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Angels Made from Neon

by ssgwnbtd • 34,529 views

::Update:: Also won Action at Otakon 2011. A music video I started in January 2011 and finally finished for AX and Otakon. It won Best of Action/Adventure at Anime Expo 2011. This version uses the...

Ian Lasley Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
I just... yes...
really? Danger Days won on Big Contest 2011 - one of the biggest and hardest contests there is, possible even the HARDEST. Otakon is a noob contest where none of the huge editors even bother submitting videos to.
@TheDisabledCube The name of the anime is 'Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt' (aka Panty and Stocking), and it's done by Gainax.
@NikkuManAMV last time I checked - it's called a ripoff~
Dude, gotta say, I still like this one a fair bit more than the other version. You did an excellent job in capturing the pure insanity of this video. The sheer volume of editing was apparent and I couldn't help but notice you were able to capture a more dystopian randomness than most other videos have been able to. The only fault I can REALLY find is that the pacing of editing between the first minute and the second minute changed dramatically.
진짜 멋진 동영상 ㄷㄷ;;;
@y00anime Yeah, I didn't even look for another video with this anime and song combo until after I was done. I saw the other one, and I like some of the edits in it. I think using the "legs scene" and other edits in the context of the lyrics is done better in my video. The first minute of my version is a little too slow maybe (the zombie part). The other one has an interesting ending. It's a good opportunity to compare styles of editing. My video has no effects or filters. I'm kind of lazy. :P
@MegaTryer That may be true, but personally, I find teh quality and overall amazingness of this one to be far superior
this is amazing, Great job. I'm curious... is the footage from an anime or a cartoon?.. and no matter the answer.. what show?... Grats on your Winning/achievements at the Con's.
@y00anime someone doesn't know how to make videos either (;
Thats awesome. My only comment: regardless of spoilers, having the end scene with you know who killing you know who seemed random and un-needed for the AMV. Just, for the people that don't watch the anime and catch it, could kind of suck. Otherwise, it was fan-fucking-tastic.
I saw this same anime to this same song done in a very similar way with more editing...don't get me wrong I have amvs to songs that others amvs have but I make sure I atleast use different scenes and editing
Remember from the episode where Panty and Stocking spend the entire day in their living room? "A Cock Sucker" needs to be an official sound effect.
I think iv'e already commented this but I LOVE THIS VIDEO!! I was screaming when this played at Otakon
i saw this at otakon 2011 lol not bad
Yes you won!!! I voted you for action and for best in show! Happiness!
... ok, the guys at DrMcNinja were right; we need 'SICKNASTY' to be a stock sound effect. That was bitchin'!!
@ssgwnbtd ... so lazy, that you didn't lip sync or sync it properly WHATSOEVER and "accidentally" took the exact same scenes for the key moments of the song? 00:00-00:07 (the whole idea of actually Garter doing all the talking) 00:08-00:14 (no comments) 01:27-01:34 (using that particular part of the car chase, on that particular part of the chorus) And I can go on and on. I know I'm being a knit-picking bitch, but srsly, these kind of coincidences do not occur randomly. Squall(c)
For what it's worth, I think this is a great amv regardless if you felt lazy. makes me want to watch the series again. Well...imo I'm tired of super clean cuts for every single beat. This at least allows me to appreciate the content of the anime in relation to the song. (and no that wasn't a jab to anyone in this specific comment section. I'm talking about the what I see in the org...last time I was 2 years ago.) But that's my own personal preference.
This one was my favorite AMV at Otakon actually, great job!
this is like the most random anime ever!
@ThaRuffy If he started this in January, there is no way he'd know the other video was being made. the other one just premiered in april. Same song, same source. Different edits and editing style.
@MidnightSun308 i thought make it rock was the best action, but it was in the independet category
1:05 must know what episode this is
Was.... I just drugged by the internet?
Nice job! Reminds me a lot of "Danger Days" which used a lot of similar clips with the same song and coincidence?
