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8 Layer Barrel Cube Video Solve Log Part 2c: Third Layer of the Last Two Centers

by SuperAntoniovivaldi • 648 views

So, just to get a full feel of just what it takes to solve this beast, I'm going through the last layer of the last two centers in all it's goreious detail. Just one little algorithm, the R Ui Li U...

Sweet new video. If i had this "cube" i would have never messed it up lol i would have been to hard lol
I apologise for all the comments I posted on your last video.I'll take your advice and try to avoid participating in youtube comment-brawls as much as I can.I should stop when I saw what was happening.Again I'm very sorry.
See my next unboxing for another one. Also, there is the TARDIS cuboid from my unboxing before the last. Yours, though, certainly has a lot of style, and once again is bigger then any I've seen!
It took a lot for me to finally scramble it! It was like jumping into the deep part of a frigid cold river flowing towards a waterfall!
Yea, I saw it, another awesome build! Cuboid supercubes are the next big thing ;)
Thanks for the kind feedback, but making it look easy has more to do with video editing so you don't see the long pauses as I stare at the darn puzzle for hours on end :)
Good thought. Sometimes it's hard to talk about what I'm doing while I'm doing it. I have a hard enough time walking and chewing gum at the same time :)
Good lord man, you're insane! XD
Among all of your puzzles,which 5 do you consider the most difficult?
Seems like it and the Ghost Cube would pose much of the same challenge, seeing as how the pieces on the Mirror Blocks each have a unique length, width, and height.
I do have the mirror, and it's also a fun one. I agree with you about the ghost cube, the difference is that the ghost is positioned off center when it's solved, giving it a very unique challenge. I'll be demonstrating that in the future...
I love your videos soo much! Thank you making them.
I was just working on solving a 6x6x6 supercube with the gabbasoft program. I only encountered the 2-swap once, and I managed to fix it with just a few 3-cycles (before I completely understood how the 3-cycle affected the cube). My question is, was I just very lucky in being able to fix it so easily, or is the 2-swap more complicated specifically for this puzzle? Also, is it possible that I found a way to avoid the 2-swap altogether, or was that also luck?
No apologies needed Milan, I believe everyone has the right for their voice to be heard :) My experience with both you and Dan have all been phenomenally positive, and I believe that good people can work things out :)
Ah, good question! There were those that took me the longest to figure out, but once I did they became easy, and then there are those that I can consistently solve, but don't have a great method so it takes me while to get past sticky points, and then there are those that just take a lot of concentration and time, but are otherwise straightforward. Some top 5 examples are this one, the Saturn crazy plus cube, the Saturn megaminx, and two others to be revealed! Top 10 series in the future.
This must be one complicated solve for so many video's Jon haha. Record breaking cube, record breaking videos =)
Record breaking enjoyment! I had planned on making this like a miniseries, where I discuss the various techniques in the solve as I'm doing it, correlating them to discussions on parity, supercube strategy, and 3 cycle algorithm derivation. Demonstrating them while solving a seemingly impossible puzzle. I hope I'm achieving some of that goal. Also, I thought it would be fun to set it up like a vlog on how I approached a never before solved world record puzzle :)
Just eatin' some Chinese, watchin you do stuff I could never hope to lol
oh really? There has been more invented? I thought I was the first =( haha
hehe have you seen my newest creation, the CrazyPill. It's a 4x4x6 modded into a pill with the same colour scheme as the 8x8 barrel. I'm able to solve it mostly but some of the cuboid algorithms won't work on it so I'm still working my way through it. Definitely a hard puzzle to solve =)
You're a very smart individual and might I add it is thoroughly enjoyable to watch listen and learn from you as you solve this puzzle. You make super cubes look so easy!
right! I remember the tardis cube =) made me want to make something like that out of my 2x2x4
Do you have a Mirror Blocks? I believe that's one of the few three layer mods I haven't seen you with.
Well, here is the fortune in the cookie at the end of your meal: "You will someday do stuff you thought you could never do after watching a YouTube video."
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