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Images from the American Atheist Convention, Washington DC, 25 & 26 March 2012

by dprjones • 22,268 views

Thank you to all those I met in DC on my first trip to the US. Your generous hospitality and warm welcome was appreciated. I will add links to the channels of all those who appear in this video as...

God I wish my girlfriend was an atheist.  I feel like there is a whole world of my person that she is oblivious to and doesn't care for.  She knows I am, but has zero interest in any topic of conversation that has as its premise that there is no god and therefore no element of Deus ex machina in our lives or in the trajectory of humankind.
Oh. My, God!  I really want to make a meme out of that last pic of Aron Ra "We are not amused"  If anyone has that picture please message it to me on Facebook
Smart people living life to the fullest! I would rather see this represent us atheist then the feminism that is speaking louder and angrier for us now. Lets go back to these times of youtube glory and triumph! 
WHAT A SHOWER OF BASTARDS.... the reason why none of you follow religion is because you,s have been rejected nothing to do with your bullshit logic when god does not want a evil perverse soul it gets led astray and when you try to open your eyes you will be unable to your fucked up mind will be aware but your bullshit logic won't help you's even your so called love ones will be too scared to go near your stinking corpse every thing will make sense but you won't be able to do jack shit about it your so called loved ones will quickly get fucked by other so called friends the paradise you claim to live in will be clearly visible as fake and your final destination will also clear that is the place where you will never be able to live or die only to suffer in pain torment anguish as you all rot in HELL
Thanks for the confirmation, don't have to wait time debunking a sky daddy now
I'm a scientifically minded, anti-current-system, free speech proponent, curious person but this party looks faaaaaaking depressing
That is a popular understanding, but it is not how the words have come to be understood over the past 10-15 years. Ask an atheist. Almost all of them are agnostics AND atheists. There's a lot of info on this online.
Wait... Aron does look like proper viking! XD
How I envy you! Oh my, what on Earth happened to the days ol of good, clean fun?
List of European countries where people who believe in god are in the close or clear majority: Austria, Spain, Slovakia, Croatia, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Greece, Romania, Cyprus, Malta, Turkey. Notice a trend when it comes to financial and social health as well as power in Europe?
Odin and Jesus probably had some old score to settle... =o)
Yes, let's all just convert to Christianity so we can be miserable fuckwits that don't know how to enjoy ourselves!
Sorry, hun, but your crazy batshit theists are already a minority and your numbers shrink more and more.
lmfao, I didn't want to use words too big for him to understand.
That's kinda.. the point? Atheism needs religion, and if religious influence wasn't so widespread worldwide, nobody would care.
The problem with having fun this way, I feel, is that if you want people to take your issues seriously, it might be better not to present yourself this way.
BAHAHAHAHAHAHA- *choke* hihihihihi... Man, are you dumb. There are agnostic theists and agnostic atheists. The data doesn't show who of the theists and atheists is agnostic. The data only shows who believes in god and who doesn't. And according to the data approx. half up to the clear majority in western and northern European countries don't believe in god, ergo are atheists. Tons of atheist believe in spiritual stuff. Atheism just means you don't believe in god(s) and that is that.
Lets be clear im talking male circumcision. Female circumcision is something practiced by muslims to stop from sexual stimulation before being married. Male circumcision does have hygienic reasons, and as for "scratching the surface of sexual effects" Ive never in my life heard a complaint, let alone seen evidence that it effects intercourse negatively. Ultimately this is a decision for the caregivers, and if done SHOULD be done just after birth so it is a little snip, a very little one
one more: we are materialistic but that can include abstracts. the feeling of rapture we recieve in front of nature or whatever that some may label god, not the deity definition, has roots in the material world. we are astonished by the complexity and beauty of the material world. this abstract feeling doesnt mean we believe in another spirtual world of course or that the soul lives on forever
"Perhaps formed an orderly queue beside a bone preserving mud pool so future geneologists may more easily determine where each fossil fits a particular species family tree?" uh what??? lol
There are varying degrees of female circumcision and the one you're most likely thinking of, where most of the external genitalia are cut away, is the rarest form. The most common is the alteration and/or removal of the clitoral hood and/or the clitoris, the former of which is the female analogue to the male foreskin and the latter of which contains the same nerve endings as the male foreskin in a smaller density. As for complaints, did you somehow miss TheBoyFromNorfolk's reply up there?
