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Johnny Cash - Hurt

by beno48 • 625,365 views

The Johnny Cash video for Hurt

I know he left us a few years ago but it still makes me sad. He was the greatest singer and musician in my opinion and just a great person. He will always be missed.
Vicky SMITH Shared on Google+ · 11 months ago
This is sayin' what my heart is feelin'....
"Everyone I know, goes away in the end....."
johnny cash got more play out of this song than nin.
yann le baccon Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
Johnny Cash - Hurt
Missed and still loved
Juste fabuleux. Meilleur que l'original de Nine Inch Nails... R.I.P Johnny...
Marlon Umaña Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
cash it's  awesome... just that.
Por favor, tendría alguien la amabilidad de transcribir la letra de este tema que me parte el corazón cada vez que lo escucho. En serio necesito saber lo que dice y mi inglés no me lo permite. Si alguien se tomara la molestia le estaría sinceramente agradecido. Un saludo.
Derya Unutmaz Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Djordje Majetic Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Daniela Santos Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Gab Fierro Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Melodi ne güzel, sözleri ne güzel, ... Eskiden bizde de olurdu (Büyükgönenç, Karaca, Kurt, Kızılok,v.b..) şimdi niye yok böyle besteciler?..
carlo norberti Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Antonio Torrado Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Qué gran cantante ¡¡¡
SummersPep Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
every version of this song rocks... I can just now NOT CRY AT THIS !!!
+jack randall me too! Reznor can be intense, but Cash FELT IT closer to his heart, obviously... and we know why. I'm so glad June is in the video. :)
I can feel that one, for the most part.
TrakinaS Way Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
消沈 Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Dmitry Kostikov Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Чем-то цепляет...
would have liked to smoke a joint with ole johnny
such a great song like this shouldnt be this short godamit!!!
probably the only song that makes my eyes water. amazing
esta musica foi feita pra june carter
As someone with the same destructive forces, I cannot express how much this resonates deep, deep, down in my guttural regions. It not only rings a bell, it smacks me in the back of my head with a sledgehammer!
9 people's friends and lovers went away in the end...
This NIN song was a perfect fit for Johnny Cash, and he did and excellent job.
If you listen to this song, I think he's regretting his life and knows there's nothing he can do to take it back. It's the song of a broken man, in my opinion.
Cash did not write or perform that song. It was performed by Odis Cochran & The Three Bigots but mistakenly credited to Cash by various misinformed internet sources.
this one goes to my sista Jen from Jo
He is a legend in history of music.
this is actually a cover, original by nine inch nails I believe
Yeah, what can you do,,,when its year time eh
This is one of the few songs I've ever heard that makes me tear up...
wow dude, you watch gay porn! to each his own i suppose
hurt is not only a song of addiction, its a song of all of mans sins which, if not controlled, lead to emptyness and sorrow. everyone loved johnny, addiction or not, because he did great from people in his life enabled him to live.
Why would you have a business open not to the public?
Reading through the comments, It seems most people dont realize this is a cover of Nine Inch Nails. Still incredibly powerful to listen to.
Not sure the song is about addiction alone..maybe more about trying to keep living with unbareable pain and the sad ways we use to try to cope. Its intense and makes me want to weep because Im sorta in that situation tho not an addict.
Johnny Cash is my life! his songs means every thing to me
I apologies for my generation ...
Great cover, but nothing beats the original by Trent.
No he won't, don't be cynical. There are literally millions of people who love johnny cash. Write when you're not so emotional.
I'm almost 50 and while I agree with you in the most part, everything comes and goes in cycles and just as most don't take/have the time/interest in quality music as you and I have, this 'cycle' seems to focus more on flash than on quality. The good shit is out there but sometimes you gotta look a little harder so don't be so hard on the masses. Most won't take the time.
I still can't believe that this is a cover, this song fits him so perfectly. Best cover ever!
im in that geneartion but i still respect good music like this this is the only music i listen too
Johnny Cash. The music I heard as a little kid and always adored it but never knew who he was. Now I know. johnny Cash is the fucking man.
Hey, while i'm not doubting the brilliance of the man and the raw emotion that has gone into this song, i would just like to make sure you are aware that this is actually a cover of a Nine inch nails song? Ignore me if you already knew that though
