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Tarina Tarantino Bejeweled Smoky Eye How-to

by Sephora • 17,420 views

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I so need and want everything here! I love those eyes ! So pretty
I liked the eyeshadow colors a lot
tarina, i love your products. the dollskin blushes rule! im currently loving the parasol color. love the star necklace...i have huge star earrings that almost match that...wish i could work with you in the color lab. wow is all i can say about your product line.
she is so cool :D not like this girl from nail tips ....
really nice, love sparkle, dont care how old i get. love the brush set too.
She looks too old for pink hair...
"Now we're getting closer to the land of Oz"
We've only had Sephora for like a year or two in the Netherlands so I feel your pain :(
Can you show us something like... more.. neutral? Cause, My skin doesn't help me much, I can only put a bit of shadow on my lids! All my makeup comes off because of the hot of this season!
Wow I love this look, now I want the palette so bad!
Fun, but not make up
The packaging of the products is wicked, but the lipstick packaging was blah. The makeup look was pretty, but I like i bright like your pink hair. But I am dying to know where did you get the star necklace? Wicked star necklace
Think that she's "too old" for pink hair is so LACK of creativity,taste, intelligence and too much ignorance. She looks absolutely perfect!
I love her make up and jewerly but its to pricey for me. I would love to own some of her's and besty johnson stuff.
I like this look quite a bit. Super pretty and I see how this look could work with any eye color.
lets forget to mention the false lashes shall we...
Omg you are SO GORGEOUS! Check out my channel ladies I'd love for you to watch and subscribe :)
I love it so much! I wish I could shop at sephora more often
i love this makeup! i wish i had the money to afford all this stuff <3
i think your a bit too old for pink hair maybe red
OMG I love your pallet <3 the look is perfect on you, I'm not sure if I could pull it off with my really dark brown eyes :/ I'll give it a try :)
I adore tarina tarantino and her brand!
I just bought this palette and I LOVE IT!!!
Tarina makes AMAZING makeup products. I have yet to buy any jewelry, but if the quality is as great as her makeup.... Count me in!
Did she loose weight or get something done? She looks younger and slummer
My Favorite thing about summer is the weather and more shopping!!
i love your room and the pallet (wizard of oz) =D
It looks good on her. It is her style....but for me....I don't think so; but, it will look good on my teenage daughters.
I realized all the names were based on Wicked. Day made and palette purchased!
I thought she was going to be one of those chubby, goth-like women who shouldn't have hair like that, but I love it on her. She's so pretty!!
try gold and coper tones instead. itl look amazing. :D x
yup i can achieve that look after spending about 200 buckaroos of her product. OH SO THAT'S WHY SHE USED SO MUCH PRODUCT ON HER EYES.
I definitely have to try this. I have done some of the color mix, will have to mix it more. Well done.
glindas kiss is my favourite eyeshadow name EVER.
Oh you'll look beautiful with the look :D Teal/blue/white or any really bright colours compliment brown eyes the best!
Wished Sephora sold this in the Netherlands
fab stuff. what is yr real hair color tarina
The palette is actually amazing! you guys should check it out
A lady who can have pink hair and owns her own business is a true entrepreneur and true artist to me :) Who says you can't have pink hair? Pink hair, don't care.
You can get her necklace on the official line's website
This looks amazing on her!! I need this pallete!!
she's nat to old for pink hair, she looks gorgeous like a mermaid with that hair
I love all the gorgeous packaging of this line! So made for all those girly girls. :)
Love Tarina Tarantino <3 Her Store is GORGEOUS! :)
lols i just noticed your hair was real.. and pink.
Think that she's "too old" for pink hair is so LACK of creativity,taste, intelligence and too much ignorance. = no not really. She IS too old for pink hair. But that's her personality so the rest of the world let her be
OMG the second you added dandy lion your eyes got sooo bright!!!!!!
She is so UNIQUE! I love her! Amazing!!! xo
Loveeeeeeee this look but I'm not completely sold... & those liners did NOT glide on you could see her ttugging.
I like the look... but somehow it made her look ... old.
Omg I love it ! I like the blush colors
I absolutely LOVE your style!!! You look fantastic and totally rock the pink hair.
gorgeous palette!! love the packaging!
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