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Amnesia - The Dark Descent ::: Tenebris Lake Pt. 3 (Custom Story)

by Crazy • 8,185 views

Please hit thumbs up, maybe even favorite it if you enjoy it that much? :) This Map: ლ(ಠ益ಠლ...

The amount of fangirls having their ovaries BURST, its pretty funny, great videos btw, crazy
Crazy is good, PDP is good, Toby is good, and Nova is good. Now everyone, shut the fuck up.
Pewdiepie and crazy are both better in different ways ok just shutup and stop going on about it. Pewdie is awesome and Crazy is awesome :)
and based off of your username, i believe u r finnish? if so, i am too, and i think the same ;D
I don't see why we seem to think that hating on Pewdiepie somehow changes anything. If anything it just stirs up the shitstorm even more. Let's all try to be civilized and handle this like sane, open minded people, okay? As for Crazy, I, personally, think you should try to ignore it. I know it's annoying as hell, trust me I get it, but a lot of these people are trolls. If they get something out of you, especially, then they've been quite successful.
Oh my god... okay, time for my two cents. Dear Haters... grow up. You are only doing one of two things, making PDP and the rest of the bro army look bad, or making Crazy and the minions look bad, no matter which one you support. Calm the fuck down and eat a sandwhich. Please, for the love of all that is good? =)
-Dumbass Mode ACTIVATE!- Crazy how do you know I like cookies!! -GASPS- you can read through my computer owo
Ok, i'm going to have to Disagree with you...Both Crazy AND Pewdie is really funny
12:25 nah, box was blocking the chest
3:45 Cross eyed! 3:49 Special face ^_^
Damn crazy it's 130 pm over there in stolkhome swedin
can you record longer episodes? in the future?
-thrust thrust- :3 derpderp :3 j23i fheij3bg! <3
Play amnesia custom story killings in aldstat!
That awkward moment when you like your own video, and all your subscribers can see it... :D Keep going strong, Crazy. We love you.
yeah i thought i was the first but someone else cuaght me before it srry!
i watched my first video of yours yesterday and i have to say you make amnesia amusing . Great job on the videos i look forward to seeing more of them :)
Crazy ur vids make me want to play amnesia
It's good to see some feedback from one of the Let's Players. Sometimes I feel like watching PewdiePie, sometimes I feel like watching Tobuscus, or Azuritereaction or Nova. You are all funny. I wish people would realise that you don't HAVE to comment at all! You could just leave dislike and go away. Some people just like to start flame wars over stupid things like this just because they don't realise that not everyone is going to agree with them.
I always have to watch the webcam videos twice. Once for gameplay, and the second time just to watch his face/expressions.:D
maaaan... your voice is just fuckn amazing !!
Why do you find pewdiepie so funny? I don't find him funny. i actually find him annoying
Can you do the custom story called "interrogation" next? Its really fahn.
i fucking loves your vids man!
You are so awesome! :D I like how you just accept the things in the game that go in your favor instead of questioning it forever. XD
Hahahaha big like for this Terminator xD
I'm actually not, just the username is. =P Scottish-Irish, I am. xDD
Yes, so? I appreciate nice comments, but why do you need to rack down on someone in order to compliment someone else? And after all it's just his opinion, not some kind of fact. Two things it seems that everyone is mixing up... Do I seriously need to explain this?
hearing Penumbra soundtrack in Amnesia - priceless :D
Have I ever told you that you are sexy? Well, now you know :-)
well, i do get your point... fanboys of pretty much everyone and everything are going crazy.. didnt think of it like that the first time...
Why you always upload when it's time to bed ! ლ(ಠ益ಠლ
You made me laugh right from the start xD
You: "Am I crazy?" Me: Yesh, you're CrazyShootin to be exact Bl
love the openings like always xD
Come on, In Germany aren't so many Nazis anymore, and believe me, the majority of the german population HATE Nazis.
you should play happy wheels :P
He has alot of dead subscribers. aka people that don't like, and comment and favorite!
Very Special! :D I love your videos <3
I love your videos! :D Youre so awesomesauce. :3 <3
Why does everyone say Crazy is copying Pewdiepie? It's not him choosing the games all the time it's recommendations from his fans to. And just because one person plays a game doesn't mean someone else can't play it with commentary.
Omg, I friggin' love that guy! Hey, can you link me to that one episode of happy wheels where he screams "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD" and "I DON'T CAREEEE"? I forgot which one it was, would love to watch it again.
Fuck you. Crazy kicks YOUR ass a million times. Go die.
They both are special :) but Crazy is a bit better <3
Hello from Russia! :3 Looking forward to another episode))) You're awesome)))
I totally agree with Tabitha Wainright-Burck. I mean. Please just enjoy the video's Crazy makes! I know everyone has their own opinions, but if you can't say it in a nice way, just... Don't say it. Anyway, I am going to enjoy this video now, and all the other ones Crazy is going to make! Crazy, you are amazing! ^^
SPACOD is first :P so you lose your first time
I came to the noise he makes at 0:47
The clothing on Daniels hand is different, and so is the lantern...
02:56 I was waiting for you to say that :L
Crazy and Pewdie are two nice Guys why these Hater didnt get it? I mean..they are Awesome they should play together!
00:16, GET TO THE CHOPPA! crazy, don't you dare be so awesome, the world may explode
both people are as funny as each other..does it really matter what people think? just stick to whatever one you like and stick to Crazy said "Thank you for contributing to the shitwars!"..
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥We're Special! :D♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
"get to the chopper!" LMFAO :DDD
best schwarzenegger imitation ever xD
God that zombie creeps me out. Much more that the vanilla monsters.
Make sure you check that rock wall you were facing when you ended the video, please. Please. You didn't roll that barrel at 1:15, walked right past it. That stack of crap room has a ladder you can climb up to above, but all that's up there is supplies. Nothing essential. Why doesn't anyone ever look up? Also, that chest wasn't locked - The box was in the way. -MegaScience
under 200 club <3333 we're special :D
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