahem, sets them on fire, speeds them up, Makes a sandwich!
I'M A FURY WARRIOR! That made me laugh so hard
although there are many things this game could improve on, it's actually REALLY fun to play with friends once in a while. It has lots of replay value
Spending my Friday evening re-watching all the WTFs while playing various games. Best way to have fun the night before a hangover-free workday :D
Dodger's the flying one? why doesn't she fly away from the TGS podcast when she gets bored of it?
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