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Joe and Buzz: The Bear

by joeandbuzz • 11,564 views

The boys relate an ursine adventure. Check out the C.G.P. Grey video referenced at the end of the episode here - Follow us on Facebook, Tumblr, My...

Dear Joe and Buzz, What's it like to be Joe and Buzz Wed - Mon?
How can somebody dislike this, were they upside down and thought they were clicking like?
Wow, guys, this is your most sophisticated dooda yet! But, whales are cooler, lit.
Y'all need a show on cmt or an outdoor channel. Quality work guys!
The thing got good taste. Tried to eat me!
great video guys. i dont usually comment but i loved this one :)
the face at 1:19 needs to be a .gif. seriously.
:) Just awesome, as per usual!
buzz almost reminds me of Barney from How I Met Your Mother only more...American
once in a while i'm also grateful for things made in china. like sushi or stuff..
'You get chased by a a BOSS!'
One of the best videos yet. Good burn Amy Ann.
"All about Uranus." what "The planet." oh.
i can hear buzz calmly saying but also loudly saying "this is happening. THIS IS happening. THIS IS HAPPENING!!!"
1 letter away from beer too.. and who would shoot a beer?!
As an Australian I am supremely jealous of your wilderness survival story. I mean we got 5 kinds of deadly spider, snake and marsupial from coast to coast, but nothing like your bears. A bear is something else. Bears freak me the hell out. Now if you'll excuse me Im gona go learn more about Uranus. :| <- adult face.
I've made that Bear -> Beard joke before too Joe & Buzz, LOL. It's actually on my facebook picture!
Definitely going to use the 'WOW' face from now on. I'll tell everyone where I got it from, though, because y'all need/deserve more subs.
"First time I have ever been grateful for something made in China". That alone put it over the top.
maturity is good and all but if you keep making so many word jokes with it, it's bound to make me laugh
Being chased by a bear, better drink my own piss.
You get chased by a bear like a BAWS!
Maybe,One Day My Family Will Encounter A Bear In The Mountains. And I <3 Joe And Buzz.The Web Show
The wink makes it so much better buzz haha
First time I've ever been thankful for something made in China!
Thank you for informing me on how to handle a Bear situation! I feel so much more safer knowing that I am safe! And now that I know the story too, I know how to be light-hearted too! Thank you for making my Tuesday, amazing. 'Merica.
This is going into my favorites. Than you, Tuesday! You three are the best!
Thanks just for the smile on my face guys : )
I feel like you really didn't see a bear....
The " W O W " sign at 1:23 was just.... how do you guys come up with this stuff?
I love things made in China!
ursine: today's word of the day.
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