"atheists do not believe in spirits forces." Atheists do not believe in gods, that is all. You might also want to reconsider you use of internet speak. It makes you look like a teen, which you probably are. "Also, recent polls show 9 in10 americans continie to believe in God. :D" I know, never denied that, am fully aware that the overwhelming majority of Americans are theists. Almost half of them are creationists, too, so what to expect from this pinacle of intellect?
man id love to met these people they seem fun...atheist tend to be rather sober and boring...and the same peeps from before bellow me HELLO again
There must be Video somewhere? There must be Video somewhere?! There must be Video somewhere!!!! THERE MUST BE VIDEO SOMEWHE!! ok Is there audio of this pretty please.
The main reason circumcision began in the US in the first place was the prevalence of religious fundamentalism and sexual prudery and their hold on medicine. When people began to wise up and these justifications started losing their relevance, secular "medical" reasons were invented to keep the practice going. It's worth noting that the overwhelming majority of Europeans, Asians, and Latin Americans aren't circumcised, and to date there hasn't been any crippling penis epidemic among them.
I was being sarcastic. What I'm saying is that fossilised bones are scattered about with many missing links, rather than bundled together for paleontologists/geneologists convenience. It takes time to gather evidence. However, what we have so far is already significant evidence. Furthermore, each new hominid discovery substantiates the theory of evolution. Lastly, evolution is NOT a theory anymore, but a fact. This was concluded in the year 2000 when scientists mapped the human genome.
bro thats what i was talking about look above...guess nobody was agruing with me...pity... and they are not that different. if you suspend judgment on the question of god, agnostic, you still lack a belief in god. and that is all an atheist states: i lack a belief in a god. so they very much overlap
Glad to see the people I'm subscribed to actually know how to have a good time.
Work on your reading comprehension. I was talking about Europe. And yes, of course there are more christians now. After all Europeans started to take over the world some 100 years ago. Isn't it ironic that the source of the spread of christianity in the past is now the most atheist?
No im being very, very serious. Yes im making a joke of it but come on man....its not a complicated subject. Its been proven to be more hygienic...Im an atheist aswell I know how your critical thinking works. But like I said theres just a point where you look at common sense, and if you want facts ill give you facts. But i dont think we need to go into a discussion about it, i really dont want to. Yes it started as a religious practice, but its been adopted for hygienic reasons.
And the only reason you're calling it madness is based on irrational and unproven stone age superstition. To call something "madness" when your only reason for disliking it hinges entirely around your particular religon's dislike of said activity you're really not winning the battle of reason. If creationists spent as much time helping people as they did bellyaching about sexual expression the world would be a much better place.
AR is so fucking scary! i bet religiouse call him saitan or something cz he looks like he's on the dark side))))
This video made caused Rebbeca Watson to experience an aneurism and then accuse youtube of rape.
hi buddy you're religious remember?? so you have no business watching atheists photos here... lol
Your best vid ever, not pompous or bigoted
Agnosticism and atheism/theism/spirituality aren't necessarily seperate things. An atheist or theist can be both that and an agnostic. There is too much confusion about the term anyway to ask people after it for a poll/census I guess. The point is that the data only distiguishes between people who believe in god and people who don't, some of whom believe in some kind of life force or spirit, though.
Actually the fact that they don't have much to be against is the reason that atheists in Europe are not really active in such a manner. So I assume this is what will happen in the US as well as soon (in, say, a 100 years or so XD) as religion has become as obsolete as it is in many European countries.
Acctually circumssision has some valid medical reasons. Due to unintelligent design...
Do you people do anything to premote human rights or naturalistic beliefs etc anywhere, or do you just have gatherings with like-minded secularists, pussying around in stupid costumes?
Your point was that the situation in Europe is the same as in the US. It isn't, not by miles. You claim to be European but seem to be completely unaware of the situation and the data regarding Europe. You are probably a 15 year old American creationist. Or a troll who does an excellent parody of a 15 year old American creationist.
I don't know if it was your intention to come across as a teenager on crack but if it was I'd like to let you know you succeeded. :) Anyway, what I said was correct. Sorry.
Atheists already make up half of the population up to a clear majority and most Western and Northern European countries and the numbers are still growing.
And you fucking loser call yourself western European? Don't you guys always insist you are not European? Aren't you payed for by the evil heathen western and norther European countries like all the eastern european ones are? :) And you wanted to sell your personal experience as relevant and apply it to the rest of Europe, haha! XD Best thing is you confused church membership with belief in god and think spiritual people believe in god.
"Jesus/God gives us a foundational unchanging absolute moral standard for us to base our society on,(...)" If the morals of the bible are unchanging and absolute we would stone unruly children, kill homosexuals, atheists, people of other faiths and people who work on Sundays, keep slaves etc. The "morals" of the bible have been overwritten by modern humanistic moral values so everything is subjective anyway.
