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Katawa Shoujo: Hour Special (Disability Girls Part 10)

by CriousGamers • 100,095 views

As a thank you for sticking with me, my channel, and my videos, the least I could do is record an hour special. We Run into some weird people...weird naked people o.o...

23:08 I fail to see how it's  a disgusting thought. I have Asperger's Syndrome and I tell everyone I met I have it. I don't remember who said it, but there's a quote saying, "Don't hide your scars, as they make you who you are." When you think about it, it's completely true. Similar to what Alan Watts explains in his lecture "you are what happens to you," what happens to you and what you do can be very easily shaped by those aforementioned "scars" or, in this case, the people's disabilities. You must also realize that what is "too personal" to say is completely relative to one's opinion, as right or wrong as it may be. I used to think the fact that having Asperger's was too personal to tell people or talk about, but now I see how foolish it is to try and hide such a huge factor in my life that will inevitably be noticed by those around me. Not only does it make it so much easier to make it known to everyone so you don't end up awkwardly explaining it later, but it also increases the mutual understanding between you and your friends, or at least acquaintances, a ton.
And to think Misha was the first person you wanted to screw when you saw the class...
chilled bring back another visual novel!!!
Kenji is probably top five funniest characters. What a hilarious asshole.
Rin is so awesome! XD
I love Kenji. He's so crazy.
Please tell me that was the game censoring that shot and not you. 0-0 (please...)
+Nathanial Marino I was gonna say, I remember the game giving him a leaf 
The game censors it automatically but not with the censoring chilled gave it. He just double censored it I guess.
Misha running was the inspiration for the Pamplona Bull Run.
The comments are full of the word Aspergers and it is the funniest sounding serious disease since mad cow.(Ass Burgers)
+13thMaiden HAHAH, yeah now I just refer to it as Autistic Spectrum Disorder since its diagnosis along with multiple other development disorders was changed to that. Apparently there's also a South Park episode making fun of the name of Aspergers. Btw if you're wondering where the name came from because you can't imagine why they would name a disorder something that sounds like "ass burgers," it was named after the scientist who discovered it named Hans Asperger.
Something like 27:47 is when he explains Misha, is that it? Anyway just makes me laugh so hard
Chilled: "I gotta hand it to her, she's got a smile." Rin: >_>
shizune is scary hot
lol I was actually inspired to learn sign language. It's pretty cool!
Really? I find Lilly and Emi to be wayyy hotter.
you guys have no idea how many times i've facepalmed in this past hour
I can eat smashed potatoes with a spoon with my left and right feet.
he didn't need to sensor the kenji bit he has a leaf concealing his gentials 
they didnt need to no that
It's something in your pants!
throughout this whole part with emi. all i can think is. shes does anal, she does anal, she does anal. -.- i hate my friend for imforming me of that -.-
Her face during the whole thing: ( • ) _ ( • )
I think I have figured out Misha's disability, shes the daughter of the joker. she's happy all the time, always pops up when you don't want her to and is sadistic
+Arceus88888  She does have one, I can't remember what it's called but it makes her unable to control her volume at times.
It's actually implied that Misha has an ear problem, as in a few notable scenes she cannot keep her balance properly and she's already practicing sign language for the future when she loses her hearing completely.
It weird without nurse Pegasus
is it just me or is this one of chilled's most beloved series
How have I not found this sooner... Also they way he describes Katawa Shoujo in the description makes it kind of sound like a movie in a way.... God, only seven minutes in and I had to stop the video to prevent myself from dying from laughing
Dude... about the things cutting into your hand. I once lost all feeling in the tips of my fingers for weeks because of that shit. Plastic bags suck.
ive never laughed so fucking hard when batman made a cameo
Fucking shit the game isnt automaticly sensored
and Chilled your extra narration is so fucking funny
er.. that batman voice sounds like "edgar" from Men in Black 1. XD
