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Warcraft 3 - How to beat noobs really fast

by Reliseth • 53,797 views

This is for undead players that are playing against an orc who doesn't seem to be that good at the game. THIS STRATEGY WORKS IF YOUR ENEMY IS ORC (didn't tested against other races but you can)...

I guess you were the Orc player.
Maybe ur the noob one i can beat a noob like for 2 mins
lol good luck doing a nova first lich + ghoul rush against an orc who has even a little bit of an idea how to play. that lich will be down in about 10 seconds, if that. this guy didn't even load up his terribly placed burrows
Of course your going to beat a noob. And stop treating noobs like they are idiots or something. They need to start somewhere
Hmmm not convinced you're the undead player, The replay starts on orcs... :/
how did you get the video cam thing?
And that was why it was appropriate for him to go Nova, because this was a handicapped noob:)
hola que tal, disculpen la ignorancia, espero que alguien me pueda contestar, ya que hablo español! quiero saber como hacen para jugar sin que les aparezca en la pantalla el martillo y las demas cosas ! gracias
i can destroy your base in 8 minutes if i'm human :D
WORST Warcraft 3 youtube video EVER ! Even worst is the fact that he knew how shit it was and disabled rating so he knew ! But the true WORST thing is that i ve watched till the end :/
If you need a strategy guide to beat noobs, then you're probably not that good a player yourself.
this video is crap =)) RETARD OMG 870GOLD at min 4
I inferred that you thought frost armor is better. Also, frost armor lasts 40 seconds and a bm is too broken anyway to be hurt by slow. The only way to disable a bm is to damage him so much to the point where he can't fight without dying. Besides, the cold only lasts a few seconds.
i usually kill noobs by getting solid micro and pressuring them intensely with my first 2 grunts and far-seer
You both look like noobs to me.
And you are one epic noob for saying frost armor is better than frost nova. 90% of pro players choose NOVA first NOT armor.
Seriously, is that what you are calling fast? With the human race, i could for that time to have enough army and to destoy both of you.
hes probably facing an easy computer
@userofdoom1 you must learn to differentiate noob and newb. Noob: bad player that don't give a crap about behind bad and doesn't want to put any effort into increasing it's skill, Newb: new player. If I'm wrong please correct me, but saying someone who doesn't give a crap about behind bad that he is a noob isn't bad.
@SkulduggeryMusic Obviously, if this was in game or not a replay, he wouldn't have been able to turn fog of war on and off riiiight?
this is because no good player out there even uses the word ''noob''. its simple as that. beat your kid and its gonna beat other kids at school, different situation same principle
bull, the other guy just gave up.
I pwn with my Orcish Hord playing all
@BiggieSmalls11111 it still was not a noob... but if this guy had bad with time i forgive him =)
@TheRedWolf080 NICE, imm add you ASAP, make sure u subscribe to my channel plz so i can upload the vid and gameplay :D i play Warcraft 3 now for a week and i beated high level players :D i know how to play but i can use some extra training :D my name will be XiaoDun
@znobberful haha dont you think your comment is a bit ironic considering the title says how to beat a noob really fast??? i mean wouldnt you think rushing would be the quickest way??? why do you have to say it as if he did something completely irrelevant???
@twinzmmo Howdy! I still play Warcfraft 3 and I love to train new guys send respond back to me so we can hook up and I can help you out mk? You can add me Baldur080 on US East. Cheers!
I never said that, because it makes no sense. Learn to read or shut up. Frost Armor makes your army basically invulnerable against an orc player with a Blade Master, because you can cast it on your whole army, and every orc unit gets slowed. So, WITH MICRO, your army becomes impossible to hurt by melee units. On the other hand, Nova can be cast only twice before the Lich runs out of mana, and at lvl 1 it just does negligible damage to the high-HP orc units. Tard.
sigh i wish i was as pro as lostghost
and he is not realy noob!!!!! noob is you... he just don't know how to play, he is begener, and real noob is you, because you are happy to beat him.... let me play with u and i'll show u who is noob idiot :D
as orcs how i normally win really fast is i put all five peons on gold mine and train five peons and as they come out put them on lumber once the fifth has come out i then build 2 burrows 2 barracks and 1 altar and train grunts and a shadow hunter with the chain heal ability and attack enemy base usually works when i play
Why you make a movie when you are a noob? :P
you are horribe dont act like your good
Take the dislikes like a man faggot
holy shit does anyone need tutorial for this?
Well the title of your video is wrong.... He didnt own you!
you clearly don't know how to macro
