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PEWDIEPIE LIVE ON STAGE! - Fridays w/ PewDiePie (Episode 31)

by PewDiePie • 818,988 views

Hello and welcome to my Friday show! #FDWPDP It's my weekly "check-in" to get in touch with my bros :D Subscribe and join the BroArmy today! Fridays with PewDiePie intro was made by...

omg almost 30 000 000 guys keep sub alllll
We already reached it
I died at the opening
Where can I find the live videos of him with the bros? (Playing)
hey pewds! how about a trip to Malaysia?
I miss FWP like this. Where he just talks to us what happened in his life not do some weird wacky things, :( he said it's when he connects with us bros. But now, it's just a bunch of ask Pewds where he answers really weird questions
BEST. INTRO. EVER. xDDDD crying from laughter
I really do hope you get everything you wish for and get to a point where you dont feel you have to defend yourself from the haters, big love
You aré awsome Pewdiepie! I would like to meet you because i admire you! Im part of your Bro army and i don't regret it (FOR REAL I DON'T)!!! Jeep moving foward and never give up. Stay Awsome Pewdiepie!!!
I miss this so much.. 2012 Pewdie was the best Pewdie time <3
Did someone notice that in the intro pewds looks like sanji (one piece) ?? :D
So handsome 😍😍 pewdiepie way way way waaaay back
I know this is kind of late, but... PIGGIE?!?! WHY DID YOU WORK FOR THE BARRELS?!?! NOOOO. (Amnesia : A Machine for Pigs already passed, Toasty .x.)
1st time i saw the intro  it was awesome haha :D
:( It makes me sad because i know that pewdiepie would never visit Burbank illinois.. I never met a famous person in my life.. And i never well. >:(
do you got a twin brother  
HI! Please check out  my channel too!Also keep watching pewdiepie! ;D
I agree if you do everything by yourself it means more for the BRO'S !! RESPECT PEWDS
The chances of you playing with Pewdiepie .000000001%. I know coz I tried
That intro man that was epic :)
that is a dosend brooos
Come in Quebec one dayyyy!!!!!! =D
I really want to meet you and im actually pretty lucky cause i live in Denmark ( the land right beside sweden)
Bring back that intro
Play Neighbour From Hell Please
don't freak out when you see an indian from malaysia as your bro
visit Bosnia And Herzegovina please.Come to Sarajevo.
please visit Cambridge! pewds your the best person in the whokle wide world! xxxx
pewds come 2 america theres plenty of bros here 
Best intro ever faboulous
come to Bilbao again i missed you
I really want to meet you in person but I live in America =(
You went to Bilbao and I didn't knew it? TT
:-I I ment keep insta of jeep............Sorry.
hi hahhahahha plz play titanic and tornado survival plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
when are you and marzia getting married
I know I'll never meet you but at least I'm a bro
pewdie is soo awsm wat eva u do pewdiepie stay young and vids plz
@pewdiepie Do u play black ops 2 and if you do send a request to New_York_Kid96 and what is uyour pen name
Cool backround song pewds
Sverige For THE WIN Pewdiepie due e bäst!!!!
why do i continue to watch his videos... something about them is addicting
It's always great to know to be a fan or a "bro" of someone who is actually a great a person and tries his best to connect with his fans and of course he is pretty original and not a phony that's the best part.
Marzia feel asleep xD..............................
Pewdiepie,why don't you visit Dracula's castle? :(
"In front of people". saying to his 27 mil subs.
Pewds spoke swedish at dreamhack :D
I know I will never get to meet you because I'm in Ireland and live on a farm plus I never get to actually talk to you from the comments but when I'm sad or unwell I watch your videos and they cheer me up you make me laugh at the worst of times and if you hate pewdiepie then why do you even bother watching his videos
Brofist from Canada ! ;)
Please visit Alaska! PLEASE!
Marzia falling asleep xD.............
BRO FIST from Roumania :D
Ki am your youngest bro. Subbed when I was 7.
+Nicholas Cjgames You're right... it is Pewdiepie that we're talking about. And he's awesome! 
9K+ comments??? Du iu riiid dem ol?? :P
i regret not being there bro fisting you.....maybe i'll make it to your next stage event
fuck the haters of pewdiepie
your awesome pewdiepie
you make the best intros these days
Ive been told by my friends and other ppl that I was the youngest girl to subb at age seven.
+Weezin Fixx don't be a douche, nice! youngest girl to sub <3 
Broes 4 ever BROFIST Pewdie
Keep the intro Pewds I really wish I met you
I Like That Intro :D
i wish I could bro fist you now in real life                                                  
I hate it when people say they only do it for money and they dont care about there subscribers but they all do so dont say stuff like that you wouldnt like it if someone said that to you
PEWDS YOU WENT TO SPAIN?! You should have gone to Barcelona it would have made me happy.... It's okay though I forgive you happy face :)
i remember i watched this in 2012 c:
pewdiepie does not make videos to make money he does it to make people happy
LOL she asleep but with good pose(if it wrong sorry,i'm an Indonesia)
go to davao city, phillipines!!! brofist from davao!!
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