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Man you have a nice bit of land. I want land like this next to my house when I retire. I plan on creating my own range too. Great videos. I love Springfield XD line with XDM being my favorite.
I'm likein that gun...your 30' hits were real nice.
Just purchased on of those bad boy!! Thanks for the video great stuff!!
I picked mine up a little over 3 months ago and I love it.  This baby is my daily carry.  I like it due to the slimness of it. I have the 45 cal. version.  Plenty of stopping power and accuracy at even 50 yards.  Lock it, Load it, Love it.
Great video. Really great shooting skills !    I'm torn between purchasing this pistol in .45 or the 9mm. I keep hearing that the .45 packs a wallop and you probably wouldn't want it as your regular range run (or practice gun) as it'll rip your hands up. What are your thoughts?
Too bad these are not for sale in California. :(
+theendisnearbeware It's many things: -lack of microstamping firing pin -no goofy loaded chamber indicator -no mag disconnect safety -etc etc... I'm thinking of moving out of state, possibly to Nevada in the future so that I don't have to deal with stupid California laws.
i didnt know they had got that crazy with the laws, ya i would be getting out of there if you have to put up with that bs.
And of course ... forgot to say that it is imports from Croatia ....not sprinfield product.
LOVE that gun! The XDS is the next gun that I'm getting! :)
This weapon is not for everybody. However, it is definitely for me. I love my XDS 45.
I have one in 9mm. Had it for about 7 months. I've never shot a pistol (in this price range) that shoots as good as this one. The trigger is phenomenal. People praise the trigger in the 9mm Shield, and with good reason. But, the XDs trigger is flat out better. Very crisp, with a nice break. As well as the very short reset.
Some people have reservations because this weapon is made in Croatia. Well 1) Croatia is a beautiful country. 2) Many of the world's finest weapons are made in diffrent countries. " Glock is made in Austria for example" "Walther in Germany" ect. The XD-S has been reviewed by a ton of expert gun owners, and many of them agree that this is a amazing little gun. Ive also seen people give this gun the "Beach" test, and it did better then a Glock. So with all of that said, give the gun a look, shoot it if you can, and judge for yourself. - Stay Frosty!
for some reason people think Croatia is some 3rd world nation and is dirty like mexico and lots of south America, but forget also as in South America there are plenty of paradise places. They dont realize Croatia produces some of the worlds finest wines and are making food that is spreading around the world and its a little slice of paradise in many ways, they have people living very well but not with the newest technology, and I am sure Springfield has lots of input into te newer guns being made.   Also they dont know half things in their own house or garage says an amaerican name on it but is made and marketed the same way as the XD seiries of friearms, porduced over seas and imported with an American name on it and these people screaming its made in croatia dont know how much they own thinking was mae in USA but was imported with an American name, and right on top of slide says wher it was produced. And with quality you find in all of them does it really matter (as its not as they are trying to hide it, Croatia makes great products that can be seen in so many videos and do alot of finer finishing inside the glocks and some other pistols. Croatia would be a great vacation spot where you will drink finest wine (made there) and best food made there with ways handed down for many mant families ( not broke dont fix it). And they have also learned how to produce fine products such as the XD pistols. They just dont know anything about the country that has its tight families bonds doing the old school methods and also have newer manufacturing ways making top line products and have beaches and mountains and a lovely place. If they were not up to par springfeid wouldnt work with them and help in designs and stamp their name on them if they were junk and hurt the Springfeild name with horrid products like a high point. I mean there are lots of duty officers carrying the XD line aswhen glock came out and did their torture tests, a writer for one of the major magazines way back in the day said if another gun compant can do that without failure but have better triggers and ergonomics then Glock will be in trouble, Then Xd line came out and killed the glock rounds and beat the round count and accuracyand had better trigger along with the better ergonomics and palm safety. so they have proved themselves since way back and continue to do so.
Awesome shooting man, what kind of ammo were you shooting?
Nice pistol the xds.I didn't know they could reach out a 100 yards! Nice shooting Brandon.
XDS is a 7 round single stack actually sorry XDS 9 is a 7 rnd and I have a 9 rnd mag also
That's on my short list of must have CCW guns. Thanks for the vid.
that f'n dude is a freaky shot! I hope he isn't around when I decide to go criminal !
I have heard nothing but good things about this pistol. The very rare involuntary fire issue has been fixed and they are good to go. I picked up mine yesterday and it looks like a very quality package. About $100 cheaper than the M&P too. NRM gave it "pistol of the year" selection as well. Nice shooting on the 100 yard target Brandon. Thanks for the vid, you just got a new subscriber.
