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Jaffa Factory 2 - Raining Ladders (Tekkit)

by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon • 4,088,637 views

Simon has set us the task of building a factory to make delicious biscuits! We're joined by Duncan to help us make Simon's dream a reality! Next:...

Like if your watching in 2015
I came back just for the TotalBiscuit riff.
ive been a yognaught for quite a time, and i only now start watching this. WTF IS WRONG WITH MEH? XD ERMERGAWD!
aw thank you! you too! :) <3
I'm watching the whole series again
Simon, furnaces don't produce Carbon Monoxide, at least I hope so for you, it's poisonous. They produce Carbon Dioxide. #FactOftheDay
Dwarvish furnaces burn in such a way that they produce Carbon Monoxide. It's unfortunate, but we dwarves have grown a natural tolerance to it.
At 11:14 Lewis opens the door for no reason, and then at 12:10 says "You guys just left the door open."  Wow, Lewis.
thumbs up if you remember when this came out
+Joey Coveyduck don't have to have an account to watch utube u know?
i'll remember this series when im old. it was that good hah. 
Even though this seems like it isn't scripted, I can make it more debatable. Simon is acting dumb about knowing all about the Buildcraft and Industrialcraft mods, but if you delve deep into this channel, you would see that Simon has already learnt about early versions of Buildcraft and Industrialcraft.
Last comment was 3 months ago? Does no one rewatch this series anymore? Come on you Yognau(gh)ts!
RIP Jaffa Factory
Me: Meghan! Theres a spider in my room. Meg: Again?
Yeah wtf are u talking about...?
god. It feels good to look back on their old sereis
+TheDoor616  the acting for the script stuff that is my favorite part of the yogscast videos
I love watching old Yogscast series!
I always notice that even though literally millions of people have watched the series, less than 10% leave a like even though it's a single click of a mouse...shame on you people who call yourself Yognaughts...yes the views count but likes count even more!
Did anyone notice the song at the end is the same music the magic police use when making a spell?
Wait wtf how did duncan have that cooked pork THEY HAVE NO FURNACE
So good to hear that plucking song again jeez
coming back to this  after watching Flux Buddies, Duncan sounds WWAAAYYYYY more mellow.
Like if you're watching in 2012.
I love watching old yogscast series
oh the times when i waited for a new episode watching the whole 100+ episodes again
Haha "Carbon Neutral".... Why don't you just buy some carbon credits like all the other companies do? Global warming and climate change is quite profitable.
I remember when Lewis always said actually and Simon was scared of spiders, ahh those good ol days :D
Whats that chest thing called. The black and blue one that copies stuff?
what tekkit pack were they using
7:23 That would actually be carbon dioxide. Carbon Dioxide is CO2 which is the one that comes out of burning stuff. Carbon Monoxide is just CO with one oxygen attached to it.
Why are Sips_ and Sjin in the picture?
There were original thumbnails but they went back after the last episode and make custom thumbnails all almost identical.
Lewis is really annoying
I wonder if Simon made his skin as a dwarf because of The Lord of the Rings
Like if u like liking likes
The foundation of the future Yogscast Complete Pack
¿ɯǝןqoɹd˙˙˙uǝʞoɹq sı pɹɐoqʎǝʞ ɥɐɯ˙˙˙ʎןsnoıɹǝs˙˙˙sıɥʇ ƃuıpɐǝɹ ʞɔǝu ɹnoʎ ʞɐǝɹq ʇ,uop < Found this..
The old times... Theyre beautiful
watch the don't starve challenge it is so funny
Lol Lewis forgot how to make a stick
I got a day off from work and this is what i do :D
I think simon and Lewis should have different Chanel's
This is actually my 4th time watching this series
watching series again
Does anyone know what version of tekkit/sphax this is? I downloaded sphax but the tekkit items are still default textured. Maybe I'm doing something wrong
This is tekkit 3. You need to download the highest pixels that you can run then download the tekkit patch. Then put the tekkit textures into the vanilla pack. And put that in your texture pack folder. And your done
I finished the series like 2 YEARS ago or something
ahhh a classic yogscast video, with theme music we all know and love :3
and i know why caz  trees clean the air.  
What pack are they playing
what is the resource pack?
I know that. I even said that it is a texture pack
Sone people are so rude...
yha don't do that witch would kill you helpfull advice 
I'm gonna watch all of these episodes while listening to "How Do I Craft This Again?" ten hours straight. Doing so already.
Ah, the days of YOTS. (Ye Old Tekkit Squad...Get it?)
i re-watched this play through about 200 times, and its still amazing.
lets make a story, one word at a time. il start - someday
Meanwhile, in the current series...they have well over 116k iron... >_< and people said EE was overpowered...
I Think Simon Is Funny!
I think you don't know how grammar works!
"Don't do that and mine diamonds for us." - Duncan 2012
Nah, iron nuggets isn't in vanilla Minecraft
Difreny planks haf always Ben in the game
I remember watching this series in 2012 I almost cried when they said it was over
No you fucking don't, poser. Your youtube account was created in 2013. 2012 you say? Just stop embarrassing yourself. People can check your channel data so don't make up lies that people can obviously debunk.
What's the tune at the start called?
7:37 I Love it when Simon does that Congratulations LOL
ahh The good old yogscast days..not great sound quality but still great vids.. and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of jaffas
i remeber watching this wnen i was 8 years old
+Blue Oak Well maybe there is but still...
"I've got different colored wooden planks.. Sense when have they been in the game?" ~Lewis Brindley 2012
gotta admire the classics XD
hey wats the newest tekkit
Lets' start a story! V2 Okay I'll start off: Fat
whatever happened to simon doing voices
Proposes carbon neutrality Burns millions of pieces of coal before and after proposing it. Lol.
What is the seed for this or is it not available for the tekkit classic version
Why arent they switching to Duncans POV?
He heeeee dig too deep... Ladies
spider be like "helllloooooo" ^w^
3:33 omg is he saying "Jaun's dick"?
At 3 : 10 there was a creeper like ' hi yogscast time to blow you up ' in the swamp
Looks like a creeper half-destroyed that house XD
There is a sorter on the chest in the corner
+Jeremy Poaps June 25th, 2012, over two years? O.o, close enough i suppose
Oh my god. It's CAPTAIN HINDSIGHT. I'm your biggest fan.
Hey Duncan I saw you on a server before. Do you remember the username taytay5678 that was me!
nice lord of the rings reference "we like to dig but sometimes we dig to deep and awaken something in the darkness"
absent thy ever heard of NEO
we share the same story honeydew
The time when only lewis recorded 
Carbon dioxide , if it was monoxide you would be dead :(
I miss the old intro music.
+Chuck hamback That reply was before JaffaQuest.
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