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Minecraft Custom Map: Funland 3.0

by nearbygamer • 3,554,334 views

Link To Map Here

how to play multiplayer plz tell me? 
Did U know Dylan Hartsfeld Army Spec Forces?
LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3
when I am sad you make me happy you are the first minecraft youtuber so you are my fav
At the pro forming art go to the stage then look at the aodise and then go to the left
This map is so cool! :D
Minecraft video stampede SpongeBob
you funny...     (                        (  )
This is the very first video my brother and I saw in YouTube and LIKED
I would just do all the rides witch this is UNFAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
there is nothing in the chestes when you where in the king somthing ride
What is the REAL IP
Did you saw diamond ore ???????!!!!!
Hunted hodse or ghost train is pretty còooooooool
Hey guys search Jude cook on YouTube. He is my brother and I wanted to help him because he only has 2 subs and 3 vids. Thanks
there was a trapdoor in the minecraft arts
Who says it's great Who says it's dumb
Can i get fun land server from you
That looks SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!! How do you get into that world? I would really like to try the rides out
i just got it is so much fun omg thank you for posting this video
U missed a trapdoor in performance arts centre
kid you try to act too much like paulsoaresjr, saying humongous all the time etc
Is that a problem? (But the first time I watched this, I was like, 9, and I thought it was Paul too.)
in the red devil its updated and when you're at the red devil which looks more like a epic face,Mobs appear.
Nice video please make a cops and robbers with friends
that looks so much fun!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
Boring when you where in. The that was had to go back and forrond
Thanks...... I got the map so fun!!!!
I have this map too im scary at the house of horror
Do you know the address so people can upload it?
You remind me of PewDiePie... (GOOD THING)
Are you a good builder?
what kind of laptop/computer do u use?
I have this map too im scary at the house of horror
that's not a pig face or a creeper face it's a zombie face
I was the 12530 th like! Yay!
I wish u stole all those diamons
That is good that the men's room and standing up humans do that
the time is really close to what I got :D
BTW, medical clinic (last place we saw in the video) has a sercet ride
It's a zombie not a pig creeper!!!
Looks epic, where can I download it?
How do you Evan make a loop t loop
YOUR AN IDOIT TEYLER HES MY BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG FAN F ***K*******SKOXOQJSOA9QIA. JUST kidding you're the best butt still come on man rely
How do you download funland
can i have the seed? is it avalible for me?
+SpicySeanTaco Huh, maybe it's just different for some people :/
whoever got the ad about smoking at 31:29 or anytime that's kinda scary
ps i downloadedd it and it is really great
There isn't fun land but there Is world of fun
hahahahahahahahahahahah ladys and gentelmens hahahahhahahaha :)
por kid mustbe dizzy lol
48 minutes SERIOUSLY?!, the map is still good tho
This Finland is fake. There's one Funland in rehoboth beach.
Wtf everthings on computer welllllll fuck cumputer
Of course it is. Most people bought computer.
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