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Game Fails: Halo Reach "I was perfectly happy where I was..."

by GameFails • 61,303 views

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@PlottedFate You can only boot someone from matchmaking if they betray you. That's why it's good, because some butthurt fag like you can't boot you for no reason.
This isn't funnnnnnnnnnny (when simpsons use to be good reference)
Frags used against your own warthog never work well.
@Captslayer21 Read my post again...Did I once mention giving me thumbs up??? Im not a Thumbs up whore...these things just happen to me...
... Dammit Caboose. I know you want to help, but please stop.
Why are people always dicks with the vehicles?
ejector seat go! wait i forgot the para *splat*
@Captslayer21 Yeah I suppose it was...Sorry for going on like an asshole...
He kinda hit the ground a little too hard ._.
well at least the ejection seat worked
The ejector seat works now if only the parachute would. =/
The man cannon in it's early stages.
Team Slipspace is playing Invasion?
and thats why i play firefight solo all day everyday
I love how it is a suicide an not a betrayal :D
Please explain to me how this was a suicide =\
@EnragedPorkchop Clearly it was some weird pulsating thing. Come to think of it, that doesn't sound much worse than a spider.
lol press 3 repeatedly GGGGame OVER
i would've spawned with a shotgun and killed him
ejector seat go! wait i forgot the para *splat*
were blasting off agaaaiiiinnn....
PEACE OUT Covenant, I'm going to YOUR home-world.
i like that since RvB started again there have been so many caboose references.
@Silvad0r that's not what the game says . - . A lot of these things get through. Just helps prove my point that Halo Reach was released too early (though, we all hate waiting longer, it may have been better on physics and reaction)
@geico300 Holy shit your right! So the real fail on this page is me, not caring what top comments are.
He just wanted to grind the rail...
To infinity and beyoooonnndddd!
I know what I must do... I must go to them!!
"covenant explosive detected, commencing eject sequence" "WAIT, NO!
He touched the ejection button xD
I like this b/c it's a double fail. Getting stuck and the flying suicide part.
So, his teammate killed him, but we'll claim it was a suicide
Who flips a Warthog with a sticky?
I think that was me he killed O_o
So that's a suicide, but banshee parts hitting a teammate is a betrayal? That's screwed up.
Because they fucked it up, pussied out and disabled friendly fire in shittyfight.
attempt to hit 88 miles an hour to go back into the future failed
They really spared no expense on those ejector seats......
Why would you even DO THAT?! Lol.
i like the part where it went boom
@cooldudebeer OR! The other guy could just get out of the warthog.
Pvt., I think the ejector seat in the back of the warthog needs a test. Would you care to give it a try?
@cooldudebeer Or, y'know, leave the jeep where it is 'cause the other guy clearly has shit under control...
@ZicPr0ductions you don't HAVE to be a try-hard you know...
I would team kill the Fuck out of that guy who threw the nade.
Holy crap, GRENADE!!! EJECT!!! EJECT!!!
i liked how that was counted as a suicide :D
That guy is a team killing fuck@rd. =)
person 1: *fire person 2: let go!! dam it!! *hit* i know i could do person 2: *busying shooting* person 1: *throw grenade* person 2: wait what.... *boom* why the fuck he would blow up -_-
Next time, just hit the damn thing!
@nathancallow31 Ah I understand.....well this conversation was pointless lol.
@orthipox Don't you mean: "Who are fucking 'tards?" You have to match your subject with your verb. Due to the fact that "'tards" is the shortened version of "retards", which in itself is the plural of "retard", therefore, it's: "Who are fucking 'tards?". Not "Who's fucking 'tards?".
Blue: Grenade Out! *Boom!* Red looks around Red: *Sigh*... Anouncer: SUICIDE!
The ammunition for that rocket hog was non-lethal?
What's with you guys and putting "Godshelp" as the guy who submitted the clip?
How is that a suicide and not a betrayal?
@Captslayer21 I don't play Halo...Im only here for the fails...
I wanted to see him spawn and kill that guy...
The ejector seats are still working.
@hatchling001 seriously >_> you copied the top comment..I THUMB YOU DOWN >:D
So I guess that plasma grenades can be used for air travel..
Suicide. Yeah, because everyone's initial plan is to launch themselves 100 feet into the air.
I like how he admitted his death
@bradwolf07 no friendly fire in firefight, unless you run someone over. so the grenade exploded, destoyed the warthog, launched him into the air, and the fall killed him.
Spartian flying away "YOU ASSHOLE!!!!!!"
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