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Runescape Chaotic crossbow pure pking - I am Cold update

by MultiK0 • 9,341 views

Please like :) I ask for likes so I know you guys enjoy my video's and appreciate that I put time and afford in it, not for more money like moneywhores like Sparc mac and NightmareRH. Feel free to...

@Phaqex i dont bot and some others dont so fuck you botter
@ChodeUnit Nope, I actually enjoy dunging when im doing it with mates and I also leeched a bit
sick haha , btw ur dutch ? :$
Whats with the gay song or whatever the fuck it is :L
Headhunterz - Doomed a.k.a epic win
your a bully you pjed me for claws!!!!! Boston Jr .... you know you did....
are mercenary gloves worth it? nice video btw
@Stabbehind It's 2011, who DOESN'T bot? Stfu you monkey nigger.
@n0zeee idk if its worth it cuz the 25% def bonus wont help me at all and its only 5% more range than eagle eye
multi it is me warped lime ;) love teh vid gz on chaotic cross bow ;)
@MultiK0 Obv all those pures have adventure log toggled off + they all come from nothing?,last vid u had like 20 dung and that was 1 week ago
Thanks for the great feedback guys! New video coming soon
I hated Dung, and did attempt to bot it for a while. But i am not a die hard botter and would not pay for it, I am now lvl 33 and it is actualy really fun. Not all chaotics are botted keep that in mind ;)
Lol now u just buy royal dragon hide vambs and they're better than mercenarys gloves :/ that's rs for ya
love the nerds who just expect bot. good vid man i want a c c bow so bad idrc who says its not worth it.
@FEARTehTwinz Rune crossbow is slower, and hits less.. Chaotic cbow is 500ms faster and hits 20% more often..
Smexy Rofl :D Max hit? ThumbsUp :)
@MultiK0 good feedback? everyone thinks ur useing idungpro... i dont think thats good
ccb is a waste, i got it on my lvl 86 range tank but its worthless. i do not recommend it
so , from which website you bought rs gold???
@Stabbehind I dont get ur point, if you look at your recent activity you've posted nice idungeonpro 4 vids the last couple of days, there are also people who dont cheat in this game. I didnt even get it that fast, you dont need skill for leeching and I would never pay for a bot, i wouldnt even bot on a free bot
What were u using to train at that place? Please answer
i think rune crossbow is better. u never hitted over 400 with chaotic crossbow
@MultiK0 Yes, but you're not zezima or a famous video maker dumbass, l2notbot retard....
So should i get chaotic crossbow on my 1def pure?
Please come back, theres still a long time before the beta comes out, then you can fully quit making videos, but yours are really amazing, id love to see you come back
@iTzxGio if you are staying low def(not getting b gloves) they are worth it, if not they arent
actually not, they updated the mecenary gloves, they give +15 range now
even if he bots or not, who cares, we watch his vids for epic kills and such, we shouldnt care how he trains it..
Great video! keep them coming... love it!#!#!@# Subbed # all day :D
ccb on pure rocks ass !!!!!!
@Multik0 Gratz man and btw what font is ur text ?
dude your disgusting at pking. never seen someone more beast ha :)
@Stabbehind lolno in my update vid wich was on 17 june i already had 56 dung so i got 25 dung levels in 3 months "wow that just has to be a bot!!" *sarcasm* and my adv log was off for bh targets and its off for staking, zezima also has his adv log off, you thnik he bots as well? lmao
@Stabbehind he leeched it. i know this because my pure had his first gravite at combat 68, which is 2 levels lower than this guy and i botted the pure 100% (from lvl 3)
fuck the haters bro, i also have a chaotic cbow pure, and I have kids calling me a botter all day, but in reality, i leeched as a level 3. very nice vid
@iNikiii I think 360-370 without spec and with spec maybe 600? Never done that big though
@FEARTehTwinz Crossbows don't add to attack dmg they add to the consitancy which you hit. Its the bolts that add to range att
Never disappointing, thumbs up :D
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