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This is... Spec Ops: The Line

by Rooster Teeth • 193,123 views

Jack and Geoff take a look at the newest desert-based shooter "Spec Ops: The Line." Will Geoff manage to blow himself up? Watch and learn!

This game, what a barrel of laughs.... dies inside
Wow. They didn't even talk about the mind-blowing amazing part of this game. But then again, perhaps they want people to experience it for themselves. Anyways, pick this game up; it's really cheap now and you'll be able to complete the campaign in a couple of hours which I promise you is one of the best you've seen in a shooter game.
Was on offer on XBL and i picked it up, incredible game! really worth a shot :D
How did they focus on the mechanics and not on how the game makes you feel like an evil pice of shit
It's clear that, at the time they made this, they hadn't finished the game yet.
+oakgrove0811 or trying to get people to play it with out spoiling it
A wise word of advice to ANYONE who is going to play the Multiplayer: Don't Just don't It is so bad, Yager (THE DEVELOPERS THEMSELVES) said that: "It sheds negative light on everything we did in the singleplayer. The multiplayer tone is entirely different, the game mechanics were raped to make it happen, & is a waste of money. No-one is playing it, & I don't even feel like it is part of the overall pakage - it's just another game rammed onto the disk like a cancerous growth, threatening to destroy the best things about the experiance that the team at Yager put their heart & souls into doing" So yeah, Don't play it.
No wonder my dad and I haven't played this game x) It's set in Dubai, it's probably banned :p
Err, are you retarded? I don't think ANYONE banned this FANTASTIC game.
Wait, my mistake: It IS banned from the U.A.E.
Military Figure Who's In Charge Or the slang that a marine buddy told me: Motherfucker who's in charge
vulgar display of power thays the name for the pantera album
the story in this game man, fuck.
mfwic is Mother Fucker Whos in Charge
typo meant to say even pick up a copy of the game
5:20 My Face When I Completed That makes me sad, when people go over hidden gems like this
i didnt right the fucking comment, it started happening this morning, someone hacked my youtube account and now their FUCKING ME OVER!!!!! i didnt type that fucking shit and what i realized is that he/she is targeting games, i never even heard of this FUCKING GAME!!!!!!
Fubar is fucked up beyond all recognition/repair
Reminds me of Army of two a little bit
FUBAR: fucked up beyond all repair
MFWIC = Military Figure Who's in Charge or you could also go with "Mother Fucker Who's In Charge"
Foobar? Foobar means example in computer science.
its vulgar display of force, shame on you two for not knowing. especially you geoff!
I don't get people who say COD is the best game, they're all idiots. COD 3rd-person sucks harder than a Las Vegas stripper.
Well I don't know if geoff should be a shotgun kind of guy or not. I mean, in red vs blue he always call it, and get shot by it.
I could not play the multiplayer on this game. I kept lagging in every game no matter what.
The epilogue is the best part to get the 60% accuracy achievement.
saving private ryan joke by one of the soldiers right?
I've heard it called Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition, Fucked Up Beyond All Repair, and Fucked Up Beyond All Reasoning
its not the capital the of the UAE the capital is Abu Dhabi and dubai doesn't look like this in real life.
Mifwic means mother fucker what's in charge. It's English.
they'll start talking about the story when you stop talking about Scientology.
You guys obouvsly did not take time to listen to the soldiers conversations this game has a amazing hidden story.
MFWIC: Mother Fucker Who's in Charge FUBAR: Fucked Up Beyond all Recognition
They didnt even talk about the story. Dammit.
I've heard both, depending on the organization, nation etc. etc.
Did i said the entire series is a 3ps? Nope. So yes my facts are still right.
what year is this game suposed to take place in??
No, I didn't know that it was Geoff did I ? Its not pronounced like that.
well then im sorry to hear that your account got hacked i hope you changed the password and now its fine ;) good luck make your account more safe !! good bye !
MFWIC = MotherFucker Whats In Charge Its from Killer Elite. Scene = /watch?v=HTFEpadsyok
MFWIC = Mother Fucker What's In Charge
MFWIC is military slang for "Mother Fucker Who's In Charge"
My Friend Was In Cod that's what it stand's for
This game is a rather wonderful retelling of Heart of Darkness in a unique setting.
The Pantera album was Vulgar Display of Power >.<
u bet i am, i have been accused of things the whole day
MFWIC=Mother Fucker Whose In Charge
im sorry did he just say burj dubai......WTF HAPPENED TO THE BURJ KALIFA!?
i thought it wasn't retarded, just super-fucked up
fubar= fucked up beyond all recognition
This game may look crappy but has a really good story abd the ending will mindf**k you
im gonna make a video called This is....SPARTA!!!!!!!
I think they meant Vulgar Display of Power by Pantera..
Apparently people don't realize that they intentionally mess things up in the videos.
You don't use a shotgun, Geoff? WTF?!?!
Don't you hate people that think that every game that has a gun in it is a copy of COD
no its a third person version of a novel or something. and dont mention cod.
2:56 did he just kill Captain Price
third person games always have AMAZING detail, now i want a first person game with that much detail other than cry and frostbite 2 engines..
It can be both beyond all repair can be used for vehicles, beyond all recognition is usually people
I thought this games story line was fucking retarded
vulgar display of *power, shame on you antihero
Is there a dodge ability in this game like in Gears and ME3?
mfwic=motherfucker who'se in charge
Just finished it, very good game with a very good story
sorry for the outrage and good news, i changed my account password
MFWIC= MotherFucker What's In Charge
FUBAR= Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition
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