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Olympus LS-100 Multi Track Linear PCM Recorder Review

by Geekanoids • 6,263 views

Olympus LS-100 Multi Track Linear PCM Recorder Review ... full review here of this superb off-camera recorder, including an audio test. Buy your Olympus LS-100 here Useful...

might I suggest putting an annotation five seconds into the SS ad that allows you to move on to the video?
Thanks for the thorough review, that was very helpful#1
I dont mind watching adverts at the start of a video, its the least we can do with all this free content, but MIRCLE GROW? Really lol, youtube really need to pair up ads with the type of video lol!
NICE Does this record 3D audio ,like this i mean watch?v=8IXm6SuUigI
hmm... the sound is not that different than the camera sound you are recording with.
Dave, DONT REMOVE THE ADS, I know they help you make more money which means more videos! so dont feel pressured to take them off, keep them on and keep up the great work!!!
hey Dave, are you going to do any in depth review on the panasonic camcorder limited edition. I quite like it.
Great review as always Dave, thank you. One question... Is it worth the £100-£150 extra to get this over the Olympus LS-14 in terms of audio quality? Or are the audio qualities quite similar?
No I understand that you have to have them in the videos to make money its just frustrating when you watch three videos in a row and all three have adverts (not all three form your channel). Great content though and great videos ;)
It's a bit expensive but looks really good... thanks for the review Dave
I seriosly thought it would cost over 1000 dollars :-D
Hate people moaning about adverts lol, you need to make a bloody living! Great video Dave :)
Doubtful, I think the video samples speak for themselves.
First nice video. Strange with a 140db > knocking on the table and the recorder is CLIPPING ?
Nice piece of hardware. How does it compare to the zoom H4n?
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It's a shame that you have to go round about just to record. It would be nice if the record button would, you know, start recording when you press it.
Amazing piece of kit but like you say you need to be seriously serious at that price. Nice review Dave
Great device, but having issues with the CD recording function. It says it's "failed" on multiple attempts. I'm recording on 44/16/128 format per the instructions and in PCM (wav) format as well. Perhaps it's my old burner that is the issue?
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