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Jaffa Factory 5 - Not Co? (Tekkit)

by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon • 4,612,602 views

We have an unexpected visitor as we begin to lay the foundations for our factory! Next: Previous:...

Would be funner if they didn't script it ._.
It's lightly scripted
When I was younger I thought they were serious
Yeah, me too XD same with DaveChaos
I've already watched the full series 2 times !
Is it weird that I'm just starting watching this series? 😁
I've watched the series 4 times
Who remembers back then this channel was called BlueXephos
Finding diamonds is not hard. With the right technique you can easily find them. i found 10 diamonds in 5 minutes.
Lewis: How big is this going to be? Simon: 13 stories Duncan: 13!!!! Lewis: 13!!!!! Simon: Tehehehe
Is it Sips laughing @ 5:30 ? Definitely sounds like sips, but i want to know what you guys think.
"Don't worry sir, we'll work hard" Many many episodes later They integrate Sips Co =, LEWIS, DUNCAN, PULL MORE WEIGHT
7:25 "I wanna mate with your employer"
Ahh the good uld days ;) 
Am I the only one who discovered the yogacast through nerdcubed
"Uhm." - Lewis Brindley, Old times
LOVE the League of Gentlemen reference. I was wondering if "precious things" from the previous video was a conscious nod to that or not
Is it weared that I was eating jaffa cakes when I started watching the series
What texture pack is this?
i searched up 33 thomas street and it a building with his face on it
The declaration of the longest running Yogwar, which shall rage for evermore...
They own a LOCAL shed for LOCAL people.
If I was Simon, I would have called the chasm "Chasm Modan" :3
"You can take our freedom, but you can never take our flower's" -HoneyDew
Yogscast , i just want to say thanks for bringing joy to me and many others , thank you
Tekkit was a hit, FTB was not. Moonquest was great, Hole Diggers so far, is not.
I`ve heard sipsco is minecrafts only dirt exporter
Re-watching this series and i still remember this when it was uploaded
why dont u mass produse the diamonds?!!!! 9:10
it pasts so fast... doesnt it?
ali a was called the matrix
I can't help but seeing those trees next to the building at 8:44 as big middle fingers from nature.
Lol its been 2 years scince this was uploaded :-)
Lol HoneyDew Is a Narcissist
Lol it seems like Sipsco are the scrubs of the Yogscast XD that's what I've figured this whole time
I hated how they put skin in the series just went down when he was in there they really just should have left him at the sips co over the mountain bc this series would have been a lot better
I agree, putting an organ that covers your insides to this series was a bad idea
The ONE time Simon does stuff without being given a tutorial
This reminds me of the chum bucket vs the krustycrab (krustycrab being the Jaffa factory)
Not Co Is Not Fair It's HoneyDews Land Not Sjin LOL
This is the episode were they get new mics!
Lol Banta wif de yogscast
I have looked at almost all of their tekkit videos and almost all of them have 1 million plus views it insane if you look at hole diggers and moon quest!
Wow they were so quiet back then. And Simons much much more quieter.
I feel like this was the pinnacle. Although not as quiet and original as the years before this series, it felt brighter, fresher, entertaining, and the occasional yelling wasn't excessive compared to now.
The red flowers look like rubies
I fell satisfaction every time I hear the old outro
You guys should make the Jaffa factory wider. 😏😏 see how many comments that gets
The mintune I read that it happened
i wanna know what the seed is does anyone know?
Jaffa cake is love, jaffa cake is life...
I see what ya did deirrr
put the texture pack in the descripiton
That picture near the start is yogtowers.
They need a Jaffa theme tune
Im here'd it was dirt get it lol XD
Lol they planted flowers they took from Sips Co land not planted new flowers
How was he using levers instead of torches??? xD
thats a not a dormitory thats a domitory
Has noooo one noticed the date of this episode? If u have y comment about something in this very episode when it was made 2 years ago?
never mind they showed a picture of it i feel stupid
Lewis said "This is our server" and then it hit me. What if they just banned sjin and sips co never got associated with honeydew inc. xD
I remember watching this when it started.
How do tey talk to each other? is it skype?
They are all together in the same building in different offices calledYogTowers and they might use skype
2:57-3:02 what was simon looking at in the images before  (:0
I think you got the joke! :D
For this factory you would need 3354 blocks of marble or 52 stacks of marble and 26 blocks of it
5th time watching this series
I wish they would have called the mineshaft "Mother Dew's Mineshaft"
Oh wow a ladder. I hope you've seen a ladder before duncan.
Oh I remember this episode when they stared doing the multiple screen thing with Duncan in the corner, I was really impressed but it made it so hard to watch on my old 4" phone. 
you should have macerated the diamonds
thumbs up if you are watching them agian
Never did they know....... MORE THAN 100 EPISODES
I watched all the series 4 x
You can take our freedmen but not our flours
Its weird that everyone says do this and stuff when they said not long ago :D
only they know what they r doing Mel
gasp The Sipsco skeleton is spying on them XD
5:14 Lewis says it so funny | Uhh, we, Uhh we!
I know this video is 2 years old but if they wanted to build the factory on the hill why didn't they just kill Sjin :p I saw the videos would of been different in that case
3:15 That building is going to take 30 parts to build!
two years.... i've been subscribed to these goons for over two years. damn.
kinda glad sips bailed on the minecraft thing for the most part... sjin fits in way better with these tossers
what tekkit mod are you using?
I was hoping Simon was gonna say "So, you're sips bitch?"
you guys should do that split screen more often
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