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Taylor Swift - Run (George Strait cover @ George Strait ACM)

by MediaInsiders • 950,264 views for MP3 of this song.

It was this performance right here that made me love Taylor Swift...she was so comfortable on that stage singing a song that belongs to the king of Country music, I would think it would have had to of been nerve racking yet she doesn't seem nervous at all. And George looks at her like he is so proud of her, he always does. That was the day I decided to actually listen to some of her music and now I just adore her. Taylor's love for what she does makes me love what she does too.
  I don't understand why people say Taylor Swift isn't country. So her song is not always about truck, beer, or Southern Pride. Her first self-titled album is as country as it can be. There are even some unreleased works from her that are just as country. So if she is diverging from country! it doesn't matter; fact is, she did country music. Songs like Tim McGraw, Cold as You, Stay Beautiful, Love Story, or Mary's Song have a very Nashville vibe! She just wanted to go "pop", but she was not never country!
its because of shake it off nothing even close to the country genre there
Who's watching this in 2015
Not a fan of Taylor at all and this is my favorite George Strait song as well... but she killed it. Very well done.
vids to mp3 might help you 
I just don't understand why some people don't admit that she can sing ? Yes she isn't the best singer ever or the best vocalist but she's good and hard worker she has improved a lot and she never lip sync she prefer to have a bad performance and this is the qualities of  a real singer/artist 
I miss this version of Taylor😩😢
Every artist at this concert seemed to perform at their highest level. I've watched lots of them. What an inspiration the King has been to all of these younger singers. Thank you George for preserving the best of country music for future generations. This is such a beautiful video. Thanks so much for making it available to the world.
All just miserable hater that it
why criticize a person when in fact you didn't reach even half of what they are 
This made me tear up. I miss her like this, but I also love who she's become. She's become such a beautiful human.
Just my opinion, but I don't think this was a good performance. Almost like if her voice wasn't strong enough.
You clearly don't have ears. But that's okay. I forgive you.
Steve Carlyle Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Taylor Swift - Run thanks baby we are both tired of this Nancy YOU HAVE" even taken over HER career wanting her to BE a pop star for US the music is supposed to GO hand in hand and right now it don't
I can't get over how good this performance is-there are other covers she does as well and they are all killer performances. I think these simple country songs let her voice shine. Her own songs tend to be incredibly complex verbally and melodicly and more difficult to sing.
george strait didn't even write this song
Genuinely fighting tears because fetus Taylor
+Landen Yanez Hoping this is a voice chat fail from a phone lol
Awesome song and Taylor really shocked me with her version.Great job!
I still prefer the George Strait version and no one can change that.
You know what Taylor, I learned to appreciate country music because of YOU!!!!! You are absolutely AMAZZZZZZZZING!!!!!! God bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't stand her.....but she does NAIL this song... very well.....
Now I have 3 versions of this song in my phone First is Taylor's and George Strait's studio and live versions
Still one of my absolute favorite performances of her. Amazing <3
finally she sings a song that has nothing to do with her ex boyfriends.
By the way, joe said he regretted letting Taylor walk out of his life..and he went to Taylor's concert, Joe was singing along with Taylor while she performed the song " LAST KISS " - for Joe... in case you didn't know...dahhh.
ehmmm, The Lucky One? 15? 22? mean? Mine? Stay stay stay? ronan? Change? etc XD
Good Job baby taylor Swift :-):-):-):-)
I love Love LOVE her version of this song!!
I'm not a Taylor Swift fan by any means, but I have to say she did a good job on this song.  Just because I don't like her music is no cause for me to hate her as a person. I wish she'd do more songs like this, she has a good voice for country.
That must've been so nerve racking, performing someone's song in front of them
Not as good as Georgie, but not bad..
Taylor's a far truer 'natural' vocalist though... George is restrained by his country sounding 'vocal mimic' (twang). Being country categorized he's never truly grown as an artist... Taylor however has no such restraints, she's a free bird, free to fly!
+Hoota Reboota  I actually disagree: I find her only slightly better than average (obviously better than me, but this doesn't refrain me from having an assessment), she misses quite a few notes subtly when you listen closely others songs, especially live versions.....While George's (yes, I agree that he is constraint to Country) voice is sharp as a knife and never misses a note. But sure look, both versions are nice; I just prefer the original.
George holds Taylor in the highest regard (and visa versa)... they both have a genuine respect for each other. Here we are in 2014 and Taylor continues to improve vocally... not only is she amazing but she's yet to reach her peak, that's when people will be truly blown away!
