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A Cue Stick: Original Acoustic Song "You're It" (On iTunes!)

by ACueStickband • 57,578 views - Check out our Most Recent Stuff New Album Available on iTunes! Brothers Ben and...

Still no tabs/sheet music </3 maybe one day?
Wish there was sheet music/tab for this song.. It's flawless
Scott Diebel Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Love this song so much
Awesome song guys :) very jealous lol
This song is still amazing. <3
Looks like the one closest to the headstock is for the e&b strings while the other is for the g-E strings. Allows different voicings for tired chords. Never though to do that.
You guys are great! You have amazing talent and your voices mesh very well!
hey guys just wondering if yall could put up the guitar tabs for this i really want to do a cover of this its so beautiful! im going through something right now and this well its just as close as it gets as i feel!!
How come true artist like you two dont get discovered? Music Industry has gone to the gutters. Keep up with the good music love this song by the way.
sounds like church :o? but i like it
Seriously, send a video into America's Got Talent next season. Just do it.
Great job, guys. I enjoyed it. Quite refreshing. Stop by my channel and check out my original music when you get a chance. I def look forward to hearing more of your stuff.
this is actually a really great song guys, the lyrics are amazing . you guys are sick with it keep it ip
Awesome job guys. I really liked the lyrics. Keep up the good work!
havent listened to you guys in 3 years. and i just remembered how awsome you guys are. this song is my all time favorite of yours. i still remember every word to this song. keep up the good work :)
i didn't know McLovin was a bad ass guitarist. :D
seriously. you guys have good music.
I really like your stuff guys. It's great. You've got a really great sound. I'm a musician too, and I'd love to get your feedback on my music. Thanks so much guys. Best of luck!
you guys really good,, love the lyrics... i write my own songs too you all should listen to them and tell me what you thank any kind of feed back is a good one.... but anyway keep up the good work you all
I don't know who you are on the left but hello ;) if your availible for marriage i shall accept your proposal LOL. not gonna lie, i really love this song x
One of my fav songs of all time!!!! I love it!!! -3
love this. outstanding song-writing
This is absolutely gorgeous... the lyrics, the vocals, the guitar. Absolutely stunning, thanks :]
If you guys ever have time.. and still read these comments.. Could you release some tabs or chords for this song? It's really beautiful, and I'd love to learn it. Thanks in advance!
I love this. Is there a reason you are using 2 capos?
the opening arpeggio is exactly the same as the main theme of Ozzy Osbourne's song "Mama I'm coming home". check it out ;) Nice job anyways, i love your covers :)
I can't even express how much I adore this song. I can't say it enough, you guys are unbelievable. <3
ones a normal one, and one is a cut capo. cool stuff. google cut capo and check it out
i would really love to cover this song. not professionally, not even youtube.. i just really like it and i can't figure it out, do you happen to have any music for it?
what kind of camera do you use? it picks up sound beautifully. :)
Dude your using 2 capos , wtf just change the toning and use one,
guys im a musician myself and i write songs too and i try to look for talent and i gotta tell you you guys freakin did everything right in writing this song..its a perfect ballad nice guitar parts it accents the song just right GOOD JOB guys
Great guitarist!! and wow! This is really a great song...You guys are incredibly talented for real!! props to you ^.^
gotta get that timing down, excellent sound very radio-esque
i also write music although i dont have any videos posted yet... i have to give you guys props .... this song is well writen. i am in love with it!!
thumbs up for off brand mama im comin home
You guys are fantastic...keep the originals coming, they are gorgeous <3
Rockin' the 240p! Great job guys.
WOW. That's all i can say dudes. Awesome job! I love it!
I agree with earlier commenter, way better than justin bieber. also, you played the crap outa that guitar man, wish i could play like that... my stuff is no where near as good as yours, but i'll keep trying to get better and maybe I'll write a video response or something....
Great effort, I really like it. Hope you like mine too...
Even after fifty billion times of listening to this, it is still my all time favorite song.
DAMN! Those harmonies bout busted my speakers! Seriously you guys are friggin awesome
guys whats the chords for this i want to sing it to a girl
I Wasnt Expecting A Voice Like That From Him xD
<3 amazing song.... with gorgeous guys.... Gahhh.
Great job guys. I enjoyed it quite a bit.
I browse so many music youtube vids everyday. And this is my pick of today. You are both really talented. Amazing voice & Great guitar skills. Good on yous, keep it up, yous are going places.
Really nice. Cool guitar. Great vocals.
would like the tabs and lyrics:) i love this song
wow...I'm just blown away....absolutely one of the best originals on youtube....thanks for posting
Have you got tabs out for it, or just the chords? Great song buddy ;)
this is a really annoying and crappy song
I gave it a thumbs up because of the 2 Capos like the video said to do :D lol
Beautiful singing man! Great guitar playing too! you guys are awesome
I hope i get as good as you guys one day :)
THis song has alot of meaning in it!!!!! I can say i am experiencing this right now!!!!!
omg so cute i love this song i cry when i hear it !i listen to it everyday
Awesome guitar, awesome voice and harmonies, awesome band.
wow you guys are great i want to sing with u guys any way good luck
You compliment each other well, nice guitar work and good voice ;-)
Dude i just saw you guys on made for 3 seconds!
are you famous? if not then u need to start playing at gigs to become famous
omg, you guys are so good! and im really hoping you guys will publish a CD cuz i can't buy it off itunes in hk :( but keep up the good work! maybe you guys should try singing: Gnarls Barkly - Crazy! anywayssss good job :D
check out the music I write I have song acoustics and what not check out my music listen to hide and seek and the fair !
Excellent songs guys , love the harmoneys.
I don't see how you don't have a record label yet. Get into a studio!
Great song guys. Glad I found you. I am always inspired to write more music after hearing great music. Peace and Prosperity to you.
My mouth literally dropped to my floor! OH MY GOD I LOVEEE THISS! truley stunning! (;
me and a friend played this song tonight at an open mic. im moving tomorrow, so it was our last jam together in 3 years of jamming. it was our last because we both dig this song so much and it has shaped us as musicians. thanks for the awesome songs guys
This is soo amazing! I'm impressed! You guys have great talent :)
The lyrics are sooooo good! Can't stop listening to you guys! =]
check out my channel and listen to "a tired song for tired eyes"? im a 15 year old acoustic soft rock singer songwriter.
do you two still check your youTUBE email? john mceuen and i are doing two shows in tampa on feb 15 and hoped you'd make the drive up and come as my guest. love what i've seen of your work here... noel paul stookey (the peter, paul and mary guy)
so basically you use 2 capos instead of tuning the other strings down a step?
This is definitely one of the best groups I've ever heard on Youtube.
"andrew clemente" on youtube-check me out man! much love to u guys-good stuff!
the music sounds kinda christmasy lol
@FireYourEngine Partial capo. it only holds down 3 strings.
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