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Minecraft: Prince of Minecraftia | Ep. 2, Dumb & Dumber

by YouAlwaysWin • 114,537 views

Dumb and Dumber bring you Minecraft videos, Custom Maps, mods like Tekkit, Feed the Beast & other gameplay videos like Call of Duty (Modern Warfare, Black Ops 2), Custom Zombies, and much more....

Were u guys having sex when u were bobbing
Hmm restone tourchs.. Herobrine coming.. yep.. p.s. Bunch of perverts..
05:00 They neva noticed the levrs.. Still didn't watch full video so..
how about i hunt you and cut ur penut size dick and open your eyes
@MrCoolguy506 shut the fuck up u retarted prick ass homo sexual bitch go do your job as a male prostitute bitch ass mother fucker
gooley or w.e meaty said means balls in my language (spelled gule) :P
That was ridiculiosly short lenghten your vids please or i Will Hunt u down and cut ur fingers off
thumbs up for the epic part at 6.30 in the minecart haha
i love the rate this thing at the end of the vids cuz gunns blows upp :)
That was f ing hilarious with gunns in the cart
omg it was so funny to see guns down in the minecart XD
lol i love the end with gunns and meat!! Gunns: wait. guys! dont forget to rate (i dont blame him for sauing that) meaty: *places TNT w/ redstone torch Gunns: *looks behind* ohh s**t
I love the map, usually these adventure maps are kinda boring but the map being cool makes it alot more interesting. Oh and I never noticed till now, but they are missing alot of stuff, like sounds for the coal powered minecarts. Shouldnt they go *chuga*chuga *chuga*chuga on their own? Alot of stuff in minecraft just does nothing.
@360boy7thst Ooo I'm scared of this little 12 year old
I laughed so hard when i saw dummer go down into the cart shaft
am i the only one that watches minecraft in 720p?
if 2+2=5 then why does gunns get hit more in any D&D
What happen to mine craft Zombies??????
Guns going down in the minecraft was priceless.
MEATY TALK ABOUT KONY 2012 it will make ppl more aware
Seriously stop about this KONY Cause, and learn the damn background from that company first. It's actually doing more damage then helping. Seriously STOP about it. :)
@sergio71995 stfu no1 cares! its big enough as it is telling all my pals about this one:)
@Wascoffee did you not see the channel update stating that they were shortning the videos, now stop bitching
chest in the water... u just completely passed it
i was screaming LOOK AT THE WALL when they couldnt figure out the minecart track haha
anyone notice they spelt minecrsftia wrong? lol like if you didnt?
why you say budder when it's not skydoseminecraft?
Actually if u updated to 1.2.3 you can do the ladder jumping
OH...theres levers here! (the ones ive walked by for the past 3 minutes)
Apparently you cant spell and you don't know what gay means =_=
when he pushed dumber down i couldn't stop laughing
@tommson13 ya its an update the creator made it realy suks
dumber is so funny and dumb is boss
funnyiest moment evr on minecraftg 6:12
@CodGurjot it is better with more then 2 because they are all different types
Wow that was so funny when Gunns went on the minecraft. Meaty was like "Where you going?" LOL KEEP IT UP DUMB AND DUMBER! THUMBS UP IF YOU WANT DUMB AND DUMBER FOR 2012 PRESIDENT OF USA!!!!!!
Im a dancing queen said dumb and cracked me and my sis up!
Every time i see a NEW D&D episode *whoa i better go make something to eat* *lets start the video*
People commenting about kony how is that going to achieve anything on a minecraft video
A good laugh to start the good part of the day after writing about how I can change the world (I hate writing assessments).
@tommson13 it depends if u have the illegal version of the game then texture packs are altered in some ways as an example my friend has the doku craft saga like syndicate but all of the amour looks completely because he has the illigaly downloaded version of minecraft (*sorry for some misspelled words*) P.S. epic boobalishes followers of syndicate post comments saying " BEWBS (.Y.)"
@Wascoffee they already made an announcement about the length of their videos good sir.
That awkward moment when someone informs everyone they spelt minecraftia wrong when that person also spelled it wrong themselves
i was laughing so hard when gunns riding the cart
Lol thumbs up if you saw the switches and were yelling at your computer. XD
you should do an IRISH4HIRE :P
you should put out 2 times the content since you shortened it
You guys should share the news on kony 2012 like so meaty and gunns see
you missed a chest in a chest in the tree on the last episode
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