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"Neil Young Sings 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'" - Jimmy Fallon (YouTube Presents)

by blowyourpantsoff • 2,301,924 views

© WMG 2012 Blow Your Pants Off - Available Now! Download: Jimmy Fallon performs "Neil Young Sings 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'" on YouTube Presents....

I don`t like JImmy`s comedy but that guy is a true musician, my respects.
WOW! he shows that he has more talent than fun games, jokes and etc.. He is really talented. He is really playing, the guitar, harmonica and singing...unlike Will Farrell. Not you typical Tonight show, but probably more talent!
+BayviewFinch He's no Lenny Bruce either .
+whillop Will Farrell rules also so does Jimmy Fallon, they all good and awesome!!
wow oh wow ... Jimmy is really really talented. He can do it all. Sing, dance, comic stand up ....... 
Epic spit string at 2:39
Ok no joke though, jimmy is talented as hell
jimmy - you are seriously amazing. I love watching you every night and laughing as hard as I do. It's kind of life-changing - i know that might come off sounding a little hokey, but You change people. Every evening, you transform our slightly roughed up "people-ness" after being out in the world that day. You make me feel like everything really IS going to be ok. Thank you for giving all of this good stuff. And now you're talking to your daytime counter-part, Ellen.  Life is better with you both. LOVE,  laura
Would love to see fallon in movies..
Holy fuck Jimmy Fallon is legit at singing and playing music. I mean he is really fucking good! 
Fallon's funny and really cool all at the same time. Amazing talent.
This is awesome! Looks and sounds just like Neil when he performed this.  Jimmy can sing! 
it's weird how he actually sounds like neil young....
Maybe it's because he's doing an impression of Neil Young?
Well I know that, i'm just saying that it's awesome how almost spot on his impression is man
now I really want to hear Neil Young actually sing this :D
this is too good! 
Jimmy Fallon .... The best there is the best there was the best there ever WILL BE.... YOU ROCK FALLON
Is it bad that i like this version a tiny bit more
JIMMY you are a piece of work I Love you
The dude has talent.
As often as Fallon laughs in his skits on SNL - glad he keeps his cool in his impersonations.
absolutely fantastic love Jimmy Fallon so much!. I'm a big fan of Neil Young..this is great.
damn your voice! just like him!
Loling at the drool at 2:47  :)
Jimmy is so amazingly talented in so many ways.... if I didn't like him so much I'd hate him. #Envious
Play this and heart of gold at the same time, lmao
hilarious - changes the whole feel of the theme tune :)
SOLD.......i gotta start watching his shows now
Another awesome impression.  Jimmy Rules! ♫
he is so good on many things XD i'm jelly ;) 
This is actually very good.
Oh, Em, Gee.... wow... Jimmy Fallon sounds amazing. I would've never known... Awesome! =) Thank you for this video!
That was cool!!!!!
thank you Erick +Erick Conde this is different :-)
if he had more facial hair that would be johnny depp playing neil young.
lee Harvey Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
Too incredible.  Jimmy is the best impersonator in the business in my opinion.  Thank Jimmy.  You deserve your promotion.  As for Roots.. meh.
You sir are an idiot....
i love neil young and this is amazing , jimmy fallon is a genius
Alexander Marsh Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Eat your heart out Will Smith.
Craig Stevenson Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Had I not read the title, I would have seriously thought I was watching Neil Young. Amazing.
This is definately one of Neil Young's best songs. Great cover Jimmy!
Anyone else notice the line of drool at about 2:40?
wow, pretty damn good cover. lol.
Not only do I love the fresh prince but he sounded just like neil young and i do like neil young.
Couldn't even laugh at this. Was too blown away by the impression I just sat there in awe. Fallon too good.
This is actually really good
Damn. That is pretty impressive. Glad he got the Tonight Show, he deserves it!
you need help if you find this funny
I think you need help if you don't find this funny.
does Neil better then Neil,great stuff.
this guy has to much talent.....
What chords is he using?
while it sucks about conan not keeping it, he has found his groove on cable and I think there isn't someone that deserves the tonight show more than fallon
A damn good impression!
Awesome....this guy's got so much talent...;)
Jimmy fallon is a true entertainer.
OHMYGOSH, I could listen to Neil Young all day and into the night.
quit with the pop-ups on the screen faggot
Audrey Michel Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
old but still so good
okrajoe Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Lmao, you should do neil young- fresh prince nightmare on my street.
i love love love Jimmy!!!
You sound just like neil young this is awsome
worst interpretation ever, no grace at all......
Needs more cowbell!!
How do you hold a straight face singing like neil young and suck so bad at silent library
Holy hell, that is a damn good impression of Neil.
Don McClean would do this song well haha
its ok but will smith dose it better
Really? Can Will Smith impersonate Neil Young too? Yeah, didn't think so.
wow its amazing how much he both looks and sounds like neil young
Is there something he can't do ?
it is so weird that we have watched...listened...and gone to Neil concerts since mid sixties...and we looked at Jimmy...and we were brought back to all of our young years....duped...totally duped....good job Jimmy!!!!!
His impression is freaking eerie. There are guys that make a career out of impersonating only a handful of people and never get anywhere close to that level.
That actually sounds A...MA...ZING!!!!!!!!!!!! in fact, it sounds like Neil Young wrote the song...
Dan Wright Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
The Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme as sung by Neil Young.
Jimmy Fallon blows away all the late night hosts.  An innovator taking the "genre" to a whole new level.
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