I'm sorry, but I hate comments like this. There has always been a "Justin Bieber" and "One Direction" type of music, and always will be. There's always good music if you know where to look. I know it's cool to hate the modern world, but get real and lose the pessimism people.
and that's what the you can never feel illum...
how about you just shut the fuck up aight? your facts are fake, please, go and die in a lonely hole
trent said that johnny sung the song much better than he could and it was an honor for trent for johnny to do the cover.
"He saw the truth", that's why everyone hates Christians, you summed it up right there, smarmy bastards.
someday I will die, and maybe I will meet johnny in an old bar and I will be able to say thanks because he taught me a lot of things and his music helped me.
I saw the Highwaymen in the 90"s in atlantic city N.J. JOHNNY kept going back stage Kris said to him please stop my Dad is right their first row in a wheelchair I was in the third I could see the COKE on Johnny NOSE Love the the man and miss him same WAYLON THE ACTUAL BY Kris was "can you leave the lady alone Christ my father is sitting right there ' It was sad THANK YOU FOR SHARING THE VIDEO i'll leave with"If you belive in forever than life is just a 1 night stand " SEE YA SOON JOHNNY !
No, of course not. I was talking about Bieber and 1D and the like.
Disliking bad music has little to do with the modern world because the modern world has more things to offer than just bad music. This truly is the worst music era.
What is it about people talking about religion on Johnny Cash videos.
Honestly, im happy for johnny dying. He would hate the world we live in today. plus he left us just enought to keep the craving for his music satisfied. Rest In Piece Johnny, Say HI to Jesus for me please.
this is the most awesome song... it makes me tingle all over every time I hear it.
He's not making a valid point, it's all make believe bullshit. People convince themselves they lived in an age with good music, with great artists. Somehow in their mind that elevates them and gives them a sense of superiority over the newer generations. Great music is being made to this day but they choose to ignore that and give the worst example possible. I am not discrediting Johnny Cash's music in any way but comments like that are ignorant and grating. It's even worse they're top comments.
This song, was so prophetic, in hindsight, it's incredibly sad and illustrates even a life well made, will ultimately, cause hurt. TY Trent for writing this song and approving it's final version. TY Johnny Cash for your insight into the true undertones of the song and sharing it with us. This remains THE best cover ever done.. EVER!
He also wrote a song "Ship Those Niggers Back". its a good song. banned on Youtube tho
if you're on the brink of suicide, don't listen to this
I love this song, but it's just so sad :( He just looks so old and frail in this video. It's a shame such legends as Johnny Cash have to grow old and die! You're music will always live on Johnny! x
Nine Inch fails might of sung the song but Johnny cash suited the song more but nine inch did make a good song so.. can't really complain lol.
wow i cant believe hes gone. RIP Johnny i may only be 15 but i grew up listening to all his songs and he is the true maning of music and art no one else can make you feel like johnny cash did i get teared up listining to this and some others get me riled up
Im one of the lucky ones. With me being a teenager in this generation. I still know what the true music is in the end. I feel sorry for where musics gonna lead to. Terrible. Not saying im special, Just lucky
I love the hand expressions in this video.
The 2000 generation is full of spoiled little asses who haven't been beated enough by their parents. They mad the shit you call dubstep mainstream. They made pop popular (no pun intended) enough to kick several great rock artists out. I can't respect people for ruining a good thing.
Peace to you. Cancer is horrible. Live your life and be happy.
It's funny how a lot of people here are bashing on this great song and like you said it's a NIN cover... He did a great job and NIN was honored by it...
he's arranged it to suit his style, but JC also had many addictions- alcohol, sleeping pills. He also regrets dropping his first wife and their kids, losing so many friends in the scene to addictions and tragedy. He also had a bit of survivor's guilt- of the touring gang he used to drive with most were dead at this point; Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis, Roy Orbison, members of his band and June Carter.
This song speaks the the emptiness that can come with fame, and fortune. As said "You can have it all, my empire of dirt". The addictions, and people hurt by those along the way, left scars in this poor mans soul. If any of us could start again, I am certain that we would try to keep ourselves pure, and honest, not being diluted by those pleasures, and pains that would seek to taint our natural state of serenity.
i like his music always have and i miss the music the most he is one of the greats indeed
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