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"I Won't Give Up" - Jason Mraz (cover)

by andrewagarcia • 880,086 views Thanks to Ryan Higa for counting for me :)

Omg beautiful voice....
I love this song so much <3 The Cover is great!!!!!!
on point! love and enjoy your voice keep it up i hope that one day you'll be able to sing at my graduation
this is bombdiggity, you GO ANDREW :D
Whoever put thumbs down is CRAZY!!! Your Awesome !!! Keep doing what your doing?? Gave me chills !!!
Where did you learn how to play that song on guitar?
Please do a tutorial on how to play it on the guitar :D
Great voice, great talent, great vocal range!
You have an incredible voice! Sounds so bluesie! I love it. :)
If you guys like this, check out "roar" acappella... With him in it... Pure awesomeness!!!
because no record your cover to download the audio :)
I bet american idol is like we screwd up bad your amazing and your story is amazing im so glad your you and never give up
He makes it his own.
I love ur voice!! :3 
you suck. dont cover such lame songs
bravo, now go, go play with u'r toys 
Jamthoney Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
I Won't Give Up - Jason Mraz (cover)
Bia Martins Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
dude no offense but if you can do better you post a video response ?
Your perfect but you are putting to much umph into it
omg...................... just perfect <3
One of my favorite songs and u covered it it just made it outstanding
Cool as the other side of the pillow
if i could sing like this id get all the bitches..
Well, if you close your eyes and listen to this version, it sounds like he is in an empty apartment and all that he has left, is his love for her. (And his guitar and an amazing voice, but you know, love... :p)
Ryan Higa lmfao ;p but Andrew's voice is so unique and soothing (:
I think he's gonna need some aloe vera for that burn.
Excellent, fucking excellent...
Im just saying, besides Phillip, you are the only American idol contestant I listen to. Once Team Garcia, always Team Garcia. Much love man
Andrew, how much to book you for a wedding in NY?
Very powerful Andrewww! Good job!!-333
I know that dude he looks like the one who join american Idol prolly 3 or 2 years ago " same looks , same figure , eye glasses and tattoo on his neck as well ! I think he is the one.
Haters gonna hate! That's a Talent!
Such a beautiful and unique voice :] you amaze me!
You sang this song so beautifully!
Maybe they dislike it? Maybe they're racist? Maybe they dislike acoustic? Maybe they dislike the quality? Maybe they're just haters? :D
285 people were so blown away by Andrew's acapella on the bridge that they accidently clicked the upside down like button
@superfunnyballs they disliked it because the realize that he's actually doing something with his life
Teach me how to sing like you pleaseeeeeee~~~
That's alot of burn in the past comments...:D
Keep Singing Andrew, you are AMAZING singer.
if you cover the top chunk of his hair, he looks like george costanza
Lol im laughing so hard. He needs some ice for his burn
Its out of sync man. Out of tune, too.
I have heard lots of talent, and I have to say my friend, you are talented.. If your looking for an agent let me know..
I think this guy needs to run down to sears, buy himself a lamp, bring it back to his studio apartment, turn it on so he can see how much of a burnt piece of human he is
I agree with @Ballupbeast7 Gone by Phillip Phillips would be dope
You're like a mix between Fergie and Jesus..
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