scout withs aco and lost it -,- frost nova first skill withs gousl -,- (frost armor better) 3 goul rush fail ( 1 hero and 1 grunt and 1 burrow u cant do a shit) slow attack u walk rounds around map b4 attack xD
hey everyone, im playing warcraft 3 reing of chaos for 4 days now, and i lost soo many battles online, but i do have some vicotories ^^ uh,, i beated a high level player with luch :P i will upload it on my channel and i really hope that some of the good players can teach me how to play Warcraft 3 reign of chaos :P, im always playing the human race :D btw about the noobs IM PROUD TO BE ONE EVERONE STARTED LIKE A NOOB, so there is nothing wrong with that ;D TwinzMMO thx for the vid ^^
Imagine he wouldve picked a dreadlord... even better
@plplplplomg as far as i agreed ur first point, however this is utube a free will sharing site so u can post watever videos u like, hence only pros watch pro videos, only noobs watch, care and comment about shitty videos. Just wondering how many pro players called themselves noobs coz they treated shitty video in a negative way :)
@twinzmmo well,if u wanna be good watch some computers play on ur team,after u got it down play away,thats how i learned
WoW you are so cool you rushed a game! i wanna be like you when i grow up... NOT
Its funny cause the "Noob" got a higher score then him in the end, he just left.
using undead against orc close position i like to pick lich and get frost armor. build ziggarat at orc base. and keep pumping fiend. usually gg.
how would you know if their barracks isnt built / is in process of being built? MAPHACK YOU SAY?
Yes,im new in this game and everyone call me noob,idiot when im beating them ;d
do you seriously have the balls to call OTHERS noobs when you are attacking like 4 minutes into the game with nothing but 3 ghouls and a fuckin lich while you are sitting on 5-600g surplus? wtf is wrong with you?
holy shit... every 40% bnet play would beat this strat... your opponent plays 1 day but a player who knows to play... you would fail so hard it seems like you are a abuser? or are you realy so bad that you have to play vs players like him?... and turn ratings on to see how many guys like this video...
During the whole video i was wondering who was the "noob", maybe because both are...
ur opponent is even slower than the new easy ai...coz by the time u got those units, the ai would have a few grunts that can easily defeat the ghoul and the lich. so i guess this noob probs cant even beat the lowest level ai. but i can see u r using the acolyte to draw his attention, but that doesn't do much.
easy computer are actually stronger than normal computer, test it before
boring boring boring boring just fucking boring
the only noob here is you? Lich king hahhahaha ^^
"You can disable a Blade Master by slowing it with Nova, and microing your units out of the way" I made a typo: You can disable a Blase Master by slowing it with FROST ARMOR, and then microing your individual units out of the way as soon as he attacks one. Sorry.
Wait a minute, I don't get it. If you were the undead, then how come it showed an orc picture at 4:30?
@Andreithepala vad si eo un roman la comenturi despre wc :))
@TwillightDoom and it started on teal with the camera, i think ur rite
undead its great Race for me Why the Undead not train the spider & 1st hero should knight/Spider. Why the orc not build defense tower&some headhunter
Frost Armor is absolutely better than Nova in this particular situation, hands off. Now, since you mentioned pro players, go and find out how many professional undeads pick Nova when they rush an orc at tier 1... Anyway, what you say is simply wrong. You can disable a Blade Master by slowing it with Nova, and microing your units out of the way. Of course, if you have 15 APM, you can't do that, and you prefer casting Nova and beating only totally handicapped noobs, such as the one in this video.
that orc had hideous burrow placement
To be noob is one thing... but this is really scary And your video is shit
congratulation, you played against a noob.. why did you waste your time posting this here
'replayuri normale'. esti roman ? =))
@SkulduggeryMusic when u 1st enter a replay they will show the highest colour (red till dark green i thing
At the end the orc picture shows up, the picture depends on if you played that race in the game, so he was Teal and sucked goosballs. Thats what i say. No trolls or dickish comments here plz. :D
You can beat noobs by doing ANYTHING. It's funny how you call this a "strategy" and remark that it works against orcs. Then again, what's so special about this? You run to his base with NO ITEMS, you pick a lich with FROST NOVA INSTEAD OF FROST ARMOR, on such a big map that even a noob would have had a bigger army by the time you reached his base. You are one epic noob, sir.
WHAT A NOOB GAME OMG. wtf teal bm lvl 1 illusuin xd? and purple lich as 1st hero ? pfff to easy i would win 1v2 against u
why u turned off ratings to this shitty video? dont post one if you are afraid of judgement... and even better, dont post shitty videoes in first place
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