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Da Ali G Show - Marriage, Lesbians, and Abortion

by i2fast4u • 952,975 views

Ali G discusses his thought about marriage, lesbians, and abortions.

Does you believe in Mahogany?.....ROFL!!!
'is u well anti habortion coz u yourself woz haborted?'  LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
"Are you anti abortion because you was aborted?" Lmao I cant breathe
"Believe in mahogany":-D
Ah.. I miss the days when reality interviews meant the interviewee truly had no idea what they were going to be asked. The shows that run on this format these days are totally scripted by both sides, which completely destroys its shock value.
"you aint never got a hoe preggers? is that because u use connies or fire blanks?"
It has to be said that America is full of nutters.
+Excalibar Eclipse Yes i was wondering that after watching Gangs of New-York. Which of the Irish, English or Scottish scum are responsible for the bad genes that has spread in the USA?
+Excalibar Eclipse nothing like showing your prejudice and talking shite.
nothing is funnier than a virgin man campaigning against abortion...
Does you believe in mahogany? hahahahaha Sometimes I wish I was a moron.. :DDDD
"were a lesbian couple" ... "wat?" LMFAO  Louis CK, Dave Chappelle and this guy. Anyone who argues with that lineup of funniest alive doesn't know what funny is. Sorry, my opinion wins. 
+camel595 i guess it's cool to say that Louis CK isn't funny now that he's at the top of the comedy world. Well, he's at the top of the comedy world for a reason... sorry you have no sense of humor whatsoever
+Timothy Stratton no, YOU have no sense of humor... If you actually think Louis CK is funnier than Eddie Murphy, I feel sorry for your generation...
A lesbian demonstrating for "reproductive rights"?  And don't interfere with my right to "choose".  What if I choose to develop a hand grenade collection in my apartment.  But hey,  don't interfere with my right to "choose".    Our culture is in it's last phase of the downward cycle -  sick culture.
I see. The fetus might not be a fully recognized human being, but it is a human being in the awkward (yet highly complex) biochemical process, in the making. To say the fetus isn't alive is to say that we're not living. If the fetus isn't alive, it shouldn't grow. To cut off the process of growth while it is still in the making, in the womb, by whatever method, is halting the process of life, thereby killing the potential person. That's mah point:)
"To say the fetus isn't alive" But I didn't say that. I said it's not yet a human being. And to be clear, we were never talking about fetuses until you mentioned them just now. I don't think it's morally justifiable to have a late-term abortion except in certain extreme circumstances. "killing the potential person" Killing potentiality is not murder.
I love the way he compares trying abortion to trying Burger King.
Yoo that beatbox part at the end soundend real sick
Free Nelson Mandela! LMAO
whats the song at the start??
Sasha baron Cohen is king of comedy.
The morons hahaha Ali g get's something right sometimes
Wtf are you talking about; he gets it right every time.
Hahahah the beatbox "abortion"
"yo, I's totally into abortion.. I's been responsible for at least 5, so.. I's well up for it" =  their mind is blown
I'm an ex-Muslim and now an atheist liberal, and I must say I have NEVER met a single Muslim man married to more than one woman. This includes a sample size of over 100,000 people.
Even if you can find a large Muslim population of scientists it wouldn't say anything about Islam since science doesn't give a damn about personal beliefs. Science deals in the natural and needs no help from the supernatural to get by.
Grab a Snickers.
"You ever notice that the women who are against abortion are women you wouldn't wanna f*ck in the first place" George Carlin?
when he started beatboxing i nearly pissed myself...!  pf tz ch pf tz abortion pf tz t
Kick a the lesbians in the balls.
if anybody can tell me intro music i will cut my left ball off
+Miguel Ángel Mora omg bro thanks man I literally couldn't find it for an hour or so haha. I will send you my left bollock via post
+Miguel Ángel Mora Fuckin G, I was wondering this myself, appreciate it
Lol! cannot stop laughing at Morons!
I lost it when the beat dropped in We Shall Overcome
"I love lezzies ... I've got loads of your videos"
I have a lot of your videos.  LMAO
Ali G - a couple of lesbians? wow respect yo respect just relax you know…..i love it like i's got loads of your videos its wicked. the dykes just look at him LOL!!
is you anti abortions because you yourself was aborted? LOL
Americans are fuckin dumb something I really think all americans act when a camera is involved
I personally believe men are not monogomous biologically  !
My girlfriend believes in 'Mahognany' too! Wood is good!!!
Why don't u read the Quran before writing bullshit u prick. Read the book then comment u filthy kaafir.
You can only see ickers lmfao!!!
Free Nelson Mandela
The Koran is like some one took a bunch of bullshit (the bible) and crammed a whole lot of outrageous bullshit into it and made it even more unbelievable how does anyone actually believe that crap.
free nelson mandela...well what a coincidence that i should run into this video after what recently happened
I was very anti burger king and then me tried the flame grill whopper XD OH MY GOD XD
5:32 hahaah my favourite part
The problem with lesbians is that they don't like it when men ask to watch.
mahogany and the morons
All the pro lifers were either fat, ugly or just plain weird looking. Just saying.
cant believe ive never watched Ali G's interviews before now.. pure awesome and epic
Funniest one is with Posh Spice and David Beckham.
How can anyone hactually say you can't do whatever wiv your own kid? At da end of da day its your baby an if you want to save on the hassle and have it sucked out early an whatever den that's your business init? Just like if I pissed of me mum she could have me dead just wiv one phone call, that's why me know me got to toe da line, aye!
5:12 Owned worldwide.  That and Ali G's laugh > Nelson's laugh.
We shall overcomeeeeee
farder gene shultz is a virgin
Sick beatboxing slillz :)
what was the intro music?
Is dat cos you use connies or does you fire blanks?  This interview is over...:D 
Americans have the wrong idea about monogamy. In reality monogamy means, one partner for life. Not one partner at a time and that way 1000 in a lifetime, doesnt count bros, sorry.
Lesbians hate it when a man chats them up.
So what would you suggest to be the best way to make it happen?
This video almost looks like it's been intentionally pixelated by the uploader. 
Ah, this is in the finest tradition of taking the piss out of Americans without them realising it!
Go to the police station, or a lawyer and they'll tell you it is not murder. The first word of your rant is incorrect so it doesn't bode well for the rest of it.
"like the morons, sometimes I wish I was a moron." LMFAO
he said mahogany instead of Monogamy kkkkkkkkkkkkk LoL
a chance at life is much more important than just not wanting a baby. thats the risk of having sex. if you're gonna have sex then be prepared for the "consequences"
after Borat and Bruno, and the Dictator we all see what this guy is capable of; also he did some good parts in movies too; for example Lemony Sniket or smt.. :-) Hes a great genius
anybody know the song at 0:16?
im all for it been responsible for 5.. rofl
Father Dean Schultz must be the coolest priest out there. I see him wearing Ali's cap sideways. haha :D... deeeerrrrrP... the last part of your comment comes off as pretty stereotypical and racist btw.. does being black all the sudden make you "tough or something"?..but yea i think you should really stay away from ali g videos xD
"We're a lesbian couple and.."
I is well into feminism Two birds kissin each other and shit is HEAVY Respect too Ali
dean schultz in da hooouuseee!!
Lots of Christians do in fact offer to adopt baby's of woman who are about to have abortions... Sadly very rarely does this happen because the mothers find it more convenient to simply murder them. They Sacrifice their children to the 'god' of Convenience.
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