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Andy Roddick greatest serve ever

by cliffemannen • 6,565,467 views

Andy Roddick serves a ball on clay and it gets stuck. Fake or not? You be the judge!

Fake. Powerade commercial. Learn to research sheeple.
this should be tested on mythbusters!
if he hit a person. The person would of went 32718378912378291 miles
Andy, when they said: "Serve the ball into the service box.", they did not mean that literally! :-)
Thank God there will NEVER be another Andy.
Sadly it's a powerade commercial.
There will never be another Andy!
until recently i thought this was real and i was so confused because i have played on clay courts and i knew that this just couldnt be possible... and have recently found it was a powerade commercial so yeah haha
I thought this thing only happens in the anime. Man, I was wrong. This is amazing!  
Real cause he is worlds strongest server
only if i could serve that fast :(
it's fucking in! bet a line judge called it out though!
La camara lenta me dejo todo claro xdd
I'd like to challenge
hahahaha nice serve :D
against the rule of physics...FAKE!
He should have said," I think thats in."
If you have to ask if it's fake, or real you clearly are not a tennis player or watched many tennis matches.  And, while I'm here...I predicted YEARS AGO that Andy, as much as I like him, would be this generation's Michael Chang.  A one hit wonder.  Now, don't get me wrong, to be a grand slam champion is something that many great, winning players will never achieve in their careers.  But, I always hoped that Andy would be this generation's Agassi or Sampras and sadly Andy clearly just didn't have that "it" factor.  Just ask Tony Romo.
It was a powerade commercial...
stfu dumb amerishit rodick is not the best server
Holy fuck, calm down LOL. Don't be jealous of America, apply for citizenship like everyone else.
It's only a spot for "gatorade"...............
virgile brigman Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
I knew this was fake as soon as I saw "Andy Roddick" and "greatest serve" in the same sentence
More fake then Pam Andersons tits!
It's a powerade advertisement , not a real highlight..
get lost with this 240p..its 2013
Rage for nothing? It was a joke.
the video was uploaded in 2007 you spoiled brat 
Anyway this point goes to Andy or not? Or is a repeat of first serve? Lol
A classic : Don't get angry Roddick, it's a big mistake ! ^^
you're commenting on the quality but it was posted in 2007... give em a break lol
HAHAHAhahaha too powerful....!! 
The quality is terrible
This was a powerade commercial
@Majiwe24... You'd have to be a fucking moron with a brain in your arse which is full of shit to actually believe that this is real!!!!!!! Fuck off you idiot!
Ramzi Tarcha Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Aditya Rathod Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
The greatest serve ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He sure serves the best when under pressure.The greatest serve ever!!!!
sorry rutvik to beat him first oyu need to beat me
I'm guessing if a normal bloke destroyed the court like that the arena owners would sue them for damages.  But, super star tennis players can get away with it.  Maybe clay surface isn't all it's cracked up to be.
That's Awesome...
This is probably an old match and video, dont get mad at the quality
And what did the umpire tell??? Who was this point for???
So was that a second serve or did they just count it as an ace?
lets just say he must use that arm for more than tennis  ;)
Pity Andy never won Wimbledon as he was always a good sportsman and 100% trier but there was always that...............Roger Federer? Anyway glad our brit Andy won it this year. UK
Nibal Sawaya Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Z Binghui Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Alexander Augusta Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Only roddick can do this :D
Alex Spletter Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Lol I saw this a long time ago I'm bout to serve like that in the tryouts
Gene Dexter Shared on Google+ · 2 years ago
Real. I was there. The tremendous spin on Andy's ball caused it to dig into the clay powder (only 1/4 inch deep) and then into the white sand beneath. Advertising agencies buy scenes like this for commercials, and with Andy having been a paid Powerade promoter it was a natural fit. The match was in Stuttgart, though the ads and displays that are normally seen on the sideboards have been digitally removed as required in order that this be used for commercial purposes.
Andy Roddick pre-2005 used to serve the ball like a handicapped kid....
what's the speed in that serve?
Its real, it was at a national tennis tournament. The ball could of been bad or the power of the swing could of be extremely hard and also hitting a soft spot on the court
Chuck Norris was serving, not Andy Roddick :)
Too bad he let his career winding down the way he did... At the end, he was a frustrated mess on the court and kept "pushing" the ball on both sides. Sad.
thats completely real........ i remember when it happened on tv... why would that be fake?
Technically... that's only 1 bounce.
Wow best serve ever! For more great tennis videos, be sure to check out our channel! We've got some of the best footage of the pros, in both slow and regular motion. Videos are broken down into forehands, backhands, serves, and more! You won't regret it!
Best server in the world... legit O_O
If the video has this percentage of thumbs up, presumably a lot of people must be thinking it's real. It's not.
so ur saying that something like this is impossible?
ok really dont car i dont play watch care or even know any tennis player its a boring sport if u can even call it that.
thanks for the super slow motion
too bad the rest of his game is not as good as his serves....
I think he meant the guy who serves, there for, the
for all those who never played tennis: this is fake
Because it's a POWER-ade commercial. If it were a real match there would be ads all over the courts for like mercedes benz, bnp baribas, atp, etc. and the score would have been displayed. It's fake.
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