No, No, No, atheism does not need religion. Atheism is the default position when you're born, and after that you're taught the religion of your family. So, maintaining the default position of Atheism you would not need religion, as it would not have been beat into your head.(Yes, I said beat, I was in a Pentecostal orphanage where physical beatings were common if you didn't believe properly).Yes, though, if religion wasn't so widespread there'd be less problems, FOR THEISTS, NOT ATHEISTS
I really don't see how, as a supposedly rational person, you can't see the complete hypocrisy in this line of thinking. Why should parents have the right to have part of their boys' penises cut off while women are protected by law? It's just impossible for me to grasp why women are worth protecting but the minute somebody suggests that men should be given the same treatment, they're "pressing their beliefs as to what is right or wrong". It's bullshit.
Right. There's no difference between getting laws changed to make everyone pay taxes to finance your worship on the one hand and disseminating information for free on the other hand. Sheesh.
Yes, it is. Atheism = no god. It is not theism but atheism by definition. Sorry, "kid". Even if you take self-identifiying atheists, pitching them and the "force" people off against the extremely high percentage of Americans who believe in an actual personal god you fail so badly it's not even funny. ^_^
I'd love to hear some stories about how wasted Mike Lee was, lol.
Fine, let's say it's 99.99% widely accepted as fact. I feel fairly confident sometime within the next 10 years, it'll probably be recognised as 99.999% widely accepted as fact. Scientists have made connections between different species of hominini in the past. Then when the human genome was mapped, they had their hypothesis varified. We were related to other species of homini. We did evolve from those recognised species. Well, from the evidence I've read, heard and seen I'm 99.999% convinced.
~Christianity has not become obsolete. In 2010, there were 2.30 billion Christians in the world, an increase of 300 million from two billion in 2005. The number of Christians around the world has quadrupled in the last 100 years. There are over one billion Catholics worldwide alone. ~Jesus told Peter that His Church will go on until the end of time.
key change!!! yea looks like he busted open his key
Hmmm, look at all those priests...many of them are wearing silly costumes all of the time.
AFAIKR there are no medical reasons to circumcise an infant. That's why it isn't done for all. For sexually active men exposing themselves to high risk of HIV infection -yes, ONE reason (for heterosexual adults) What medical reasons(note plural) do you think would benefit infants? (Don't you dare waltz in here with pimosis because that does seldom require a full circumcision and is not treated until it's confirmed, normally in adolescence)
Of course it was and started as a religious practice, isnt the world we live in entangled by religion in one way or another? Bro theres just a point where you put down the research and speak from the gut, I really dont think we need to get in a debate about origins and practice to understand that if you dont have a fucking kangaroo pocket around your dickhead, its going to be alot more sanitary, the day atheists start pressing their beliefs on people is the day we stoop to the low of religion.
Bah! Whats the point of being taken seriously if ultimatly you have to sacrifice what makes you feels good? The whole point of being taken seriously is so that we can all live better. It would be quite paradoxal to sacrifice a good time to make sure that we get opportunities to... have a good time?
And now that you realised you embarrassed youself AGAIN you are trying to sell geographical locations as 'western', somehow ignoring that little problem of what northern European is supposed to mean then. A little course in European geography for you American/Irish caveman: Scandinavian countries = northern Countries like France, Netherlands etc. = western Countries like Spain, Italy etc. = southern Countries like Uncraina, partially Russia etc. = eastern
To do to unconsenting children with no medical reason? Yes it is a road I want to go down. Just like not giving a child real medicine and letting it die while you prey over it should be considered child abuse. Once you are an adult, you can do whatever you like to your own body. But a parent is a child's guardian, not an owner. We already have laws against many mistreatment of a child, while should ritual mutilation be okay just because it's popular?
And the last comment about pressing beliefs was directed towards this "war on foreskins" all these atheists on here seem to be waging all of the sudden. Its just as bad as religion putting a bible in your face. If a family wants to give the kid a little snip he will never remember for hygienic reasons, i see nothing wrong with that. It shouldnt even be a debate, its a very, very personal decision.
Where do you get yours from? Fear of hell? I like to help people because i like to help people, not because someone tells me too or the fact that if i dont ill get tortured.
And I see you are still refusing to say in which European country you live and why you thought your personal experienced would be relevant compared to census data. I'm not even sure you live in Europe since you seemed to be completely unaware of the typical discrepancy of church membership and actual belief in god here.
And there are countless other men just like him, too. Just because you say you haven't personally heard somebody complain doesn't mean that nobody suffers because of this. As for evidence of detriment to sexual pleasure, all you need to see is the 2011 Danish study by Frisch et al. and the 2007 foreskin sensitivity study by Sorrells et al. to understand how profoundly circumcision changes the sexual experience for a man, and even his partners.