This is absolutely my favorite George Strait song too, Taylor.
I wish I could download this. Anyone know if this is possible?
With app Youtube downloader, easy to use, but illegal unfortanetly
777thunderstruck Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
RUN - Taylor Swift...
Wonderful cover... <3 Great performance!! :) 
i love you taylor swift really gooooooood run.
:) Great job Taylor! <3 
Steve Carlyle Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
YOU Are faceless cowards...keep trying to hide it...everybody wants this to end & Google disabled comments as soon as YOU GUYS did ISIS!!!
Dont care much for taylor but i love her singing this song.
Love Her singing this song!! Woe
I miss this Taylor Swift!
not a fan of hers but she sounds good doing songs like this instead of teenie bopper country.
Say what you want about the song and about her, if George Strait approves, I approve. And from the looks on his face, he approves very much of her covering one of his best songs. 
I dont like taylor but i love George :*
132 people are high on meth
She is so beautiful♥ ^^ Her voice is so amazing! Wow!!!!! :D ♥ <13
Oh, yeah, how do you look? Like an elephant? _"
RAINE TURNER Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Live salute :Taylor swift nailed her cover of my fav. GEORGE STRAIT HIT...***RUN.
Dont care much for taylor but i love her singing this song.
simply awesome...
The only time I have ever voluntarily listened to Taylor Swift. Such a wonderful cover.
esto es lamusica mas preciosa que existe. al menos parsa mi gracias.
She could sing Happy Birthday my D..k would get hard =P
They should have had Anthony Smith sing his song!
chrissy you can sing this song but I will get another chance before something happened to my dad.
Man, she did an amazing job on this song, one of my favorites. A beautiful girl.
Shields Jeff Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
I'm always amazed at those who are critical and say mean spirited things, why listen if you don't like it? Tsk...tsk...tsk.
We listen THE SONG not the artist,
Good job Taylor!!
Erica Ochs Shared on Google+ · 2 years ago (edited)
My absolute favorite George Strait song....... Find a truck and fire it up. Lean on the gas and off the clutch; leave Dallas in the dust.
tim greene Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Lets stop and think,now it's 2013.Taylor has more awards than she cares to count, sells out stadiums WORLD WIDE,is worth well over $100 Million,Is now on a 3rd Major tour,Has broken records with sales with singles and albums.Has fans in countries that don't even speak English and know little of country music.Please need I go on,You have to be a bit good,to have done all this at 23.So to just say she is rubbish and not have something to back it up is pointless and and well just a bit pathetic.
Been going 7 years now and still at her flying high , a fad, I don't think so and nor will Millions of her fans.
i miss the way taylor use to be PLEASE COME BACK TAYLOR PLEASE!!
Your ignorance is through the roof. Miley took exposing pictures, everyone in Hollywood does it. Taylor has dated 12+ guys in 2 years. So Miley shouldn't do what Taylor does, not the other way. She grew & became a pop artist, which is cool. But now young girls think it's okay to date 100 guys because Taylor is their role model.
I agree with you too. Taylor is one my favorite pop acts (also saw her live), but I never get why so many fans can't handle the criticism about her vocals. It's not like she became so successful thanks to her voice.
She is the best out there to me
This was when taylor was still cute, and country, shes changed a lot
ok..just because you heard more of her pop songs on radios does not mean she's no longer country, she still has a lot of country songs in her albums, and you'd know if you just listen to her whole albums and not just her singles.
There both great. They are both successful, but we cant compare them because they are different. Lets settle at that maybe? There both talented, amazing, and successful.
I like her songs I love her music
00.00 anybody notice the illuminati or free mason symbol?????? Coincidence ..........
I was trying to say that Taylor has an excellent voice and can sing anything and knock it outta the park. And I was only lammenting the fact that she doesn't sing songs like this more often because she's really good at it. I was also saying that I believe that it's wrong to hate someone personally based on their singing style. Apologies if anyone got offended.
Amazing cover! She is very in her element with country!
Because George is a legend and they're curious about her rendition?
guys! Opinion, opinion. Jeez, you're opinion is going to be different from his, don't worry about it. Like, I personally like Taylor better, but I still love George. I will respect your opinion, if you respect mine.
I absolutely love Taylors new stuff but I want to see her go back to country a little more!
honestly, I think she ruined this song... at least for me
I somewhat agree with you, however, the stuff you mention is not due to the work from Taylor...but from the professional people in the record industry who know how to work the public to throw money away.
She performed this song way better than George does...Period
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