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【English Ver.】Happy Synthesizer【Kran is a singer】※修正版

by 奈々藍未来 • 109,364 views

【Fix Lyrics version】 YouTube Special Collaboration video Presents by Kran and NanaAimiku Wonderful presents for friends^^ I'm sorry if I accidentally subtitles original song↓ 作詞:Easy Pop 作曲:Easy...

This is an amazing cover. I love to hear it a lot.
The lyrics at the end in description is wrong :(
I really like this song. Where can i download it?
Was here 7(to) 9 months ago . . . Cool I guess (-^_^-)
One of the best dubbed singing voices I've ever heard. Have you done other songs?
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! THIS IS THE BEST SONG I HAVE EVER HEARD IN ENGLISH THAT IS REALLY JAPANISSE!!!! friend told me i sound like Kran...idk who she was untill my friend showed me this....I MUST SOUND AMAZING!!!!!......IDEA!!!!
♥Its called copy and paste ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ Or know the Alt codes for them =D♥
0:49 They just had to do a shot like that...
where did u get the models from?
I don't like the english version so much... who is the brunette??
@DiamondPope321 its tht possible?? I cnt press the reply button... I wish i could! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
im ganna learn this version, then the other <3
Nice cover vocals and nice translated lyrics. Love the original and also love this one. Great works!
oh god no.. D: ruining the song with english!
I honestly think this song fits my life quite a bit because I feel in love with someone but I realized that I was lieing to myself to get past a previous breakup that tore me up and the fact that I haven't grown up to be an adult
I learnt the dance through this video XD
i,for one,enjoyed the constant underwear flashes...
I like the Japanese version better but it's good to her English lyrics!!!
This song fits me so well that i cry everytime i hear it. Because it really matches my personallity and feelings.
I was expecting this to be really bad, but...WOW, I am shocked. Every single thing was really really well done. <3 Wow. Thank you soooo much for proving me wrong.
Am I the only one who find's it ironic that one of the lyrics is, "Think back to all the miseries and fakeness that surrounds you, I'll make it all disappear with this song you hear," but the singer is using auto-tune? XD
00:17-00:31 is my favorite part!I love swaying my arms!!!
Liked and favorited. It deserves not just one like but ate least 100. It's perfectly translated and the voice is really sweet. Also, the models are awesome! Thanks for bringing this to us!
i can see their panties when they squat down!!
i <3 it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
why cant anime girls be real -.-
the models are so cool...ARE THEY YOURS?! If so my friend will do anything for them...very literally.
How did you do this to your voice?
wow the Miku Model(blue one) looks so pretty o.O
is me the only 1 singing this in the japanese version??
@MidnightHalo um it is, i have this on my ipod. =P
I want long hair XD Almost exactly like theirs.... BUT IT'S TOOOO LONG!!! So how do they manage to keep it looking like that in real life??? I know I know... it's fake.
IM 20 and make anime vids but this cool
Wow.... Wow. Truly inspiring lyrics. Now I'm certain I will learn this dance.
does not work as well in english . . .
whats with all the panty shots!!!
Every male Otaku asks that. Sadly Vocaloids are the closest thing, and they're still way off.
The stuff kran was saying in wasn't right.You made this up!! :l
i hated that intro and was about to dislike such a terrible intro for my favorite song but then i head that ridiculous beatutiful voice and those awesome lyrics and it got a instant subscribe/like/favorite/love.
I absolutely love the video and the sync with the song (Thankful it's English) How did you match it up? I'm have a problem with that one thing on the MMD with the original English version sung by the same person.
The translations are surprisingly accurate
A-freaking-mazing. Liked and favrotited.
some parts of the lyrics are missing on the discription?
its seems every YT is helping each other
i like both of the songs - japanerse and the english version :3
Still gaming to this song....
what program did u use to make the video looks like that?
@MikuHatsune1311 The Blue Haired Miku Is Piron Miku I Will Send You A Note With The Download Link. Srry For The Late Response
wow i love the voice :D they look really purtty too ^_^ i think that this was done pretty good. wow thanks that there's a eng version that sounds good unlike some others i heard -_- YAAAAAYYYY!!! :D nice work!!!!
My friend has a boyfriend. Thanks for making this I am gonna sing this to her!
The Program is called MikuMikuDance (MMD for short). I'm not exactly sure where ti can be downloaded, but you can get extra characters and backgrounds for your animations. It makes a lot of good things.
This was the beginning for me. This lead me into Vocaloid, and then eventually into nightcore, then finally at anime. This video lead me into so much of my personality and occupation of my free time, I am stunned that so much came from just this one MMD among so many...
Their cute (: but the japanese version is way better (: but everything is better in japanese P:
shame troll face wasnt on the underwear =\
I know. Actually thats an understatement. Anime girls are HAWT no homosexuality intended.but dont lie its true. @nanoscopicdata
the singer is not the synthesizer lol. The dance video is made from a software called Miku Miku Dance or MMD for short.
I had been listening to the Japanese and dancing to it..but i never knew it had deeper meaning till now
Excellent! Pure genius! This should be available to IPod!
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