I really like this little gun.  I've watched other vids on it.  Sweet shooter.  :-))
Looks so easy the way u slide the slide, y is so tight.but u make it look so easy, what can i do to loosen this up, shot several boxes of ammo, and when go to break it down almost don't have strength to lock back slide in second switch to remove barrel. Help
Well Thanks alot wasn't really waiting for reply, just got back from factory after being reworked, having rough time just chambering a round,not like that before sending back. Round gets hung up half in half out, remove magazine and all comes out, no bullet in pipe, bullet fourth way out mag.alright I will continue jacking it.THANKS for advice.
Honestly you should load it with the slide back and use the slide release to load a round. That is the way springfield described in the manual. I can load it by racking the slide but you have to do it hard and fast, this pistol likes to be treated rough. 
Taking my XDS to the range for the first time tomorrow. Kind of cool when your hitting the 100 yard gong, there is a "speed of sound" delay for the sound to come back to the mic.
The 9mm is a double stack mag and holds 7 rounds I think.. I have the .45 model and due to its small size, it has a lot of muzzle flip which would take more time to line up for a second shot and you can really feel the recoil in your fingers from the texture. I have a friend who has the 9mm model, I think I might pester him to let me give it a shot for comparison
Good info. I have been tossing the idea around about one off these.
can't wait to see a side by side of the XDS compared to the XDM ,45
Heard people with issues but as any new gun b4 shooting cleaned it up broken down and used hopps got rid of factory oils used an lil ballistol with an qtip and used 3 tiny drops of gun butter oil in the right spots ran like an champ. For the weak striker hits make sure there's no factory oils or anything there helped fix that with alot that had that issue
beautiful gun thanks 4 the vid
Got mine day b4 yesterday. Went in looking just for 5.56 ammo or 300blackout seen the XDS an after selling back my xd40 to the store recently for tre Glock 27. Due to feeling the slide on the xd was a lil heavy an taller than it could of been vs the g27. Kept the Glock but took the XDS to the range today. Not many but put 105 rounds through it looked at casings no light primer strikes no Failure to feed or fire. Ran flawless. As my xdsub 40 did just preferred the feel of the g27.
Excellent video. I was torn with purchasing this pistol but after watching this, I think I'm sold. Thanks for the great info and demonstration.
PM me your e-mail address so I can send u pix and discuss payment.
Good job shooting you did a good deminstration
Dude, you're awesome and you just got a new subscriber. Thanks !!
Wow Brandon, I don't think I've seen you miss as many in all your other videos combined. Was it the gun, or were you off for some odd reason?
interesting comment. I've been holding off getting the G36 ... waiting on the XDS to see how I like it. Have you shot the XDS? Wondering how you would compare the two besides the grip safety and the extra round? Thanks ...
Nice review, those 100 yd shots are impressive! Booo YouTube for making me watch the 45 second Obama commercial
Very helpful video! And great range you have set up! Thanks.
Yes, I've shot the XDs but only about 200 rds vs thousands from the G36. I liked the XDs very much, really did, but for practical reasons, I just can't guarantee that I'm always going to get a perfect grip on the weapon should something happen, this goes for 1911's too although I love those as well. I'm one of those guys who simply loves the Glock grip angle.
Nice shooting I bought my self one today as well I also own the xdm 4.5 stainless .40
Thanks for your good work, and your on-going good attitude/presentation. It helps. It also helps to hear an M&P guy admitting he's ready to go over the wall for an xds = it bears closer investigation on my part. Good job!
I'd thought of trading my G26 for this. Have you had any issues since this vid with odd ejection patterns where the shell is spinning forward on firing and scratching the slide?
I bought the XDs mainly for its thin frame and the big fat .45. In a IWB holster, the gun nearly doesn't print at all, a big difference compared to the 26/27 Glock models. It also has the stopping power the 9mm may lack in a life/death situation. I, especially, appreciate the 7 + 1 extension magazine w/ skin available for purchase, which negates the fear of a low round count. PS. AWESOME VIDEO displaying a short/sweet overview as well as the marksmanship this gun is capable of accomplishing.
Great review, I love mine, great in the waste band carry,plenty of knock down, with dependability. Thanks for the video, I enjoyed it.
Leo Sanchez, you probably can't even get a sight picture HAH!
I just bought one will have it Tuesday ... looks pretty nifty
Nice shooting! I like your setup too. Did you make all of your targets? Seems doable with a cutting torch and some sheet steel.
I have one. Love it. Great video.
well seeing how brandon with this pistol with only a 3.3 inch barrel can hit targets consistently at over 80 or 90 yds i'd say that not only is any barrel over 4 inches pretty much obsolete for long range accuracy but the xds as well as the xdm are a helluvalot more than just "close range self defense" pistols! and again my xdm.45 compact has a match barrel so they couldve and shouldve set the xds up with one too
Great video, I really like the XDS too. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a new pistol. for home protection , auto carry , or just for concealed carry . Small frame but real big action.
