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+SquaredSpekz And Disney bought the rights to Spiderman
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"What's a world without superheroes?" Sadly... That would be Earth
+Jesus FUCKlNG Christ  Wait are there masked vigilantes in NYC?
Oh GOD, rewatching this I see that none of them know how old these characters and team up are
''the bad guys are getting harder and harder so they need to start teaming up all they need is a ninja'' The Ninja Army and me are proud for you
Spider-Man is part of Avengers! For real! He was for some time a leader for secondary team of Avengers that fight the less dangerous enemies.
butthurt sony and fox sound like they dont want to make billions of dollars by allowing disney to make a full marvel univers
+notremosw Fox doesn't, but Sony may want to play ball, since that company is on good terms with Marvel (and in trouble if I recall)
Spiderman is actually an avenger you know but they do nt show him in the movies
he is a avenger but he is in the B team
Spider Man counts as an Avenger.
One of the best movies... They have no knowledge of it. Shame!
Spiderman was an Avenger till' October.
Kids react to the Avengers: Age of Ultron! (Trailer, of course.)
i wanna see the teens react to age of ultron, not the kids :P
wow everyone recognizes DC DC FOREVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
robot pigs vs zombie butterflyes XD
My head nurts with all the face palming I did when they kept saying dc heroes.
Like if you are watching this in 2015
Oh my god this gave me cancer
Lee is an Irish surname too, My moms surname was Lee....OMG I COULD BE RELATED TO STAN LEE!!!! This made my day :D
THESE CHILDREN OR AVENGERS...what commonality have the two? They are both...Americans.
2:02 Technically ... Spiderman spent two comics as an avenger in training, so she's right.
To the kid who thinks 35 is old: the average age for super heroes is 30. Iron Man is almost 50. Now go and wipe the boogers off your nose!!
I have to say I do love marvel super heroes and I did see the avengers but DC has super man and I love super man so I have to stick to what I love
Do kids react to pig man videos
Jake knows his stuff (and has good opinions) so thanks for that
"They're just bringing out new characters and it's making me confused" Bro, these characters have been out since the 60's. 
I like the fact that wen ur in the cinemas and u can feel the vibe
"Pig robots and zombie butterflies" LOL
Kids react to howtobasik
Have any of these kids watched marvel films before
"And zombie butterflies!" hahahaha
Why "close enough" at 2:06? Spider-man was a member of the Avengers in the comics...
Robot Pigs and Zombie butterflies, I'd watch it!
omg they got all of them dc 
I went to see that on may 3rd I remember I went with my older brother who was 16 at the time and I thought the movie was hilarious (in parts of the movie)
Actually TheFineBros.. Spiderman was indeed.
you feel bad for the girls because they are a part of these conservative gender roles.
Wow all dc that's all That everybody thinks Of instead of xmen
2:58 Avengers = Secret Michael Bay Movie CONFIRMED
maverl movies are going on till 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kids react to Vsauce!
sence when is stan lee a jappance name
When Elle said she was more of a chick flick person 😂 But in the React to Age of ultron she said she loves Harry Potter.. Ok
Some of them are just lool there saying D.C. characters wtf new hero's no dude
The Avengers vs Goku :).
They need to stop saying DC superheroes.
robot pigs and zombie butterflies sounds like a weirdly awesome movie.. I think I would go see that....
Spiderman was an avenger.
kids react to MIGHTY 7 STAN LEE  PLEASE!!!
It pains me to see how little kids know about superheroes these days. I bet none of them knew who Nick Fury was before Iron Man 2 and they definatley didnt know who Thanos was. Its so sad. I feel so alone lol :/
zombie pigs? what, what the.... ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffflying robot butter fly s 
React to avengers age of ultron plz
i know about avengers when i was fckn 3 and i was born in 2002 -.- WHAT ARE PARENTS TEACHING KIDS THESE DAYS!!!!!
Do Avengers 2:Age of Ultron 
I come from the 2 years future and tell you that this movie is awesome
well spider man was in the team! Read comics
Amir tho ( the one who's always confused )
teens react to ssundee!!!!
But they actually won the Best Superhero Movie award for 2012 or 2013, I don't remember. They said that on the cover of the CD
Batman , Superman ,... so funny!
Actually Spider-Man is an Avenger
I gotta say the trailer for this movie isn't anywhere as good as the new avengers movie coming out.
These kids are nuts. These movies were awesome!
Quick silver and scarlet which are avengers
Now plz make them react on avengers 2
Spidey actually becomes an avenger
let them watch STAMPY LONG NOSE!!!!!!!!
Spider-Man is in the avengers
Hey, can you make a kids or teens react to transformers
Watched the midnight showing
Do kids react to The Amazing spiderman 2 
I can't wait to see it # sarcasm
Elders react to avengers 2 age of ultron trailee
Henry Pym (Ant man) created the original Ultron right? So how is he not in the movie.
Antman isn't going to have his movie until AFTER age of Ultron. It's going to have two Antman's because their have been more than one person that has taken the mantle. Pym is going to be an Old Man who has retired from being a hero and he's going to train a younger man to take his place. I believe Tony Stark is going to rebuild Ultron from the old data Pym had on him, that's what I was told at least.
why not react to ice bucket challege
Kids react to Flintstones. =)
Kids react to avengers age of Ultron trailer
Kids react to TRON, then TRON Legacy
Also do kids react to staer wars IV the trailer
or he used to be white
How do I get on this show
The reason spiderman isnt in the avengers is cause Disney owns him and marvel owns the avengers
Sony Pictures own the rights to Spider Man movies. Just like Fox owns X-Men and Fantastic Four. But it would be amazing if Disney/Marvel could have them all. :)
Kids react to try not to laugh challenge
Yea spiderman is not apart of it. but sony and marvel are talking about making a little deal that would let marvel use spider-man in the captain america 3 which would have the civil war story line. and spiderman plays a huge role in that.
Spiderman is not an Avenger. Ms. Marvel, She Hulk, Wasp, Vision, and Scarlet witch.
Kids react to K-Pop boyband, EXO
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