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Night Wacth (Trailer 2004)

by myxmovie • 184,653 views

my web: Hundred of years ago, the forces of light and darkness faced each other in a very violent battle on a bridge. In order to avoid the total slaughter, their leaders...

Alexander Fauxnome Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Esta es la pelicula basada en el libro "Guardianes de la noche" de Serguei Lukyanenko.
Azazel Fire Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Belial Fire Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
I've never #watched this Trailer before! Nice cut!   #nightwatch   #twilight  
Actually both movie are from the same book. The Daywatch movie was the second half of the first book.
@darkdestinationfilm yeh cos there are 3 books
The trailer looks like this guy is badass fighting other super humans but whenever he fights hes seems like some helpless drunk guy
@KrazieNation What made you think of him of all things?
@enyafreak2007 did you even watch this trailer before asking that? it starts at 1:42 haha
although i was thinking of something like this... SHIT IN MY PANTS TOO!!!! xDDD
so yea.... this movie looks about retarded
Was watching this last night. I ended up falling asleep but my mum said it got so confusing cos the second one came on straight after the first one but she kept leaving the room
@milky0candy I, personally, liked Day/Nightwatch, but I found it to be difficult to 'get' as it was mostly foreign (And the voice actors were goddamn terrible), had it been either filmed or decently dubbed, I figure it would have been a success. Although, having read the books too, I think Daywatch was alittle too crammed up, it was like watching a 2 hour end of a movie with no introductions or explainations of why this was happening. Very bad filmography.
This trailer owes me a new pair of pants, 0:26 OMG!
i prefer this one more than the second one
WARNING, SPOILER ALERT!!! MAY CONTAIN PLOT FROM BOOKS/FILM!!! She's a skilled and a very powerful shapeshifter, the most of the dark Others fear and respect her. She lives in a big house with labyrinth, guarded by specially trained dogs, who have no fear from the Others. Unfortunately she's killed in the second book by a Mirror, while fighting it (The Mirror cannot be killed in combat, every attack against it makes it only more powerful)... SPOILER END!!!
I watched this movie and since the story catched me up I wondered about the original books. After reading 3/4 of them (starting the last one), I must say this movie is waaay unrealistic compared to the original book series. Thro' the books are true masterpieces! ;)
@DRAGUNOV1902 shit, I spilled coffee on the keyboard:))
@KiranRules76 Trailer musics never found in the moveis. Haven't you recognize it yet?
You almost made my heart fail :P 0:28.
Этот фильм нужно смотреть не один, не даже 2 раза, чтобы понять и вникнуть в смысл. Каждый раз, когда пересматривала, открывала для себя все новые детали и смыслы тех или иных слов или поступков. Это лучший Российский фильм, и, к сожалению, не каждый может понять его.
Getting a Vampires Vs. Werewolves vibe from that.
what is the song in the last part?
Actually there are 4 books: Night Watch, Day Watch, Twilight/Dusk Watch and Last Watch. There ought to be a 5th book, but I don't know, whether Lukjanyenko wrote it...
Which "watch" movie is the better one????
T-ups if Freddiew got you here!
Wtf the movie is nothing like this trailer. Think low budget Russian crap. This movie was so bad that it made my anus bleed.
@meliketalaugh there is no better, they're part of a series. Although, the 2nd outdoes the 1st.
I have been wanting to read this book for months.
worst movie, was it supposed to make sense?
I have this DVD , anything with Vampires makes me happy.
are they gonna make twilight watch and final watch??
What is the name of the song 1:45??
@DRAGUNOV1902 dat shit came brutal as TRUCK IN MY FACE!!!
Fair statement considering they are filming Twilight watch at the moment. Well sort of considering there is a fourth book now.
theres a bit were a guy pulls out his spine and uses it as a sword
It's more than just about vampires and werewolves :) And there are mages, witches, alchemists, shapeshifters and some more types of the Others :) Read the books too, if you didn't do it yet, they're amazing :)
the main problem that i had with the film is that the first scene is from 'The Day Watch' not the night watch, just with anton added to it. that and the boy is not related to anton in the book.
this was a great movie, but you need to watch it subtitled NOT dubbed. i accidently started watching the dubbed version and became confused, i stopped 20 minutes in and switched to original with english subtitles and suddenly the movie made sense and was so enjoyable. some of the dubbed lines had absolutely nothing to do with what the character actually said, which added to the confusion.
dude I've been looking for this movie for SOOO long!!
artistically this looks pretty awesome...
Actually both movies are good, although they don't follow te original plot completely, especially the Day Watch. The film is entirely a new story only with some references to the books... :)
love this story..and movie...:)
In Soviet Russia, vampires suck you. In USA, you suck vampires.
I've been listening to the audio book the last couple days and have been hooked. Only distraction I've had besides work is this new york congress man scandal. I'll be listening to the DayWatch, Twilight Watch and Last watch in the next 2 weeks before seeing the movie. I'm pretty pumped for it already.
This is chapter one nightwatch great movie. then daywatch chapter 2 awsome, after that is twilightwatch, then the last chapter is FINAL WATCH. this is the best movie to watch
Isn't there a Night Watch trailer set to the M83 song 'Unrecorded'?
Does somebody knows what is the song in the trailer? 1:31
why am i only hearing about these movies now?
is this supposed to be horror?? i read the book but there was no hint of it
I saw "Night Watch" in movies back in 2006...and what a disappointment. The movie was not all the great. What disappointed me the most was the fact that the music from the trailer was nowhere to be heard in the movie. The trailer is very good, and the music in the trailer has a sad and haunting tone. But it is not to be found in the film.
Lol grandmas boy vs John Kramer
cant find this or daywatch anywhere to watch online.. anyone got any links to a free online streaming movie site, that has any of these?
@biglooneytic because its a Russian movie and not from Hollywood. Geat foreign movies are always pushed away by hollywoodien crap
@screammy1 :)) это ДА!.... Я сначала посмотрела Фильм... случайно попался... Потом переслушала все Дозоры в Аудио-Книгах... ...потом ещё раз посмотрела Фильм :) Действительно - Гениально!...
who else got frightened i was with my earphones on max volume @@
As I heard, Twilight/Dusk Watch is under scenario. Hope it will follow the book and will kick ass... :) I cannot wait for it...
the main problem that I had with the film is that the first scene in it is from the day watch, but with anton added into it, because the boy is no relation to anton in the book, which is so much better in every way to the film.
the main problem taht I had with the film is that the first scene in it is from the day watch, but if anton added into it, because the boy is no relation to anton in the book, which is so much better in every way to the film.
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