Your red head is hot! But she could never work at Waffle House....Too many teeth.
Damn! I would hate to be in a gun battle with you! Nice video!
Nice review and shooting. Well done. Nice to hear a southern accent on a review too. Nothing against "others", but you know what I mean. I have an xdm .40 and have been wanting an xds also, isn't floating around with this economy. Anyway...great review...I may actually subscribe...I don't subscribe to much. Thanks!
How's the recoil on the XDS? I know that a 9mm version is coming out later this year with a 7+1/9+1 capacity. I'm debating on a .45 or a 9mm after it's out. Which do you think would be a better choice?
Nice review and really nice shooting. Definitely going to be my next concealed carry! Have a S & W 9c now and I really like it but after checking this out at a local gun store, I REALLY like the thinness of this compared to the 9c. AND it's 45 ACP! What else do you need?
Bang! wait for it.... Clang! Love the 100yrd gong. I have some serious range envy.
I am picking one up next week. Can't wait to get out and shoot
Great shooting man! You made me happy I bought this! Can't wait to shoot it! Thanks!
Very nice video. Good luck finding one right now. Ive searched and searched and they are a hot item. As soon as gun store gets one or two they are out the door. I have been looking for 2 months and nothing. Finally this weekend I decided we were going to hit the gun show in hopes of finding one.Getting there right when they opened and found 2. Lucky for me I bought the first one I found. The second we found was selling for $799. I paid $569 for mine. Made my decision after seeing your video!
Very impressed man, I purchased mine two days ago and can not be happier.
How do you mean? The best stuff is made in Croatia!
Great vid! I live in Arkansas, which is a concealed carrying state. I've never shot a hand gun, only a 22 rifle and a Winchester many years ago. I'm considering taking a class that's being offered in which I'll receive my permit upon completion. I mainly want it for home and personal defense. Would anyone recommend this particular gun for my situation? I'm about 6' 2", if that makes a difference. Thanks all!
I just want to shoot at your range! Awesome setup bro!
Why don't you send some grips to all the rest of the average joe's that don't get tons of free T&E stuff already? That would be nice...
Great shootin Brandon! I liked the bitone xds45 I bought so much that I went and picked up a black one as well lol I just love these guns my next one is going to be the xds9 and probably a 40 when they come out too!
nice shooting buddy. 2 thumbs up.
I'm getting one. I love this gun! I'm a Sig man but I see a XD-S in my near future. Thank for the vid, you convinced me!
Great video, didn't realize it was so accurate at 100 yards. Just picked one up yesterday and can't wait till tomorrow to take it out!
300 rounds through mine with all types of ammo, no FTF of anykind, great gun if you can find them
Just wondering if this is a shooting range or your backyard house that you converted into a outdoor range? BTW love your videos
Leo Sanchez Since your prob aiming 1 inches away into your hand I'm sure your prob better up kid
just noticed there's no match barrel on this one??..little better accuracy with match but oh well..guess i'll stick with my xdm
which you like better XDS or shield?
I wish I had this but pricewise it's too much compare to the Beretta Nano.
Did he say similar trigger to the Walther PPQ? I own both and they are worlds apart. The XDs isnt the worst trigger I've ever handled, but it is definitely built for defense as opposed to targets.
Your one hell of a shot by the way bet u probaly do 3 gun comp with the way all that was set up
Man, that was some Pure T good shooting. Got to hold one in the gun shop a few weeks ago and was so impressed with it, feel and fit in the hand, solid feel,...I'm completely sold on this one. Thanks for doing the review.....always impressed with ur vids.
Maybe someone could show you how to draw from a holster. Good vid otherwise
No need for a match barrel on a gun designed for close range self defense.
Awesome review. Time to go pick one up.
small pistol .. big holes .. nice!
I sell these at the store I work at. We can't keep them in stock. It's also my daily carry gun. Springfield did a very good job designing this gun. The only problem I had was with one of my magazines. I got on the phone with them and they sent me a 7 round mag to replace it.
Brandon, My new XDs has occasional light primer strikes with failure to discharge. Springfield was not helpful. Rude actually. You have any problems with yours so far? How many rounds through yours? Thanks for the videos. Mark
Love this gun...Sorry Glock 36 the Xds is here to stay....
hickok45 and fpsrussia had a baby
I just bought mine for 519. :) 4/24/13
god dang sniper! hahaha thats insane man great shooting and great video
Springfield rocks! Love this .45 Just wish it could carry more rounds but for the price, conceal ability, firepower, price you can't go wrong.
i just got mine. cant what to fire it !
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