0:26 isn't that the girl from Disney what's her name? I might be wrong though, she looks slightly different.
Nice to see great minds coming to together!
Watch my videos, I am a circumcised guy, I'm complaining. There is no reputable medical association supporting routine circumcision, & although there are more brutal forms of female circumcision than the most common male variety, there is much more in common than people want to admit. It's more than just a little snip, it's more than the nerve endings and possible scars or deformities. It's a violation of an infants right to body autonomy, which answers your freedom claim.
Yeah, of course he had to leave at the point it was getting interesting. Maybe he is now on a desperate search of sources to support the claim he made without thinking first.
Your comment was marked as spam, but I've unspammed it. Your comment is a reminder to what everyone who visits these videos will no doubt already know. It's evidence of just how flaky, demented, histerical and stupid you religious types really are.
Your right, No more poo-pooing for me and its true, politics and religion should not be in bed together. A problem we don't see much of over here (Praise be to commonsense). most of us are atheists anyway, so the politicians know better than to play the god card. Good Luck to yow Amurrikuns (that awfully good).
AronRa looks more like OdinThor.
I am Jewish. I would impose the same sort of sanctions we'd apply to people who cut off their daughters clitoris's. Without medical necessity, surgery against a minor is wrong. Being fully Circumcised is not for example, a necessity for most, and then you get the ultra orthodox who still do it by sucking the foreskin off, so I honestly don't know how I could get through to them. I can see your concern, and as I don't think I'll ever have the power to exercise my opinion, I focus on education.
Criss is too hot. It's almost not fair to the other ladies out there.
Religious? how about your evidence? Sure there is the ape and the human but where are the others? no where to be found? But the failure to believe that fossils put glued to together. demented? not so. I have a RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ! What about you!?
lol its criss, and she is everywhere :p
Haha, it's particularly funny how the only western European country with lower % than the US, Ireland, is financially fucked up and socially backwards, just like the southern countries you mentioned. Even Switzerland is notorious for lagging behind on women's rights (one canton allowed women to vote first time in the 90s). Isn't it funny how the grade of fucked upness correlates with the % of religiousity? I WONDER why that is...
Huh ...??? I am an Atheist. WTF. did you not note "UN intelligent design..." Besides I watch lots of religious stuff so I can have a laugh and take the piss.. why would affiliation have any conection to what one watches, don't you think the religious blackout of reality is half there problem?
Thnx so much for this Dr dprjones. It made me smile to see so many unbelievers still able to be a part of and having a good time, even though they're damned to hell for eternity. LOL I really wish I could have been there and at the Reason Rally, too. I love cristina rad, she is a top notch foxy lady,
i looked up many stats on this and all my numbers all dont even remotely match yours could you say where you got them? i think most stats are a bit higher than that....actually all the numbers from multiple studies ive encountered are higher than that >.> and you shot yourself in the foot. 27% will never be considered a petty minority....
weirdos...very much like the christians..
No sorry it is still the Theory of Evolution, just like its the theory of Gravity, its just the science world uses Theory to say WIDELY ACCEPTED AS FACT, sorry just wanted to clear that up the science world will never admit that it is entirely true well unless we come to a point where we know everything (this is a long way away) but until that point something may come along to slightly or drastically alter the Theory of Evolution eg Einstiens Theory of Gravity vs Newtons...
there is no evidence and that's because i would have a conscience telling me Evolution is wrong. Again why can't we find the other animals that are in this so called evolving process? or why don't they evolve again? because it was never true to begin with.
Your western European country? Which one? You are European but don't seem to know that church membership is usually by default in most countries if your parents were members in a church when you were born? How do you know what is a typical phenomenon all over the west if you don't even seem to know census data on religious belief?
want to know an explanation for evolution? /watch?v=BOTlNNsBqbA&feature=BFa&list=HL1334194282&lf=mh_lolz
No, the label "Atheism" requires a religion, because it is a claim contrary to "Theism". A child isn't born with anything, be completely honest. A child can only become an atheist when it's exposed to theism once it develops its cognitive abilities. You made the claim that atheists are a monolithic party which must somehow always be contrarian to some ideal. I think you're referring to sceptics, as by definition, atheism will cease to exist when religion is eradicated.
You wrote 7% while in reality it is 21% atheists who believe in some spirit or life force and 18% atheists who believe none at all. Btw., didn't you say that 92% of Americans believe in god? The only European countries who top that number are Malta and Turky and the latter isn't even really part of Europe geographically. XD
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