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Dungeon Defenders w/ Mark and Nick: Episode 1 - Foundries and Forges

by CaptainSparklez • 635,600 views

Mark - Nick - Dungeon Defenders is a pretty schweet game: Merch store!...

Like if your watching in 2015
omg it's good to talk to you maggie, how's uncle jim!?!?!?!
Watching this for the 10th time this was my favorite series
Man, when you reach level 83 in this game, you look at everything from a completely different perspective. I almost laughed when Jordan said, "The drops might be better than the stuff you have." Clearly you have never had an Insane+ Glitterhelm run on pure strategy survival wave 24 my good sir.
+Gabe Oitoucher Yes I'm bragging. I'm bragging in a 4 year old game because I want the internet to see how cool I am. I can't live without people I will never meet telling me I'm cool. I was not bragging, sir, I was saying that the "collect-a-thon" aspect of the game wears off after you play the game for a long time. And the loser part of your comment was very uncalled for, how does playing a video game make me a loser? You're saying you've never played a game to the point where you can say you are good at it? Is it wrong for me to have pride in the 130+ hours I have spent in this game? I think not. Now you have a fantabulous day, you sexy person.
People over 50 did you do it with no hax starting with 0 mana plz want to know
Anyone wanna play LEGIT with me? Add me on Xbox 360 T3iCAi
Can someone put a link to the first dungeon defenders video? Can't find it 😁
you play it on xbox or pc? :o just wondering. I've played the free version for xbox, got to level 71, so fun, I wanted to get the full version along with the patches,  number 2 seems really fun.
The 1st game looks so easy when compared to the second game
nice job great work captainsparklez keep it up thumbs up :)
Dude my character in dongeon defenders in 71
Too bad you can't spell dungeon
this video is awesome but could you try not to use bad language I'm only 7 years old and my big fat 7 years old sister is watching too.
Nappythegreat is done the pre alpha and the full version
Love that game! how much it costs on playstation 3
I stopped playing because I got hacked my weapons were stolen
Hi CaptainSparklez! My big sis is thinking about repairing her old laptop and giving it to me for my eleventh birthday. Can you give me some tips on how to play dungeon defenders? Thanks
how do u glow on dungeon defenders or maybe its neon just tell me how to turn neon plus im ur biggest fan
You know what I hate about this game?!?!? I accidentally dropped my pet and sword together they have my 300 on all stats and some noob stole them and left the game!!! Like really-_- my health for apprentice went from 4560 to 220
God Jordan sounds so different now than he did back then
ile smash theire head who made that game
Jordan if you play doungen defender on ps3 I will give you 1000000
Hi CaptainSparklez! My big sis is thinking about repairing her old laptop and giving it to me for my eleventh birthday. Can you give me some tips on how to play dungeon defenders? Thanks
+Lily Jackson That was a while ago, but I'm pretty sure I was just saying that my biggest tip was to get a mouse, not to use the laptop track pad. Everything else about the game is pretty easy to pick up just by playing it.
Im lvl 74 beware spiked im making a new charcter ecologicterror9
Anybody want to play this game my gamertag here s0nicandtails
Game now free on xbox 360
I give out modz infinite if u trust ill give u them by getting on ur account i also mod many other games xbox 360 GT: TUK Audacious and My hacking name Anonymous msg me if u have subscribed u will get many modz
I want him to play this more
I am level 53 in 5 days. It's awesome!
The slice N dice arent even that good.
That's a Cyclops. Not a Ogre.
i have a level 83 summoner and a lvl 79 jester XD
Dude you said retarded in your video that hurt my feelings I have autism
I did not know this was him i was just looking for a good video
I have a level 54 Mage i only played it for 3 days plus 839.230 mana in my bank plus 10 modded weapons I only play on insane +
+Gamer0981 It's late but I'm saying it anyway. "A paladin can't use the Helm of Disintegration!"
If you modded you clearly think the game is too hard
Collect all the items. Go to the forge, and you can sell them for mana.
When I level up to 8 I only got 3 level up points is that the normal amount
I got this game when it was free thinking it would be stupid and a waste of time... I was so wrong
Ahh dungeon defenders Its a free with gold game on XBOX
captainsparklez the first misson is the deper well 
Today I played this w/ friends for 6 hours straight
Free modded stuff xbox message me at hummaboyrocks
189 million mana in my bank
You should do a lets play of this game
I had no idea Sparks played this...
any people that play dungeon defenders on Xbox add me: Habadatime
Anyone wants to play in xbox live?
I love dungeon defenders, its cool to see a popular youtuber play it.
I love this game. me and my friends become so op.
Holy crap he's good compared to me
Anyone got a huntress modded weapon I could have that doesn't need a high level to use? GT: AssassinzMLG 98
are you guys going to play dd2 when it comes out?
Why don't you play with Mark anymore on your channel?
I bought this game for pc and 360 because of you guys. :P
I believe dungeon defenders 2 is gonna be.
+Selidor Blackfire No, one was i don't know about 2 though
Guys. why dont i find any Shields to my countess?! im lvl 40 and havnt seen any Shields at all. im doing something wrong?
I'm level 81 and my weapon does -2222442997 DPS
you should focus the squire on defense damage-mine is only 21 with a few equipment plusses and my bouncer blackages do 900+damage on normal rank-one shotting most enemies. and i easily beat the armouries ogre with only two harpoons and a blockage at level 2
really? even on the xbox  360 ver? huh-i just assumed it was lost.
Anybody want to play this game my gamertag here s0nicandtails
on the xbox 360 though
hey dude if you want something really good then get a high five sword its the best one in the ga,mefor the knight
I have 200 billion mana in this game
no its no when u learn how t mad and hack u wil know the diffrence
+Barbara Vaughan Uh there is no difference retard they use the same generators using HACKS little kid.
Fuck moded weapons why even play after having mods..
Captian let us see more of the turrets being used
i have a level 72 kingt and a level 72 wizard and  level 72 huntress so yeah no biggy right xD
well guess what i play on xbox not pc
we do care  you are lucky lvl up 4 times
Dungeon defenders 2 almost coming out
Hey can somebody please answer this question kindly, is the Dungeon Defenders that CaptainSparklez is playing is it the Dungeon Defender (Normal without DLC) or the completion of dungeon defenders?
My sord is brtter than yours mr sparcols
standard dungeon defenders without dlc, there was no dlc besides mistymire at this time
I never played this, judging it without even playing the demo then I played it last month and now I ALWAYS check the demo
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