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Team Epiphany Update: Burning School Notes!

by Team Epiphany • 11,468 views

Summer update discussing our summer upload schedule as well as the new series that will be premiering soon on Team0Epiphany. Stay tuned for more videos coming soon! Facebook...

I wish I could burn my English
Lets gather round the campfire and sing our campfire song or c-a-m-p f-i-r-e song
@CleanerMass Same here! Im in vermont and we get out the 22nd
canadians in Texas we know how to burn down a building
They have this great thing called a match, try that.
Reminds me of last year: 473 kilos of C-4 and a slight miscalculation on where to put the camera causing it to break. I need to get a new one, cause this year I'm using a Barrett M83 .50 cal sniper rifle... (Gotta love that military family; and being a weapons engineer)
dont use axe use bugspray! IT WORKS
School ends december 7th for me D:
I have to wait a few more days to do this :(
how do you fail with axe. i get a flamethrower when i take axe to a lighter
You guys are crazy. But thats okay I'd burn my notes too if I ever took any lol
Oh my bad, I never knew you were from Canada. I swear all the Halo guys are from Canada or England. And sorry I didn't pick up on the joke. So disregard my previous comment except for the last three words.
My school ended May 26th hail to the Irish education system
lol use spray paint it actually makes the flame throw...
It would be funny if when they went back to school the next year and the teacher is like ok take out your notes from last year vpsnipes:"FUCK!"
when it comes out will you do a halo 4 walkthrough
you should do a walkthrough of your house
Ha! this comment basically says "Fuck you America, I'm off to Mexico...that's north right?"
After 100,000 years of evolution, Man is still learning how to create fire.
How old are you im asking as i did this last year i'm just wandering whether the education system is different
I can tell you guys have never made a camp fire... Cant even burn paper haha
the awesomeness of having been out for the past 2 weeks.
Should havr toppled your pit into the pool. That would put them out.
Axe is nothing like a fire extinguisher, it's a highly flammable aerosol spray.
Idiots. You have to spray the axe, then light it. It must be continuious
dance around the fire and start shouting OYHA OYHA WHOP OYHA OYHA
Haha, Axe is actually the exact same thing as Lynx, just different names. And trust me, it's really fricken flammable! They were just not spraying enough... :P
Slick's Mom never does it wrong since she is pro. :D
*next day* you need to redo your exam :D
i remember lighting my science fair board on fire
i dont get out for another 2 weeks but i burn my school stuff every year
1 Year later....Teacher: Hi kids, now take out your notes from last year! Him: Oh Shit.....
they will bring these burned notes and show them :D stfu trolled
"This is the youth of America". -In its sarcastic sense, I loved that sentence. Now talking about the youth of America..(United States I prefer) ...Yeah, It's literally fucked up.
im gonna do the axe spray and lighter flamethrower and probably catch on fire
Lol instead of burning it, where you cause CO2 emissions. You could have recycled it, well...I guess fire is fking awesome.
i fcking love the ending music :D
just to clear it up for the illiterate ones in america lynx is called axe and ls flammable they just had it to far from the can so instead of setting on fire it smothered it so basically you guys are shit at making fires
NO! You can reuse those dividers!
You don't have very many notes... I have a stack like 6 inches thick! And you have inspired me >:D
Can u guys do more morgan freeman stuff
When you go back to school "please take out last years notes"
what is the name of the song that was at the end?
Holy crap at first I thought that liquid he was spraying was gallons of lighter fluid
lol we still have school in Australia :(
I wish i could but i have exams next week
no actually im not. but still, how can there be 1 like and no views when i watched it?
"Fuck you English, Im gonna learn Mexican" This is the youth of America, thinking Mexican is a language. Otherwise great video guys.
5:50,``vp,sperm dont put out fire``
lucky fucks. I still have 9 days to go.
FUCK! my exams arent until next week! and then we gotta wait another week for our grad ceremony and prom! this some bulll shit!
Bug spray works.... until it burns you ^_^
haha ive had 3 weeks of summer so far.
Bitch stole my idea. I burned mine last night too. Had 6 hour fire wit 4 friends. Stayed up till dawn, then slept
Machinima Tutorials! Finnaly something to do with my Channel!
can i get the ash of it? then i can sniff some knowledge
in Australia we no have no axe... Does it smell like CHERRYS?
i inhale knowlage ALL THE TIME what does soapst mean?
If burning notes were illegal then I'm sure that many people after finishing a grade in highschool or a class in university would be considered "war criminals" lol
I got off May 30th or some shiz around that date. Finally moving on to high school! :D
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