The entire Rin conversation was me laughing like a retarded donkey.
please dont be misha, please dont be misha, GODDAMMIT ITS F***ING MISHA
How does a door "slam open"? teh faq?
I really expected him to go all UberHaxorNova and rage quit XD
I have one of thosentube tvs, hundred pound sonys
There are four - five paths / endings in the game which each make the game completely different, and is way more than 20+ hours of gameplay. In the 121 episodes he has done Hanakos route, Emis route, and is in the middle of Shizunes.
I liked Kenji. He was hilarious and at times he could actually be serious and show he cared, especially later on in the Lilly route after... certain events unfold.
"It kinda bothers me, joking about these matters doesn't feel appropriate at all." Chilled: "I got to HAND it to her, she keeps on a good smile"
"Do you mind giving me head, A hand, i mean a hand, A hand"' lol,
While a hour long special is nice i think it's more logical if you just uploaded two 30 minute episodes! by uploading a hour long one it makes me (and probably many others!) wary cause a hour long episode means I have to watch the whole thing in one sitting cause if i exit the tab the video will restart making all my progress lost! and when you make the video 30 minutes the buffers are not as bad! The only hour long special of anything I would watch is GMOD and papers please XD
2nd episode: that pink haired girl- she's pretty cool! Every other episode..... NOOOOOOOO! NOPE!
Did anybody else think Mutou looked just a bit like the 10th doctor minus the pinstripe suit?
Would you believe me if I said I thought of that the instant I clicked "Post"? Probably not, but that's exactly what happened.
So that means that 1,000 yen is $10? I was watching a bunch of anime and people kept saying that 1,000 yen was a shit ton.. Does that mean anime people are poor as fuck?
It's funny how in the beginning of the game Chilled wanted to talk to Misha, but now he just wants her to get away. xD
Nah man, my first thought too. Though I always read his voice as an exhausted spike spiegel
My TV is also really old It ways 75 Kilos
22:18 chilled sounds like Kenji
Phone glitch srrt it was supposed to be grupo for speed
Please don't be misha Please don't be misha !BAM! GOD FUCKING DAMMIT
it takes 75 yen to make a dollar, so 400 isn't much.
So this is how the world will end...Sore ass from sitting and watching this to long...
27:40 - I had to lower my drink preparation for what chilled was about to do... Thank god I did, I'm crying with laughter! xD
This is so good in all kinds of ways. :D
Ihope he kniws that prostetic legs are like springs that ha(ped
sir... i have read your comment and about shit myself at the number of episodes that are left...god help us all...
Either someone who REALLY loves visual novels, or someone who has WAY to much time.
chilled probably stretched the game window to that size would be better for some sort of reason
Did chilled sensor it out or did the game?
"Please dont be misha please dont be misha" * Misha slowly enters the scene "God fucking damn it" lol i died
I don't like rim, but I like misha
chilled: it takes times to learn peoples names me: you sure know who kenji is XD
I don't know why but I like rin's expressions...they're just unique compared to the excited faces or crazy ones
As long as he ends up with rin hakano or lilly im fine with this lp if not then im wasting my time :3 either way oh well.
>claims bowling is the manliest sport >has pink shirt with matching shoes and pastel green shirt with flower accents seems legit
Mutou- Harvey Dent, can we trust him?......I'm Batman
what the hell kind of graffiti is that!
i totally lost it at the batman voice
"You have no face, you can't see, and I'm stupid. So stop smiling."
Lmao! this series is so great! I love the beginning when someone opened the door loudly and you knew it was Misha! "Please don't be Misha. Please don't be fucking Misha. Please don't be Misha *Misha appears* GOD FUCKING DAMN'IT!!!"
as his baton is conducted freely.....LOLZ!!!
Something I just absolutely love about this series as in the game is that he realistically acts like someone just learning about their disability like I have a neurological disability but I remember feeling like this in a real sense even the disconnection from your family witch is shown by the fact it is a boarding school yea thought it was a cool way to show it.anyway laters
38 seconds in and ive already lost it Hana-canoe XD
the three misfits blind,dumb, and faceless
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