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Epic Breakfast Egg Rolls - Epic Meal Time

by Epic Meal Time • 2,556,313 views

LIKE/FAV!! What you know about Chinese food and breakfast? We're taking Asian fusion to the next level - for breakfast! All these pork products rolled together and covered in Jack Dagnals syrup....

that girl in the beginning is a slut like thats the only thing you thought of doing in that vid
you should be like #1 chef of all time
I just had lunch, but I'd gladly eat some of that delicious breakfast egg roll!
ima be honest...... this looks good!!!
Okay, while some of the stuff on this show makes me cringe, I'd GLADLY eat this!
im drippen tha
I love how we can see them eating a normal breakfast in the back.
To that guy who eats the food with the fork just messes it all up........he Is not one of them
I am so motherfucking hungry!
I looked it up on the interwebz and you guys a re the number 1 reason that pigs as a species are going extinct. #JustSayin
If I eat just one slice of that. I wont be able to see my toes ever again
Oh wow. This is repulsive.
Bull winkles a dripping dat sauuce
Well muscleglasses almost lives in the gym hes been working out for 4 weeks now OMG
Been there for two years lol
If I eat just one slice of that. I wont be able to see my toes ever again
EMT, u seriously needed to put more egg in that $~|\%~^ roll ;?;£(?. PS don't argue this is not hate
you guys must shit bricks
i personally see this youtube channel as the pinnacle of american glutony. Just. disgusting... Its like "fuck supersizing, gimme 20 of those fuckers for breakfast" ugh i get sick just watching all that grease D:
after this video i'm not anymore :)
Why do I like to watch other people eat?
that shirt said YOUTUBE MONEY! what does that mean?
get a video with 1,000,000+ hits and you'll also make youtube money.
+donovanblaze do you know HOW much that is? i here stupid figures like 5c a view, so don’t even know . . . 
Anything they do with breakfast look good to me.
Is it weird to watch this while working out
I just noticed Gabriel Iglesias
They had a coke commercial ad with taylor swift before epic meal time. God has named a new sin
the food groups of epic meal time bacon, mac and cheese, any other meat product, alchohal, and eggs
What ur parents dont feed you?
tell me what you think the food groups of epic meal time are
Bacon Bacon and Alchohol
too much meat ahaahahaahah!!!
gimme' music now f' f$#@ sake i need it..!!?!#$@•••
Yes, but what's for desert?
+Nathaniel Tewolde *dumbshit-you have to compound the words otherwise the meaning takes on a completely different grammatical tone. Please note it down in you diary.
Sauce boss looks like joel from TLOU for some reason :/
I think the 4 food groups of epic meal time are: meat, meat, meat and oh let me think, oh yeah MEAT!!!
I hate it when people say, "People are starving in Africa". Then how about you tell all those racist, rich assholes to help out.  Oh wait, they won't, because they're racist, and they're assholes.
Sometimes i think of eating these but then i realize i will die Oh! Suicide Restaurants! If you die it's free!
Cant wait for that MusclesGlasses episode.
They actually Canadian...
1 thing i just very hate of you guys it's the way you eat it.. you eat like honey boo boo mom.. I WARNED YOU...
I like the guy with the fork.
at first I thought they were pouring waffle mix on a laptop lol
Wouldnt be out of the ordinary if they did. XD
Nico Bejizel Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
WHY Does you not realize meat is freakin DELICIOUS?! And why are you commenting that on EPIC MEAL TIME?!
pretty sure thats the alcohol as well... but how often do you see him eating?
@BBkingbluesking789 These. Guys. Are. Canadian.
I would like to order a small salad and a diet water.
i drink vialls of poison and then eat bacon and i am not dead
For obvious medical reasons he chose to back off for a bit
the long straw into the bottle made me laugh so hard
At first glace, I thought that waffle iron was a laptop.
Dude with the sunglasses looks like Matt Shadows.
Could somebody please tell me where they got that sound asset from at 5:06?
660 pigs disliked this video.
Every other day they work out hardcore with muscles glasses
anyone els think muscles glasses never passed fifth grade
Chickens eat poop, cows will eat poop, plants are often fed with fertilizers made from poop. I guess you should stop eating.
Why does that guy always eat with a knife and fork while all of the others are stuffing their face? Haha
i watch these guys for the bacon
When the government ask to Chuck Noris to kill some one...Chuck Norris ask for advice from Muscles Glasses
I want to work for epic meal time so I can eat :)
All of yourc stuff looks delicious :-)
Where is the halal version! halal friendly food please
You know what else is disgusting. but not delicious? Your profile pic.
We can't afford to think liek that Shut the fuck up >:[
Lol i used to eat stuff like that then i went on a diet and lost 10 lbs
We don't f**k around with the flapjacks!
you got to have to a contest for people with them eats, man plz
So, anyone else notice Harley and someone else in background getting their own regular breakfast food while they eat? #r00d
This is one of those few things I would actually eat.
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