This is why ssg's the creator.
This was, like, the ONLY good action AMV at Otakon. And it was FREAKIN' AMAZING!!! Maybe part of the reason the rest of the category was so bad was because this played first and had no competition thereafter.
What were the results for Anime Expo (for all of the categories) ?? Sorry, I can't find it online..
@cosmicfai panty and stocking with garterbelt. Very very funny
i know this is late but the whole amv is of panty and stocking with garderbelt
@vadymich aw you just jealous. trollolololol ;)))))
I voted for this one at Otakon =).
Best amv at otakon 2011 I thought.
I think the stern face of the monkey is perfect for that "Kiss me you animal!" Lyric.
SO MUCH MOTHERFUCKING WIN!! PSG is amazing, this song fits so damn well, and shit is fucked up so many times I think I might have came buckets.
Was.... I just drugged by the internet?
had to to tell my neighbors the sound they herd was my mind being blown.
you reminded me why I love this show so much ; u ;
@SCARFACEMASTER05 Panty and stocking and garterbelt.
@vadymich Lol someone doesn't know the meaning of constructive crit. Chillllllll
Wow o.o I have always disregarded PSG and never gave it a chance. I think this video may have changed my mind o.o
I just saw this at the re-screening at AX today. Awesome work, dude! Congratulations!
Really wish this video ere mobile-compatible. HINT HINT
Thanks so much! I appreciate the honest answer a lot.
Danger Days seemed to be more fast paced than this amv despite the same anime/song... still I really like how this editor stayed true to the song and tried to follow the lyrics. Awesome no doubt.
I have a simple question that I would love if someone answered, exactly what anime is this? Even though it seems there are two or more animes depicted in this video, what's the name of the main one?
@siriushpfan you seem to know what show this is but i have no idea and would love to know =). pleas could you tell me? thank you.
Really enjoyed going NaNaNaNaNa to this with the audience at AUSA last weekend.
this video is the only good thing to come from both mcr and psg
Look man, this video is probably one of thee most amazing action AMVs on You-tube at the moment. This AMV along urged me to watch Panty And Stocking (Which was fukken amazing by the way) This AMV deserves a hell of a lot more views than what it's got bro~ Props to you for making such an epic creation
@SCARFACEMASTER05 This amv makes the show look WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than it actually is. Most of this footage is taken from eps 1, 6, and 13.
You guys realize this is a ripoff of watch?v=fvGGRDhegrg right?
ah man i really wanted to see the amv contest but i missed it! congrats on winning, you deserved it!
@y00anime no, I just made this 3 months ago (; watch?v=Fr75PxkFOq4
You definitely ripped this from this video. /watch?v=t_S4mBCEc1Q
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, it's the only anime in this AMV by the way.
Sorry, but this amv looks like a rip-off from "Danger Days" becouse it was created first :)
I saw this at Otakon and LOVED IT!!!!!
@BecauseImBored1 I TAKE THAT BACK!! The beggining is very very very similar but your fine like 20 secs in....In All honestly I like the editing in the other better but I Much rather your clip choices!!! great job
Seriously makes me never want to watch another PSG AMV other than this one ever again.
Song fits well with the amv. Great work.
congrats on winning action your amv was awesome i loved the finalists this year im glad i went to expo this year to see the contest :3
I didn't vote for this AMV but i must admit this AMV has a lot of matching scenes and a really catchy song! :3 I enjoy rewatching it and I think I might watch this weird series because of this amv.
You realize this is not a very long anime series, right?
There is so much to love about this show. Truly.
@Linkfan0001 You havent watched Excel Saga have you? =p.
I was there! I voted for this video! I'm so glad in won Action/Adventure! This was awesome!
This AMV made me watch the show. And it was awesome.
/watch?v=Fr75PxkFOq4 This one is great too.
Seriously, this is a mere copy of the original, Danger days AMV. It's nothing compared to original one. Editing is much better in other one, craziness of the anime is better shown with that amv. You haven't even bothered to do some color corrections to your scenes to make it fit nicely altogether. Imo should've banned from otakon for stealing the idea.
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